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Don't say gratitude on Thanksgiving Day

Not all touches, opportunities, and little luck must be said in Thanksgiving, emotions, and gratitude. Those memories that are too good will always stay in our minds. Even if we wait for our white hair to tell the younger generations, and sometimes the things that are worth moving are not warm, but it is worth our time. Thank you very much.

Today, November 24th, 2016, when everyone else sends a blessing and a thank-you in the circle of friends, the baby chooses to be a spectator all the time. When I meet him, I can hug him back. Why do I owe it today? The reason is very simple. Who made me unhappy today.

In the morning, I went out and met a big uncle who touched porcelain. On the way to work in the morning, I looked down at the news from the group last night. As a result, a big uncle came up and raised his elbow and slammed it on my head. When I was still squatting, the uncle began to shout loudly. : "If you guys walk without looking at the road, they only know how to play mobile phones. If you have long eyes, you are not afraid to hit people..." I still thought about saying sorry! As a result, the aunt made the nervous and uncle angry, so I replied to him with a polite sentence. "I looked down at the phone and my eyes were not good, but the road was so wide, so few people, you stared at the road with your eyes open. Can you make such a big hit on me, are you blind, tens of years old people are still so impulsive, you are watching more water! "When I turn around, I will leave, after all, can not be because of a nervous The uncle delayed the time I went to work. The voice of the uncle who was behind him gradually disappeared into the ear. I never thought that I was a viper. I never thought that I would meet such an elder. I know that this happened suddenly, even though it is in my heart. I respect those who can be called our fathers and grandparents, but I still don't think that I am wrong with this nervous uncle. After all, not all uncles have RP values.

When I arrived at the company more than half an hour earlier, I began to sort out what I was doing today. Life is a big drama without scripts. We don't know what will happen in the next second. Just like there is such a person who just started, you still appreciate and like it very much. You think that you will become friends, but whoever thought that you have become a person who looks at each other in the same day. As Shaanxi Liangye Science & Industry WeChat Mall started to go online, the boss hopes to give full play to the enthusiasm of the distributors and give the distributors a large commission commission. Everyone has set up a communication group to facilitate everyone to learn and communicate. As a result, there are always people who want to red envelopes in the group, and this leader of the red envelope is still a person I thought was very good. I kicked her as the manager of the exchange group. It seems a bit too embarrassing, don’t kick her, group There was too much chaos in it. After a few entanglements, I was kicked out of the group chat with the person who thought that the people were very good.

That's why the baby is not happy in the morning of Thanksgiving. I don't have any gratitude to the people around me. I am not a maverick but a member of the straight gril. All the thanks are in the moment, no need to deliberately choose time, the United States, Canada. The festival, you know it.