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Quotes Vol.25

One day you will become calm and calm, and the original curiosity and jealousy will be replaced by hard work and determination. Of course, you may become numb and empty. What you want to get, sometimes you have to use the existing ones in your hand to change, just see if you are willing or not.

No meal @渊辞

When a person is young, he needs to have an illusion. He feels that he is involved in the great activities of the world, where he innovates the world. His senses will vibrate with all the breath of the universe. It feels so free and so easy. He is not tired of his family, he has nothing, no fear. Because there is nothing, you can give up everything generously.

Roman Roland

Those one after another walked into our lives, walked side by side, and gradually drifted away, and then, it was decided and forgotten. When we understood these, we began to grow up and learn to be in beer and silence. Hiding my own thoughts, but tossing and turning in memory, until one day we found that all this is fate, no change.

Jiangnan "Junior here"

If corruption is China's most serious political and social cancer, then the lack of upward mobility in society and the solidification of social stratification are the biggest catalysts for conflicts. Education can't change the destiny, fight to improve life, marry can change fate, blood tradition dominates everything, family background affects life, how much is this different from feudal society?

Shen Zezhen, Guagua and Tianyi

Anything from the perspective of the end can be forgiven. If you can turn your gaze from the end to see your own eyes, and you can refer to this end by hand, then people are free and can realize the desire to reconcile with reality.

Mishima Yukio

My mom told me before that people who have no faith in their hearts are actually terrible, because they have no fear, and they are likely to make their interests become faiths. They will lose their senses and will not be self-reflective. It is reported that faith does not necessarily make people not commit evil, but at least it is to teach people to be good.

Mee no @恶二爷

Everything in the world, the root of it will become a memory, memory is no different from the illusion, so that life is a huge illusion. When you are happy, the world is changing; when you are in pain, this change will not stop because of your pain, but for a moment. Impermanence is the premise that life can continue, and it is the law we have been following. Impermanence can't resist, but it's not terrible.

Snow desert "The world is the reflection of the heart"

When you are gone, this city is the gums that have pulled out your teeth, and it hurts when you are not stunned. You return, and like the newly-set dentures, you are strange, and it will take a long time to get close. In short, you remember that parting is not right. Good night, I will meet again.

Sina Weibo@叶三

If you violate human nature for a long time, everyone will get sick. This is a world where only people teach us how to succeed, but no one teaches us how to keep ourselves. Everything around us is adding value, only our lives are quietly depreciating. The world has been running forward, and we are chasing after it. Can you stop to catch your breath and choose "self" instead of "everyone"?

Zhu Deyong, "Everyone is sick"

Beautiful girls really live brighter than other girls, because they look good, their boyfriends will buy them luxury goods, because they look good, they go to the store male staff to take the initiative to discount, because they look good, they even have a flaw when they are lying And playful. Their lives are lit with unimpeded green lights, and their presence makes the plain-faced people lament the unfairness of the world. But the most terrible thing is that this kind of person is far more than your imagination.

Sina Weibo@韩饭桶

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