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The rise of the skirt and the calculation of Zhuge Liang


a) saint

This is a cloth, a living in Nanyang, a brilliant talent, a big demon near the demon, was appreciated by Liu Bei, and he asked him to come out several times.

A pair of Longzhong is right, and the situation is everywhere.

Longzhong said: "The generals are the emperor's room, and the faith is in the four seas..."

The heroes of the world are all over the place, Cao Cao has a million people, and the emperor makes the princes. Sun Quan occupied Jiangdong, operated III, and his strength was unfathomable, while Zhuge Liang chose the weakest Liu Bei because of the loyalty of the Emperor and the enlightenment.

When he was defeated by the army, he was ordered to rebel between dangers and reversing the disadvantages.

Liu Bei Bai Dicheng is alone, telling Zhu Geliang that if his son Liu Zen has no ability or is unfaithful, he can be replaced by Zhuge Liang.

However, Zhuge Liang never sneaked into the regime of the Han Dynasty. In order to complete the great work of the Han Dynasty, he was conscientious and hard-working, and he had to work hard until he spent his time.

In the millennium, Zhuge Liang became the embodiment of the benevolence and righteousness.

The above is all wrong! Native chicken, not worth mentioning!

My brother never believes in saints, and everyone has desires. Everything is just the result of time, interests, and multi-party games.

b) skirt layout

Zhuge Liang’s mother died early, and his father was a Taishan county in Zhangzhou. A small official was enough to support a family.

But not long after, when Zhuge Liang was 8 years old, his father died. He was completely orphaned. The only relatives were two sisters, one brother and one younger brother.

The family fled to Jingzhou and went to the uncle Zhuge Xuan, Zhuge Xuan is a subordinate of Liu Biao , Liu is the largest force in Jingzhou.

After Zhuge Xuan’s death, the Zhuge’s 瑾, Liang, and the three brothers and two sisters lost their backing. Zhuge Liang had to study and work in Nanyang, and the poverty fell.

After all, Zhuge Liang is a scholar, and his tutor is also good. He is agile. He likes to visit celebrities, but he also has a slight intersection with the upper class.

Huang Chengyan is a large ethnic group in Jingzhou. He has a good relationship with the upper celebrities of Xiangyang, Pang Tong (Feng Chuan), Pang Degong, Sima Hui, Xu Wei and others.

His daughter arrived at the age of marriage, but he was too ugly. The celebrities of the same class were obviously not seen, but he was not willing to find a bottom silk man. For Huang Chengyan at this time, Zhuge Liang is the best. Choice, knowledgeable, educated, and future, but now it is very poor, no chance to make a come.

So Huang Chengyan said to Zhuge Liang, "I heard that you are looking for a wife. My daughter is ugly, her hair is yellow, her skin is black, but she is more talented and very suitable for you."

Zhuge Liang certainly has to ponder over it.

1. Huang Chengyan is a local celebrity who, with Huang’s family, can immediately get all the resources of Huang Chengyan.

2, Huang Chengyan's wife is the daughter of Jingzhou's largest tyrant Cai Sati, Huang Chengyan and Liu Biao are both the female niece of Cai Sati, that is to say, Liu Biao is his wife's coward, Cai Wei is his wife's 舅舅...The marriage between the nobles is normal, relationship Intricately intertwined, once married, you can immediately reach the top of power.

3. Although Huang is ugly, he is talented and should be able to help himself in the future.

Thinking about it, it’s just too cost-effective, and an ugly woman has struggled for twenty years.

At that time, Shili Baxiang used this as a joke...

"Three Kingdoms" records: Huang Chengyan, Gao Shuang, listed as a famous man in southern Anhui, said Zhuge Kongming: "When you choose a woman, you have a ugly girl, and the yellow head is black, but it is worthy." Kong Mingxu, that is, carrying it . When people think that they are laughing, the village is like this: "Mo is a woman who chooses to be a ugly woman."

After taste the sweetness, Zhuge Liang began to work with the nepotism.

Zhuge Liang’s big sister married Qi Qi, Miss Sister married Pang’s Pang Shanmin, so Zhuge Liang and Pei and Pang established relatives, and Pang’s Pang Lin married the daughter of Xi’s family. On the relationship.

To put it simply, among the six great prostitutes in Jingzhou, Cai, Yi, Pang, Huang, and all four of them have an in-law relationship with Zhuge Liang. Jingzhou’s supreme ruler, Liu Biao, is Zhuge Liang’s coward.

Liu Bei wants to be stable in Jingzhou, of course, to draw Zhuge Liang, this is the original intention of the three.

In other words, even without Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang’s mind can easily give himself a good future. Zhuge Liang obviously knows this, but he doesn’t break it. He plays a full set of acting, and since then, there is more to be hungry. The corporal of Li Xian, the story of the grace of knowing.

Marriage is only a bargaining chip. As long as the interests are sufficient, it is no big deal to marry. This is the basic quality of the supreme hero.

Only when mortal life is poor and boring will it turn to the spiritual meaning.

The dispute in Hebei, Yuan Tan surrendered, Cao Cao let his son Cao Quanzhen Yuan Tan's daughter, and later Yuan Tan did not want to mix with Cao Cao, Cao Cao immediately retired.

Mrs. Liu Beizhen is fascinated by the money of the shackles. He wants to rely on the political power of Liu Bei. He also gave his sister to Liu Bei as his wife, and sent two slaves. The gold and silver were used as military assets, and Liu Beijun was able to revive. He also led the "winning county to the front", and later "because of the generals of An Han, the class is on the right of the military general."

