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Good man is loved out

First of all, the article is not original. I feel inspired after reading it. It’s quite good. I will share it with you. Especially, girls must look at it carefully. I hope to learn and discuss together.


The cousin advised Xiao Xiao and Xiao Shu to divorce, because they felt that their father did not have the ability to make too much money, and his mother was very wronged with his father.

Let me talk about my uncle, this person, compared with other people in the family, he really does not have the ability, earning hard money, and not how to speak. My grandfather was very strong and helped my uncle to buy the city's work, so that I could go to work in the city. At that time, the factory was a girl, and my uncle was so stupid that he did not find a girlfriend.

Later, after a blind date, I met my little sister. When I was very young, I lost my mother. I didn’t go to school and didn’t recognize words. When I got married, I had a lot of money. It was the gift money that I could use to marry my three wives.

After the marriage, in the economy, my grandfather has various kinds of subsidies, which makes my father jealous and feels that he is not a biological one. Aunt is born, and the old man can't be so biased. My mother advised him: "The old man will definitely help the weak, if you have it, don't have so much opinion."

After the uncle got married, the company was not in a good mood at the time, and he was laid off. He felt that he was not busy, and he had to raise a family. I went to the power pole factory to work, and I worked hard. I didn’t get used to it at the beginning, and I was so anxious that I would fall and work. But he insisted on his teeth and earned five or six thousand dollars a year. I think this is good because he can raise a family.

He was at home for less than a month a year, but Xiao Yan quarreled with him and felt that he was useless, unlike other people in the family who could make money. Every day, my uncle, don't cook for him. My uncle is honest and doesn't know how to resist.

My mother advised Xiao Yan: "The second child (my uncle), although not a big skill, but also earns money to support the family, earned money, you and the children have food and drink, the child is also very good, just fine."

Whenever this happens, I am aggrieved and said: "Da, he doesn't care about anything like the big brother, he doesn't use it at all, marry him, I really blinked."


This quarrel is year after year, and now my cousin has grown up. My cousin inherited all the excellent genes in our family, tall and beautiful, everyone ignored me, I only have 155cm, she is 168cm. The IQ of our family is OK, she is especially smart, and her grades are all in the school.

Taught her and my teacher said: Xiaomi, your sister is harder than you, smarter than you. But in the end, the chat will say: Too smart is not a good thing. I probably understand what it means.

When she was in her third year, she suddenly decided to drop out of school and went to the technical school. My cousin and her a grade, according to the cousin, is because of emotional problems. Such a good seedling is smashed. She is just 18 years old and has a very strong makeup. She said: my sister, my father is useless, I can only rely on myself, I want to live a good life.

This year, she didn't go home, said that she was busy with work. When she came home after the end of the year, she was quarreling with my uncle because of a little thing, letting my little sister divorce my uncle, or else I would never go home again.

I was very angry when I heard it. "Small sister can only marry my uncle, a woman who is not beautiful, has not read a book, but a man who has requirements does not marry her. After so many years of marriage, this Is there any point of self-awareness? She can divorce, can she marry a rich man after divorce, and let her family serve her?"


I am not talking to my uncle, as a woman, objective analysis, a person who has not read a book, went to the county, can not find a way, has no strong family, to this age, what capital is still Pick and choose. I think the best person who is worthy of her is my uncle. Rich people will not choose her.

I read the stories of many people around me and I heard a lot of people complaining. I like to observe a family. If my mother is particularly strong, it will prove that this man can't. I have said this before, some people refute me, saying that women are forced to come out, who do not want the birds to rely on people?

I have a classmate. Every time we go to her house, her mother is accompanying us to eat, occasionally drinking a little wine. Her father is cooking in the kitchen. In front of us, her mother will train her father.

I want to talk about it, what should I do if I marry a useless man? I have always believed that people's potential is endless. No matter men or women, every man has a child in his heart. It depends on whether you are inspiring him, making him stronger and stronger, or letting him become an inner child.


When I was in college, there was a teacher who had a very good relationship. When she married her husband, her husband was very poor. She was married for her money, and she was beautiful, and her husband was average. However, her husband was trained to be a leader of our school. She often has articles to read the newspaper. Her husband is a mathematics department.

We were joking and asked her how to find such a good husband. "Good husbands are all cultivated, not born." You must encourage your own men, since they are chosen by themselves, there is nothing to complain about. Her husband is lazy and will not cook. She brought her children to work and was very busy.

Her husband got off work early, she got off work one night, and called her husband: "The rice has been put in the pot, the plug is plugged in, you open the switch." This insisted for a week, then told his husband, you Plug the latch in and open the switch.

Every time, her husband did, she encouraged him: "Husband, you are great, you have made a meal too delicious. Just like this step by step, her husband now dazzles his cooking skills in the circle of friends every day, especially like Cooking."

