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15 days of rise, 20 days of fall: "Mi Meng" was built for four years, was shackled for three and a half years


At 23 o'clock on the evening of January 29, 2019, Mi Meng's WeChat public number pushed "Go to your uncle, I really don't want to work overtime!" ", no one could have thought that this became the last push of the account of Mi Meng.

From the beginning of the construction of the number in 2015, to the title of the whole network in 2019, "Mimmon", a woman who once stood at the top of the media, almost created the IP of "Mi Meng" and created one with her own power. The title of the self-media era attracts believers known as "exquisite self-interests."

Unlike the story that first experienced the trough and the last blockbuster in reality, Mi Meng’s success came too fast and too quickly, perhaps as she said, “People with special love are more suitable for writing new media articles”, almost She reached out and was hugged by the media.

How is Mi Meng getting more and more popular? How did you step down the altar? The data records the highlights of its four years:


In September, Mi Meng opened the WeChat public account.

On September 15th, Mi Meng released the first article, "Is your girlfriend doing it for you?" You should thank God, because she loves you."

On September 23, Mi Meng’s fourth update, “Why are you an appearance association? ", became the first 10w+ of the account .

October 2, "Charlotte troubles": Why do men always want to engage in their first love? The reading volume of one article quickly rushed to millions . At this time, it was only half a month from the opening of Mi Meng, and only tens of thousands of public fans.

On November 26, Mi Meng was in the "How to write a WeChat explosion article with a reading volume of 1 million?" As mentioned in the book, she opened the number for two months, the fans have reached 400,000, and many articles have read more than 1 million.

On December 12th and 15th, Mi Meng’s " To the Deaf: Why should I help you? ", "Toward the low: I am not too high-profile, and the second is your glass heart" two articles smashed the circle of friends, but also caused A lot of netizens' resentment.


On March 15th, Mi Meng was in the "forced!" My son is out of school. . . In the article, it is mentioned that Son Wei Tang encountered difficulties in entering primary school in Beijing. Soon, under the strong fans of Mi Meng, things were solved. Some netizens compared the article with the previous "To the Deaf", saying that "the previous article despised for help, and later for help ", caused a lot of discussion.

On the evening of July 7, Mi Meng released "Fun, is the aphrodisiac for a lifetime", and then responded with the "Fun, is the last aphrodisiac of life", two articles attracted millions of people to read.

July 13, Mi Mongolia because of "patriotic forever, always tears," a text, was raking the 13-year microblogging " patriotic as bestiality " remarks.

On August 15th, Mi Meng sent a message "I will buy my own lipstick, you will give me love." The next day, the author of the WeChat public account “Bamboo Column” issued a message “Why do I say that Mimi’s teacher copied my article? The thing is this," said Mi Meng, the article is a manuscript . August 8th, "Is the lipstick very expensive? Why can't you buy it yourself? "A text.

On November 22nd, Mi Meng’s article “ Do not believe in tears in the workplace , crying home and crying” caused widespread discussion on the Internet and was criticized by many public posts .


At the beginning of the year, when Mimon was interviewed by GQ China, he said that he had “headline advertisements of 680,000 yuan and assistants’ monthly salary of 50,000.” Then he’s an article saying “Hey! The article of my assistant's monthly salary of only 50,000 " quickly swept the screen.

On April 1st, the public name of “ Minhua Limited Youth ” was established, and the founder Yang Leduo was called “Intern with a monthly salary of 50,000”.

On April 15th, a group of organizations, such as Mi Meng, Tong Dao, and Shu Shu, published a series of “new publications” from the media. The first public appearance of Mi Meng made a hot discussion. At the meeting, it announced that it would become China's largest new media group within three years .

In May, Mi Meng teamed up with the vivo mobile phone and FAW Mazda to launch the first new media creation competition. The first place can get 500,000 bonuses, as well as "booking opportunities" and "open WeChat public" "text is made into a movie."

At the beginning of June, the Mimen public number was banned because of improper content of the article . The Internet once sent a rumor that Mi Meng was in jail.

September 14, Mi Mongolia issued a document in a public number "anniversary Mi Mongolia: people call me it does not matter, I love the people thank you" to commemorate the anniversary .


As of January, the number of fans of Mi Meng WeChat has increased to 14 million.

In May, Mi Meng’s Beijing October Fifth Film and Television Media Co., Ltd. was sued by others or companies for copyright ownership and infringement disputes .

On June 1st, the small program e-commerce “irregular planting grass” of the Mimi team's matrix “unusual sister” was officially launched. It only relied on content drainage and went online for 5 days, with sales exceeding 1 million.


On January 29th, an article titled " The Death of a Champion from a Cold Door " by Mi Meng's public number "Caihua Limited Youth" was screened in a circle of friends. The article was subsequently questioned as "falsification", which triggered the circle. People crusade. In the morning of January 30, the article was banned. On January 31, Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Department Network Security and Security Corps official microblogging @江苏网警post posted, named "Mimeng Patriotic is just business."

On the morning of February 1, the Mimun team issued a letter of apology, apologized for the mistakes made by them, and decided that the public will stop for 2 months and the micro-blog will be permanently closed .

On February 21st, according to netizens' feedback, the "Wei Meng" and "Caihua Limited Youth" WeChat public numbers have been cancelled . Phoenix Network Technology and the headline platform also issued a notice saying that they have closed the account of Mi Meng and its platform.

From the "discovery" that has been followed by the media practitioners to the "chicken soup queen" that everyone calls, it is no doubt that Mi Meng's road to success is "black, red and black."

Judging from the contents of his historical articles, Mi Meng’s philosophical philosophy is nothing more than “man”, “woman”, “husband”, “child”, “love” and “marriage”. The believer regards his article as a classic, carefully studying it, and practicing it. The scorner dismisses all of it for the benefit, but has to admit that she knows the audience.

The era of Mi Meng has passed, but is there only one Mi Meng in this era?