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Ads with high click-through rates for traffic ads have these three things in common.


In limited texts and pictures, how to attract users' attention and stimulate users' desire to click is a problem that many advertisers are thinking about. In other words, the advertiser’s information is only exposed, and no click can be said to be not a successful marketing.

Today, we take the Baidu information flow as an example. How can we find the entry point from the advertisement? How do I get a headline with a click desire? How to choose the material is more attractive? Three directions talk about how creativity affects the conversion of advertising.

Find an entry point

People often say: If you find the right direction, you will be half successful. The advantage of mobile marketing is that the information can be accurately transmitted to the corresponding audience, and the "content" carried by the "information" needs to be sufficiently refined and accurate.

The idea of ​​information flow advertisement can start from the nine points of product function, user emotion, consumption scene, celebrity endorsement, product price, usage trend and social hotspot , and directly poke the user's pain point.

Take a title with a click desire

Good headlines are logical, introductory, and resonant. Not only can it attract the attention of consumers, but also fit the advertising content, not to cause consumers to plan, to win the desire for consumption. The title can be written from both visual and psychological levels.

First, the title of the copywriting creative - clever use of numbers

The numbers are simple, direct, and impactful, and they can catch the eye for the first time and are very impressive.

1. Single digital rhetoric (highlighting the theme, key points)

Example: How to raise a woman in winter

Optimization: Women's winter beauty 5 major reading rules

2. Percentage rhetoric (visual impact, visual expression)

Example: Omo laundry detergent effectively removes pathogenic mites

Optimization: Omo laundry detergent effectively removes 99.9% of the pathogenic mites

3, continuous digital rhetoric (enhance the effect, deepen marketing)

Example: a bottle of Tetra Pak milk tea

Optimization: 99% of consumers love, 40 circles around the earth

Second, the title copywriting ideas - special symbols

Expressions and symbols are popular expressions today, such as surprise, shock, ellipsis, etc., can evoke user curiosity and stimulate users to click.

1, the name of the brackets, etc. (highlighting the theme, locking keywords)

Example: Women's winter beauty 5 major reading rules

Optimization: [dry goods] women's winter beauty 5 major reading rules

2, the use of normal punctuation marks (to drive user sentiment, to pave the way for content)

Example: Women's winter beauty 5 major reading rules

Optimization: Women's winter beauty 5 must read! ! !

Third, the title of the copywriting creative - inspire curious

Curiosity Everyone is born with some inversions and exaggerations to create suspense, contrast, and appetite.

1. Specialized rhetoric method (highlighting focus, appetizing appetite)

Example: Women's winter beauty 5 major reading rules

Optimization: Women's winter beauty 5 major reading rules, the third star is using

2, turning rhetoric (to create contrast, enhance curiosity)

Example: The story behind a woman's winter beauty

Optimization: The story behind the woman's winter beauty, tears after learning the truth

3, suspense curious rhetoric (inspire curiosity)

Example: The secret of Lile milk tea selling millions of dollars a month

Optimization: The secret of Lile milk tea selling millions of dollars is like this!

4. Contrast contrast rhetoric

Example: New Oriental cultivates the cradle of senior chefs

Optimization: New Oriental tells you the difference between a monthly salary of 3,000 and a monthly salary of 10,000 chefs

Fourth, the title copywriting creative - herd mentality

People have a psychology of congregation. In the Internet era, idols, net reds, and hot events have become the vane of the crowd.

1. Digital Rhetoric Rhetoric (Digital Creation of Public Opinion Wind)

Example: Women's winter beauty 5 major reading rules

Optimization: reading a day to break 100,000+, women's winter beauty

2, star-building rhetoric (fans create event heat)

Example: Women's winter beauty 5 major reading rules

Optimization: Angelababy winter skin care tips, 500,000 fans collective fire

3. Scenario Rhetoric (Scenarios create hot events)

Example: Greenland new real estate listing

Optimization: Devils reproduce in the middle of the night to line up to buy a building, green space new disk explosion

V. Title copywriting creative - soul chicken soup

Chicken soup will not be too much to drink, and simple language can always touch people's hearts and resonate.

1. Borrowing famous rhetoric

Example: Bailey liqueur, natural and varied

Optimization: A thousand people have a thousand Hamlet in their hearts, and Bailey has made you a thousand faces.

2, improve the style of rhetoric

Example: Persistence will win

Optimization: Abandoning affirmative failure, persistence is likely to succeed

Sixth, the title of the copywriting creative - check the seat

After describing a thing or a general phenomenon, let the user resonate with himself. For example, people who correspond to constellations, genus analysis, etc. are very interested in reading.

1. Suggestive rhetoric (implicitly catering to consumer psychology to inspire curiosity)

Example: melon seeds used car, so that the price of your used car is close to the new car

Optimization: In line with these characteristics, your used car can sell the price of a new car.

2, contrast rhetoric (contrast to meet consumer psychological demands)

Example: Lily's most professional love platform

Optimization: Beishangguang Love and Love Zone, single Beijing, car and room, waiting for you in Lily

Seven, the title of the copywriting creative - fear

1. Factual modification method (increasing the sense of urgency with facts)

Example: xx air purifier effectively filters PM2.5 to purify air quality

Optimization: Beijing smog explosion table 500, what kind of purifier can save us

2, the second perspective rhetoric (enlarge the fear, stimulate demand)

Example: Daily 5 best fruit nourishing beauty

Optimization: 5 anti-cancer fruits are optimized daily

Eight, the title of the copywriting creative - emotional resonance

It seems to be amazed, and it makes sense to try to figure out how to identify the identity of the identity.

1. Descriptive rhetoric (appreciation or affirmation)

Example: Disney's five most exciting projects

Optimization: I dare say this! This is Disney's 5 most popular projects! ! !

2, narration poetry rhetoric (emotional burst link user)

Example: mini lets freedom conquer the road

Optimization: Don't say that the mountains you climbed have only early peaks.

3. Anthropomorphic rhetoric (personal language infection users)

Example: Southern black sesame paste, all warm and warm

Optimization: Southern black sesame paste, mother's craft, the taste of hometown

Attractive creative material

Everyone is a visual animal. How to make the picture material of the information flow a sharp weapon? We introduce the power of the material from five aspects: color, style, elements, characters, and text .

First, the creative material force point - style

What style is more suitable for your customers?

Baidu information flow advertising has three forms: large picture, three pictures, single picture can be selected according to customer's delivery needs.

Second, the creative material force point - color

What color attracts the eye?

The color matching of information flow advertisements must conform to the brand tonality, clear, eye-catching and impactful, and create visual appeal to users.

Third, the creative material force point - element

What kind of elements click more?

The elements used in the image material should be selected from the elements that the customer has copyrighted, or they can choose a self-portrait or an image that is not copyrighted.

Fourth, the creative material force point - people

What kind of characters are more resonant?

People in the material cannot use portraits such as celebrities and stars without endorsement.

Five, creative material force point - text

What kind of text is more attractive?

The text should be simple and straightforward, so that the user can directly receive the information to be delivered.