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Chapter 11 Underground World [74- High School Students' Past Events]


Billyken and the original road of the island turned back and returned to the bridge, and Billyken smoked silently.

"But I really didn't expect this underground river to have such an underground world..."

"It is also to hide people's eyes and ears. After all, who would have thought that there would be such a windfall in this calm river? People don't want to see the reality, they have to find something to cover up."

Billiken and puffed on a cigarette, "... before the river floating corpse of a female high school students, miserable face was hit was not see the way, his body a few knives ... victims are single-parent families, It was the apple of her dad’s big hand. Although it was desperately tracing, but nothing was obtained, the prisoner could not be caught...” The old police’s eyes were a bit red, but he was slightly concealed.

The island is sighing, "It’s tragic..."

The old policeman did not look at the real island, but was trying to avoid it. "It took a year to finally find out who the murderer was... but she was more desperate."


"The murderer is a minor boy who is underage and will not be subject to legal sanctions. After the boy is detained for 48 hours, he will sway on the road, as if he has nothing to do with the case. I feel that everything is the same. You can understand As a father, what is the mood to see this?"

"It should be hard to accept... I want to kill him."

"Yeah... Later, the kid was killed in a knife."

"So what the father did...?"

"No, it’s the West Valley of high school students at that time."

"West Valley...?"

"Since the West Valley is sensible, he is often taken care of by the father. He probably knows it, knows the father's suffering. He was born out of the road, and he was the only one who had done the work of the outside. I won't be thanked, but it will support everyone who lives under the sun. The father who learned this from the high school student West Valley, then established this underground world, and now it is also the West Valley. ."

"...hey? you are...?"

"Okay, let's go."

Billyken walked to the crowd.

Soon, the island followed the old policeman to the Cangtian detention center.

The detention center is located in the basement of the police station building. The island is smashed. Billyken is holding a rope to hang the island. After registration, the island enters the cell and passes through a group of light criminals. Billyken stopped in front of a middle-aged prison guard.

"Ah... you have worked hard, Mr. Billicken."

"Hey, I caught a big bad guy, let him go in." Billy Ken was stuffing something in the prison guard's hand. The prison guard shook it lightly, winning the promise and ignoring each other.

The prison guards were full of faces, "I am so polite, it seems more than usual?"

"Don't care, your daughter will go to college this year?"

"Sorry, you know it." The prison guard was a little embarrassed.

"Okay, let's enjoy it." The old policeman called the island.

"I was taken care of by you." The island responded with a match.

The prison guard untied the handcuffs of the island and opened the door.

"I feel like I can be a good brother with West Valley." Billyken said to himself.

"Go inside to have a cup of tea." The prison guard was busy and cared for the old police.