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7.18 news that the Fed does not participate in the currency market, this drowning RMB broke 6.8


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Comments: South Korea's economic structure has caused South Korea to go to a dead end, a country with a true unemployment rate of more than 20%; poor only in addition to entertainment and anchors, only air coins

Comments: This is no doubt!

Comments: The follow-up of this article remains closely watched

Comments: Our real economy, the living space represented by manufacturing, etc., has been squeezed by real estate to survive without gaps; the response to risks is so fragile that it can basically be regarded as not being able to renew without borrowing new and old. To the point

Risk Warning: The risk of the currency market surpasses any traditional financial assets, regardless of investment/speculation; this market is slightly inadvertent, and the probability of your loss is 90%. Most people are ignorant of the market in the face of short-term profit and loss, winning and losing. People who don’t want to come and embrace this huge bubble. Before participating in the currency market trading, first consider carefully whether you can afford the huge test caused by the loss of the stage!

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