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[Black Son's Football] World Cup article · England's national team (2)


As we said in the last issue, the Sun newspaper made a great contribution to the great cause of the British industry in the 1950s. It can be said that people do not use the sun to be the originator of the British.

Some sisters have to ask, they all said that it is so weak to mention England. Hehehehe, Ying Bing has long been nailed to the shame column of history. Can Black England help to improve our understanding of the ball?

Hey, my sister doesn't know. Now, the British Black is already the savior of the major teams. The right amount of black and white is equivalent to the hand-held healing skills. While recovering the maximum life of the male god, it can quickly bring you and the gods closer. distance.

God horse, the German blow is too strong, the male god can not resist? - Black England comforted his wounded heart.

God horse, the West blows the heart of the mad male god defeated? - Black England comforted his wounded heart.

God horse, A Blowing too extinct humanity to give the male god Neymar to black into a dog? - Black England comforted his wounded heart.

Shenma, Luo Mitai morality mourning to the male god's West to burst out? - Black England comforted his wounded heart.

This move, the male gods caused by the disparity in the strength of war, the resentment of resentment, resentment and other negative emotions, immediately through the "transfer topic" to find the objects and ways of venting; they are too weak to crack down, even Suspicion of the psychological trauma of life has also been quickly bridged and confessed by "more than enough" and "no worst is worse".

The sister may have to ask again, there is no British election at the top of the national team. I know that the players are fighting over the boss and they are all black and not playing in England. I am really ready. There is no way to dry goods?

Speaking of this, I would first like to thank the FIFA team for the lottery.

For the godsend opportunity, we only need to adopt the curve saving policy:

The team supported by the gods must be sharp or not worthy of the male gods - the scores of the Soviets are also very sharp (but remember that the gods must not be sharper than the men's team) - the Soviet gods for Liverpool - - Gerrard is his captain - England is the captain - England draws to Uruguay - how far England can go .

If the language organizes itself, the central idea should not deviate. Remember to say that it must be pretending to be “indiscriminate” and “unintentionally mentioned” . There must be no obvious traces of rescue – the face of the male god still needs to be preserved.

Ps, and in view of the fact that we haven't started to learn how to live in Liverpool, remember not to be diverted by the gods to the topic of "Black Suya" and "Holi Barrel", so as not to expose their true identity.

Dear, have you learned?

Then let's move on to history lessons?

Starting from the 1954 England debut, the Three Lions began to toss and turn in the top 8, 16 and qualifiers, and occasionally broke into the ranks of the semi-finals. The witty English fans naturally do not mention the qualifiers. They use the quarter-finals to affirm the basic strength. As for the top four, the top four is very powerful, but not to mention the 1966 football veteran. I don’t know how many streets have been forced by Spain, which is not even a World Cup champion.

[ 1997 ]

Although the England national team has a history of 60 years, the history of Chinese fans can only be traced back to 1997.

That year, China first broadcasted the Premier League.

Although the Premier League is not playing earlier than the Serie A Bundesliga base because of the relationship between the broadcast leagues, it does not prevent the English fans from being latecomers. The number of people explodes in a geometrical number and quickly expands into the largest fan base in China.

It all benefits from a legendary blonde teenager. As soon as he debuted, he stunned the entire Europa with a weathered face and a stunned shot of a man. Since then, Beckham has become a symbol, a legend, a haunted totem.

Thanks to the club behind him, the Red Devils, the sister of the Premier League, is marching towards the heyday of the Triple Crown. Not only has he not been a short-lived, but he has added a lot of aura and honor to him. He was also sent to the express train to the World Cup in France.

If there is no Bichon, how much is the British powder.

So, England - still not happy to thank Manchester United?

[ 1998 ]

1998 is the first year of Ying Bing.

The impression that "England is too strong" is deeply rooted in this World Cup in France.

After a year of precipitation in the Premier League, it is easy to direct people to the "British Premier level = national team level" misconception.

At that time, the chasing teenagers produced by Liverpool just rose, and Simone used a fake to evoke the memory of England's hatred of Argentina.

Of course, the British fans did not experience the funny and sad moments of the hand of God. However, after CCTV’s editing, they all seemed to be immersed in the situation, and collectively mourned that “the World Cup champion was once again ravaged by the Argentines”. fact".

It’s because the teacher didn’t die before he died. He didn’t show his skills and died halfway. The true level of England became a cloud. Before being beaten into the second group, it was the force. Now it’s being beaten into a sixteen lang. If the South Americans dare to confront me in a upright manner, who do I know? Maybe England is the champion!

[ 2000 ]

Although England's overall style of the ball continues, Chelsea is black and hard, but the appearance is replicating the Arsenal style.

Handsome, elegant, England, who died in the sand at a young age, played a romantic tragic hero in France. Therefore, this unfavorable situation not only did not lose the boss aura of England, but gave them a powder.

In 2000, Manchester United achieved its own three-time crown, and the Red Devils' arrogant Beckham grew more and more, and took over the captain of the national team captain. On the other hand, the chasing golden boy also won five championships for Liverpool, and in the 5:1 murder of the German chariot, one person was alone in three yuan.

With the stacking of personal honors of British players, the fans have gradually begun to change from the British fans to the British.

But England, which has deposited more glory and more fans, did not shine in the European Cup. After the three Lions were unfortunately divided into the death group, they died again in Romania and were happy with Germany. Go home.

Although I know that I can't stand out from the death group and still win the shit champion, but the British Blowers who have just completed the evolution obviously avoid this point directly, the collective incitement: this fucking peerless bad sign! ! ! ! The Football League is too sinister, the officials are blind, the group has an insider, and I am lying in the middle of the gun. If it is not a death group, can the law be arrogant? Beckham champion, do you bald?

[ 2002 ]

A year of collective climax of Chinese fans. In addition to China's first participation in the World Cup, the British Lan finally defeated Argentina.

What is the shameful loss of the quarter-finals to the five-star Brazil? Brazil is the champion! Losing to Brazil, I am still a big favourite! The grouping is not good or we are the runners! Although defeated and glory, although defeated and glory! What, the second group is not qualified to say this? Don't you know that Eriksson can be undercover for the motherland? ? ?

This year, A Blow was finally trampled under the feet.

Seaman's butter hand made the fans can't help but think of the unfavorable past in the last battle of Argentina. The proud England finally realized that the goalkeeper was unfavorable.

But said, that’s just awkward! ! ! ! ! flaw! ! ! defect! ! ! Don't you hide it, don't you understand it! ! ! !


That year, England implemented a big blood exchange, and for the first time introduced the concept of “the most luxurious lineup in history” to British fans.

That year, the prodigy Rooney was still in Everton, and the dense hair drifted in the wind.

That year, one can pick one, the future of the Ronald King of Cole is still in Arsenal, his factory demon star grows.

That year, Shuangde was not incompatible but a good partner.

That year, CCTV’s first large-scale football event propaganda column, “The Feast of the Giants,” began to blow England. If in 1997, Beishangguang began to broadcast the Premier League event to lay a solid mass foundation for the England national team, then in 2004, CCTV was on its own to set off the banner of hunting.

However, in England, we say good happiness?

That year, I won the championship every year, and I won’t regret it every year. I also won the second place in England every year. I was knocked out again and again and again. I dragged my opponent into the penalty shootout again and again. No exception, he died on the penalty ball again and again.

It’s so touching.

In the quarter-finals, David Beckham, who flew a penalty kick, was the savior of Portugal, and the empty gloved white wolf rushed to a penalty Ricardo.

Ricardo, remember this name, and soon, the cool storm he's blowing will make the whole world tremble.

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