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Diplomatic Academy experience post

Translation of the national goddess Zhang Wei from here, the Foreign Affairs College has been a little mysterious outside, there is not much information, more than a sharing principle, the teacher collected this experience for everyone, there are students who want to apply for the Diplomatic Academy!

For the future,
probably at this time last year, I decided to apply for the Diplomatic Academy. I have passed away every year. Fortunately, I have a good result, so I will share my feelings with you.
The Diplomatic Academy is a relatively small school. On the positive side, there are not many people recruited, but also relatively professional, but there is no comprehensive university with broad ideas and strong inclusiveness. Everyone should have their own original intention when choosing a diplomatic school. If you have made up your mind, I hope that you can stick to it.
The Foreign Affairs College can learn from the real questions. You can find the memory version in recent years. You can look at the memory version to find out the questions in recent years and sort out the ideas. This year's other posts have been reviewed in great detail, and will not be repeated here. The following mainly share your own preparation process, I hope to broaden your thinking.

The overall process:
Last year, about May and June began to formally prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination. In the initial stage, the required materials should be sorted out, and the test preparation ideas should be summarized according to the experience. During the summer vacation from June to September, the main practice is to translate, recite words, practice single-choice and reading in basic English. During the phrase translation, I probably read a book or two. This part mainly depends on the content of memory, and I can pay more attention in the early stage. Accumulation, the end of November will strengthen the memory.
Summer vacation is the first key period for preparing for the exam. During this period of time, you will have a good plan and you will have more ideas and plans. During the summer vacation, I read the government work report and the American language every morning. I basically practice the translation in the morning. I will review the translation of the morning in the afternoon, and then I will practice basic English. I will see the Economist and the phrase translation at night. , while watching and summing up, guarantee a fixed study time every day. The summer weather is hot, people are prone to irritability, and then encounter the little friends who are invited to play together, the review process is easy to shake. It’s okay to relax high for a day or two. If you are too hot, you can go home for a few days, but you must plan for yourself. It’s too easy to do it for a long time without self-study, and feel that you have to keep up. To encourage yourself, the summer vacation is just beginning, I hope everyone can grasp it.
From September to November, the second round and the third round of practice will be carried out. It is still necessary to focus on translation. It is best to plan for each month and every week. It is easy to fall into the bottleneck period during this period. When you are old, just go back and look at the experience stickers to see the experience of the seniors preparing for the exam, and what else is not ready. Be sure not to blindly stick to one direction when you are confused, so it is easy to waste valuable time, and you can communicate more with your fellow researchers. Even if you are not applying for a direction, you will often broaden your thinking through communication. If time permits, you can also regularly correct the translations and exchange your own translation methods with the students who are applying for MTI. But the time is best not too long, 1-2 times a week is enough, don’t disturb your whole Prepare for the exam.
From November to December, the whole review is mainly carried out. In addition to politics, the phrase translation in basic English should be strengthened during the period, and the practice should be repeated every day. Also summarize the problems that are easy to appear in your translation, adjust your own state, you can re-translate some of the previously translated key content, compare the current translation with a translation one or two months ago or even earlier, you will Discover your progress.

Preparatory Bibliography
Basics English:
Words: The Core Vocabulary of English Majors in the Global Times Wu Middle
East New Oriental "GRE Vocabulary Selection"
Liu Yi Word 10000 The
first word book has been backed up many times, and the latter two books are also about 5 times +;
The first extended vocabulary is more, and there are more new words. Liu Yi’s words are more focused on the foundation and the harvest is larger.

Radio reading: Spark English "English professional postgraduate test center combing and refining (basic English)"
Shengcai MTI English translation basics
Spark English "Special 8 five questions source 100 articles"
reading true questions
The first "testing and combing" is better, the content is more detailed, the single-selection part has been repeated 5 times +, the reading part can also be repeated, more familiar with the various reading questions; the second holy The series, Kiying, translation, and encyclopedia have all been bought. The content is somewhat old, but it is good to accumulate the real questions. The "five major questions" can be used as a practice.

Correction: Sparks are specially corrected. Correction of the correct questions in
each school. Correction
may be wrong at the beginning, but it will be better to practice more. It is necessary to maintain familiarity before the exam and not to be born.

Composition: Special eight "Excellent essays 100 articles"
Special eight "English writing routines and exercises" 裘雯, You Zhengming
"Ten days to break through IELTS writing" Shen Xiaoying
first is more suitable for reciting and accumulation; the second is better In some cases, the book will be summarized according to different modules, and the time for finishing according to the first book is relatively omitted. The third book really teaches you the idea of ​​writing, and the brain is wide open. The recommendation coefficient is increased in turn.
Before writing, you must practice your pen. Don't just memorize and memorize it. You can refer to the essay topic of the Diplomatic Academy in the past few years to find similar subject time exercises. I wrote a total of 4 or 5 before the exam.