Liu Beifu’s sister Sun Quan’s sister is a political marriage. Lu Bu plans to marry her daughter to Yuan Shu’s son, but she has no success.

c) Master of public opinion

"Teacher's Table": Chen Benbu, who ploughed in Nanyang, squandered his life in troubled times, and did not seek to reach the princes. The first emperor did not swear by the court, and he succumbed to his grievances. The three servants were in the grass, and the advisors were grateful for the facts of the world. After the value of the captivity, when he was defeated, he was ordered to be in dire straits. ---
"Three Kingdoms, Zhuge Liang Chuan" called in Chengdu, is a future event. It is said that "Juncai is ten times more than Cao Yu, and will be able to settle down on the country. If the scorpion can be supplemented, supplemented by it; if it is not, then you can take it yourself.
"The Three Kingdoms Zhuge Liangzhuan" is the lord and the priest. After the Lord said: "Hey and the prime minister are engaged, things are like the father!

Before Zhuge Liang's Northern Expedition, he wrote an "Out of the Teacher's Table" to show the feelings of the monarch and the minister.

Before Liu Bei’s death, he first told Zhuge Liang that if my son can’t, you should be an emperor. He also told Liu Zen that if you work with you, you must treat him like a father.

The truth is not that simple.

Liu Bei is still giving Zhuge Liang an eye drop. You are so arrogant, would you like to give Liu's Jiangshan to you?

Zhuge Liang dare, if you are not careful, you will never be able to recover.

The Shuhan regime is divided into the old school, the Jingzhou school, the Dongzhou school, and the Yizhou school.

The old school, with many years of fighting, basically died of injuries and injuries.

The Yizhou faction is dominated by the local pride of Yizhou. Although it has strength, it is at the bottom of the Shuhan regime, but as long as it is not overly persecuted, it is not enough.

Jingzhou School, the core pillar of the Shuhan regime, with the arrest of Jingzhou, Liu Bei died, and the vitality was greatly hurt.

The Dongzhou faction has the strongest military strength and easily suppresses Yizhou.

There are contradictions in each of the forces themselves. Li Yan belongs to the Dongzhou School. The military strength is very strong. Zhuge Liang is a good strategy and is deeply rooted in Jingzhou. Liu Bei is trying to balance the forces of the various parties and win the influence of Dongzhou and Jingzhou. Yan and Zhuge Liang.

The emperor is alone, usually at least two people, Liu Bei is also the same, let Li Yan, Zhuge Liang two people, together with Liu Wei, and let Li Yan take charge of the military power, but the world knows Zhuge Liang, but few people have heard Li Yan, Seeing the means of Zhuge Liang.

"Three Kingdoms Li Yan Chuan": First disease, strict with Zhuge Liang and by the widows and minors, with strict protection of the capital, internal and external military, staying in Yongan.

But afterwards, Liu Bei did not expect it.

Baidi City is lonely, and the world knows it. Whether it is morality, talent, reputation, Zhuge Liang takes the lead.

A "teacher's watch" won the support of public opinion, and the name of loyalty was sung in the next generation.

Holding high the banner of the Han Dynasty, the name is justified.

Under the preoccupation of the imperial will, the Northern Expedition Strategy was established, and the wartime special circumstances were used to perfectly control the political power.

The waiter, the ambassador Guo Yizhi, Fei Yi, Dong Yun, etc., are all good, loyal and pure, with the emperor's simple and simple. I don’t think that things in the palace are big or small, and that they can be consulted, and then they will be able to make up for it. - "Teacher's Table"

If the teacher’s watch is like writing to his master, obviously treat Liu Wei as a mentally handicapped person, and there is no matter how small, all must be managed, and the gang will be sent to let Liu Wei listen to Fei Yi, Dong Yun and others, until Liu Sudden death, but also failed to pro-governance...

After all, Li Yan was a military commander. He met with Zhuge Liang, a master of power, and was easily crushed.

Banned the imperial capital, let Li Yan stay in Yongan, and no one is allowed to come to Chengdu.

Wu Hao formed an alliance, weakened the military status of Dongzhou, and transferred Yongan troops.

Rejecting dissidents, "Shouzhong, Shi Lang Guo Yizhi, Fei Yi, Dong Yun, etc., all are good, loyal and pure, with the emperor's simple and simple to the will. Yu thought that the palace, things are small, understand "The right center is firmly grasped in the hands of oneself." Reduce the power of Dongzhou, Yizhou and other dissatisfaction.

In the name of "Xing Fu Han Room", we will promote the Northern Expedition Strategy in the name of Liu Bei.

Why do you have to go north?

Just taking power, there is an urgent need for a victory to consolidate its position. In a special period of wartime, it can strengthen centralization.

After the establishment of the Northern Expedition Strategy, Zhuge Liang acted arbitrarily and arbitrarily, and everyone recommended Wei Yan, and Zhu Geliang preferred to use the pro-faith Ma Wei, lost...

Originally, I wanted to pretend that I had to review it, but I was forced to find a replacement ghost by the pressure of Dongzhou and the forces of various parties. Then there was the famous "Zhuge Liang tears and tears."

Since you want to kill, you must maximize your interests and create a paradox that is good for you.

Hummer has achieved the reputation of Zhuge Liangfa, his unselfishness, and his military discipline.

Tears made Zhuge Liang's touching and deep feelings, and everyone sympathized with Zhuge Liang.

The first time the Northern Expedition lost, there was basically no chance, but Zhuge Liang made meritorious deeds, and the minds of the ancients did not decrease.

Six times of the Northern Expedition, all defeated, lost the soldiers, labor and wealth, hollowed out the Shuhan regime.

During the Northern Expedition, the wartime system was established. The Jingzhou Group headed by Zhuge Liang was monopolized and expelled from Li Yan, and the rights reached its peak.

Until a few years later, Zhuge Liang died.

Shuhan is still difficult to extricate himself in the mud of the Northern Expedition, Jiang Weijiu cuts the Central Plains...

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