Her husband is very crazy, do not want to test driver's license. She took her husband to the 4S shop, let her husband test the car, her husband sat in the car, she said: "Husband, you are too handsome, just turned around the moment like Andy Lau." Ecstasy soup poured Now her husband's car skills are very good.


My former boss, she sometimes wants her husband to read some articles, such as asking for a man.

"Husband, you are great. You have done a lot in this article."

"Which point, which one, I will take a look." Then I carefully read the article and see what one fits.

My good friend is alone, and I follow the first-class masters in China to study psychology. She told me: You can only step on the ground, you choose the man, you must trust him, you believe him, he has power. She always tells me that there are fewer ideas and more trust.

Mr. Liu is a typical school tyrant, professionally very powerful, with stable income but little increase. There are a lot of rich friends around me. I have never compared him to others. I think he can use his own technology to make money to support his family. Marry a chicken with a chicken to marry a dog with a dog, how much money has to live a lot of money.

He won't cook. When I pack dumplings, let him meet and help me to molt. He learned it once and is better than I thought. Then, I put the video of him and the suede into the crowd, everyone was very surprised, said that I had never done it before at home.

He is very crazy. Every time I go the wrong way, I say, "Brother, this place is very beautiful. I have never been here before." Every man needs to grow up, and a woman must give him time.


Every man needs a certain distance to grow up, even if he earns 3,000 yuan a month, as long as he works hard and raises a family, it is enough. Although my uncle is honest and useless, he can earn 50,000 or 60,000 yuan a year. There are still a few acres in the family. My grandparents are relatively rich and often supplemented.

What is wrong with my little sister? I have been married for 20 years, and I have complained day after day. I have been disturbed by my family and my children have been affected.

Sometimes women have to accept their fate. If they choose to trust my uncle at the beginning, he will earn money to support his family and give him such encouragement. He can't do it himself. He can ask his brother and sister for help. And now, because of Xiaoyan’s complaints, everyone generally does not deal with her unless she has something to look for.

I have always believed that the true charm of a woman stems from her wisdom and the happiness she can live in. If you are still complaining that your man is not capable, I hope that the overbearing president will fall in love with you. I suggest you buy a scale. When you are fine, call yourself a few pounds.

The second generation of the society is rich, the second generation is very few, most of them are ordinary, ordinary people. I am an ordinary person, I am looking for an ordinary person to marry and have children, to live their own days.

Mr. Liu is most worried about housing prices, thinking about when he can make a down payment. I don't worry about buying a house, I am worried that he is too stressed. I also quarreled with him and then reflected on myself. I give him a point of view every day, I believe him.

I remember one night, when I mentioned the house, I said to him: Brother, you can afford to live, you can't afford it. If you stay in Shanghai, I will stay with you in Shanghai; when you return to your hometown, I will accompany you back to your hometown; when you go abroad, I will accompany you to go abroad. Where you are is home, where are you going, where are I going with you?

Marrying a chicken with a chicken and a dog with a dog, there are not so many ideas, there is not so much entanglement. It is enough to upgrade yourself and believe in your own man.

Now read the sentiment of this article:

It is very important for a woman to marry her husband. But as long as this person is motivated, it doesn't matter if she can't make much money.

Telling the truth, my income is much higher than that of Mr. Liu. Although he has a high starting point, but he is technical, the increase is relatively slow, and I am a market-born person. Even if I am a freelancer, I can take some small projects because of the accumulation of previous work. do.

We have also made a joke about making money. "I am over you."

Mr. Liu retorted me: "Do you have water, do you have a provident fund, do you have a Shanghai account? How many rich people want to buy a house because the account cannot be bought."

I was speechless. He was a self-confident person with independent judgment. He didn't mind his wife earning more than him. And he also told the classmates: "Two years ago, I bought a stock, the lowest point at the time, I didn't expect it to continue to rise now."

"What stock? Quickly recommend it."

Mr. Liu replied faintly: "My wife."

As a result, the classmates finished listening and punched his fist.

Regarding the article, the matter of buying a house, we have already got it. The whole process, including raising money, was planned by Mr. Liu, and I have almost no control. I was very surprised by this incident. I didn't expect him to do it.

Now all the money I earned was handed over to Mr. Liu. I spent money to find him. For this, Mr. Liu is particularly useful.

As a woman, I just want to achieve financial freedom through my own efforts, and then choose the man I like, and it doesn't matter if I raise him. When I was in love, I told Mr. Liu, "When I make money, I will live in a big house, so that you don't have to work, go on a trip..."

In our society, it is often useless to use money to measure a man's usefulness. I think it is biased, and the ability to throw aside is that the industry and opportunities are different.

In any case, change yourself and influence each other.