Translation Fundamentals:
Phrase Translation: "English Translation Commonly Used Words
Test Manual" Lu Min "Vertical and Translated High Frequency Vocabulary Dictionary" Wang Binhua
China Daily Summary Vocabulary Dictionary
China Daily New Word New Translation
Online Search for Various Materials
The first two books can be selected to choose, the recipes and the like that will not be tested can be directly ignored; China Daily, the two materials are relatively old, it is estimated that it will not be tested again, students can not find it It is.
When looking for information on the Internet, it is necessary to divide the sections and analyze the types of phrases that are recalled in the experience stickers. Information can be found in the diplomatic, political, economic, and sports sectors. There were a lot of financial vocabulary in the previous year's questions. This year's questions are not covered. The financial vocabulary is very different from the broad economy and trade vocabulary. You can find it back, just in case.
Text translation: "90 days to overcome CATTI three-level translation" Han Gang
Translation practice level 2, level 3
"English translation of the whole test questions (2)" Lu Min
Sheng Cai translation based on the real problem
"12 days breakthrough English-Chinese translation" Wu Feng
"New English-Chinese Translation Tutorial" Wu Feng
"Concise Course of English-Chinese Translation" Zhuang Yi-chuan
"Advanced English-Chinese Translation Theory and Practice" Leaf South
China Daily Mobile Newspaper
Zhang Peiji Prose Selected 1
Prose Works 108
Han Gang's book is more recommended, can help you form the basic idea of ​​translation, now "90 days to overcome CATTI second-level translation" will soon be listed, you can also buy to learn; translation practice level 2, level 3 estimated staff One, recommend a level 3 workbook, the above translation skills are more in place than the level 2 explanation, it is more suitable for playing the basics, using level 2 to practice does not mean that the level is higher, for some people to take level 3 to play well The foundation harvest will be even bigger. Wu Feng's two books pay more attention to the most basic translation skills, which can be used as an introductory textbook for translation, but some translations are not perfect. You may have different opinions after practicing more. The two books of Zhuang Yuchuan and Yenan have not been practiced, and they have chosen to practice and feel better.
The Economist should practice more, one too much can focus on the key, word this week can be used as a news to read the accumulation of encyclopedia, United States, China, Books and arts and other sectors can focus on practicing translation, other sections can browse more. The China Daily mobile phone newspaper can be used for visual translation every day, watching Chinese to translate English, and then comparing and summing up, the harvest will be great.
Two essays can be accumulated every morning reading. Usually I will pick some articles to practice translation, and I will not finish them.
I didn't have a lot of translation books, and I felt that the focus was repeated 3 or 4 times. When you are translating, you should summarize it yourself. You can classify it according to sentence patterns, part of speech, and special translation methods. Each category is filled with the previously translated examples and translation experience. After each month, you can review it and go to the final sprint review. It also has a big effect. When you start the translation, you may feel that it is far from the translation. But after you have finished summing up, you will practice more and you will improve without knowing it. Therefore, the translator must practice every day, and more importantly, summarize your own problems. Don't be discouraged when you encounter a bad turn, take it easy, and let the content translation be smooth.

Encyclopedia knowledge and writing: "Handbook of Common Sense of Middle School Students" Xue Jinxing
"3000 Common Senses of Unknowing Knowledge" Xinghan
Encyclopedia of various counseling institutions on the Internet
Encyclopedia has a wide range of knowledge this year, and many of them have not been reviewed. When you review, you should pay more attention to accumulation. There are several fill-in-the-blank questions in the past that are hot topics in the past, but the knowledge points of the examination are relatively detailed. When reviewing politics, It is important to look at it; application writing is also the information that you find on the Internet. Pay attention to the basic format and literary talents. It is best to write a few articles before the big essay exam. I read a book and accumulated some examples. Practice writing some test sites will be more ideas.

Politics has a lot of changes in the way of thinking this year. My scores are not high. They are all prepared according to Xiao Xiurong. However, it seems that the era of the last assault against Xiao 4 seems to have passed. Very accurate, so everyone must not be taken lightly in politics. There is no way for politics to pass the line adjustment. Everyone will arrange a political review plan according to their own situation. It will start at the latest in November. If conditions permit, you can report to a political counseling class and grasp the overall test direction.

Finally, there are still a few words that I want to give to everyone: when preparing for the exam, we must grasp the direction of the exam, review the experience stickers, look at the real questions of the memory version, and communicate with the friends around us. The process of the postgraduate study is bound to face many Difficulties, when someone encounters something, they are willing to share it. When they make small progress, some people can share it. Life will feel more brisk. Help them with the researchers around you. Don’t be afraid to compete and share. I hope everyone can be brave. Don't be afraid of difficulties, stick to it, and stick to it. The pressure will increase in the later stages of the postgraduate entrance examination. Everyone should adjust their own state, do not engage in fatigue tactics, ensure adequate rest to ensure daily learning efficiency, and let the time of self-study in the classroom be effective learning time.

At the moment when the final result came out, I felt that the sky was bright. I couldn’t even remember how much I had lost. I couldn’t remember how hard it was. Looking back, the time of the postgraduate examination was really pure. Every time I invested in it, It is a reason to be grateful for the future. Now, before the dawn of the sky, I hope that you will be more brave and wait for the most dazzling moment of the sunrise.

Regarding the ideal, I hope you never give up, even in the days of gray face.
good luck!
I am confused, you are welcome to chat with the teacher, I hope to help you~