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When we talk about Yang Yang, we are actually talking about white shirts.


I am a veteran red fan. The Dream of Red Mansions has seen the kind of ten times. Some people say that the original party of the Dream of Red Mansions is the most difficult to please, but nili Yang Yang is in some respects very consistent with the prototype of Jia Baoyu.

The heavenly monks, the unruly stone, the teenage passionate teenagers, are clean, it should be like this.

The police fairy said that Jia Baoyu "generated an infatuation in talent, and that my generation pushed it into obscenity." Unlike other men's "kinky", his infatuation is very common.

Yang Yang looks far away from Lin’s eyes (although Lin’s sister is fat), and there are still three points in place.

However, Yang Yang was less than 18 years old at that time, and his experience was still shallow. It was very difficult to control the scenes of Qing Wensheng’s death from other deaths.

Anyway, I know that he looks so good that many fans will not care about his acting skills.

Later, he went to flowers and teenagers... his character was not bad, the image of the big boy in the sun.

Yang Yang’s white shirt is not much, about 100 pieces.

Yan should not spend too much time, easy to disappoint the world of mortals, return to the old line, look at Yang Yang's wear.

Let the whole Chinese girl become a little girl with a smile, so I found out that Yang Yang is probably the best looking white boy in a white shirt.

Hong Kong, this set of movements is very loaded, almost step by step, the master and the owner are in the dust, but the victory is clean.

Yang Yang wore a variety of white shirts that carefully thought about various brands in the play, probably to prove that he was not wearing the same white shirt every time.

  • I

In the library, peek at the female owner wearing Thom Browne, but grow up so why do you need to peek at the girl, do not understand ▼

Thom Browne is very popular with the male stars of the taste, and the former boyfriend Li Yifeng, who is forgotten by you, loves to wear Thom Browne▼

Song Zhongji, the former husband who was forgotten by lightning, also passed through the TB sweater in the drama.

As for your husband's husband, Kim Soo-hyun, I don't think he should care about him.

However, Yang Yang also loves to wear TB, and the shirts are similar. The male stars have their own good.

By the way, Yang Yang’s TB white shirt in the show also has a female model, you may like ▼

  • II

Sitting in the office as the overbearing president, Yang Yang, wearing a prolinemess shirt, the black color of the neckline successfully announced that he had changed a white shirt ▼

The young talent went to the company to do the presentation and wore the prolinemess shirt. The metal decoration of the neckline said: I am different from the neckline black!

In the office unreasonably show love and wear a looser sleeves to decorate the prolinemess.

  • III

Great God is playing handsome on campus, wearing iceberg white shirt, this black color block ran to the chest, Yang Yang probably feels that he is not high enough, but also wear iceberg to add to the snow, the black color on the chest is like a door handle ▼

  • IV

Great God felt that the traffic on the campus was too small, and at the peak, he went to the cafeteria to show the beauty. The secret love was pretending not to know the female owner and to peek.

This white shirt is system homme▼

System homme is a Korean street fashion brand. Many of these geometric color blocks are good-looking shirts. In the recently completed doctors, the puffy males passed through one. What is it, it seems that you are not recommended to buy your own boyfriend, maybe The effect is not the same ▼

This system homme worn by your alternate husband Li Zhongshuo is much better, cotton and linen material, a little Fu boss.

  • V

Great God is doing game optimization in the office, pretending to be very familiar with the code, wearing the White Shirt of General Idea 2015 summer, although a bit out of season, but the style of this white shirt should be fashionable for a long time.

General Idea is a Korean street fashion brand. In 2015, the show models used clever geometric lines. The original design of Korea has developed a bit better. Envy, China is full of brand-name net red.

  • VI

Not only in the slightest, Yang Yang also loves white shirts, and the routines are almost the same. The white shirts are decorated with geometric color lines, and the propaganda slightly wears Neil Barrett▼.

Neil Barrett is a British brand, the most famous is the style of lightning on the chest, Li Yifeng passes through

  • VII

My favorite Yang Yang with the same white shirt is probably this sandro, clean and refreshing, set off Yang Yang's youthful temperament, and sure enough, the shirt will be white and pure ▼

Too good to look at, put a whole body, private service praise.

Yang Yang wears a white shirt and uses all the routines. After wearing a white shirt, she is sorry for the high cold.

If you don't want to wear it, you can take it off. No, no one is reluctant to you (the body is still thin) ▼

However, Yang Yang’s routine in wearing a white shirt is enough for his boyfriend to use for a lifetime. If you don’t care about the effect, just write it down with a small notebook~

As for the style of the woman, I really only have four words - no comment, I wish her to wear Ayilian to dress happily.

There are not many male stars who endorse lipstick, Yang Yang may be the purest

In Yang Yang’s endorsement, Guerlain’s fashion is hanging, and the commercials are quite grassy, ​​probably because Yang Yang Shuai has broken through the gender margin.

Hey, the lipstick on his face, remember correctly...


I printed it (hiding eggs)

The solid wood village Tuoba also endorsed the lipstick, Kanebo's, he used his unyielding Western temperament to interpret this simple lipstick as wild and sexy, never seen a male artist with so many eyes on the lipstick, this point It is much higher than Yang Yang.

Seeking to collect this fascinating goods

the above

The style is lonely,

Welcome to the style of light fashion world

Pay attention to the column: the fashion bottle with no fish

Search attention to the subscription number: big fish without missing

Finally, Yang Yang’s publicity photo was taken at the entrance of our factory. I work here, and there is even a trace of happiness. ▼