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How is your high standard established during work?


This article is a response from a colleague from He Chu in 2016 after a colleague asked the founder of the college.

Although this article has been in the past two years, the views in the article still apply; some practices and actions of Teacher He Chuan after work are still relevant.

Asked by a young colleague, my heart is very warm. Because I saw the growth of a person, he should have understood the meaning of high standards for work.

Hello Chongjie:

I have my own standards, not only at work, but also at a high level. As for why there is, there seems to be no clear answer.

Just trying to think about it, the most direct reason should be related to my experience from a small one. Everyone has their own path dependence, and your experience often determines your future.

I grew up in the countryside, very rural villages. Parents are the boss of the family, so I am also the boss. When parents are young, they have better ability in the village. They must be strong, able to bear hardships, be kind, and often take care of the whole family. It is because no one else can share. Plus my family is two boys, the super guerrillas. You can understand how much pressure they have in the countryside.

Their pressure has, to some extent, created their character. Nature also affects my character.

My dad worked in the early years of the army. He could have been a village party secretary at the age of 20, but he had to be a soldier. He could have been a company commander after he was a soldier. However, he had to change jobs in advance, work and start a business, do tile homes, build buildings, and I have never had the opportunity to contract projects, and naturally I don’t make money. I went back to the countryside, there was no land, and there was no land. Before I was 3 years old, I stayed at a neighbor's house with my father. I often slept with a bite of sweet potato at night.

This is not to write a biography, nor to cry. My dad always wants to be responsible, but every time he chooses, he doesn't step on it. I have been working hard in the countryside for ten years, and my family has smashed dozens of acres of land. In fact, they both made a gimmick.

During this period, my brother and I were in elementary school.

I have always been a good student. I think this shameless statement is still gifted and I don't know how to explain it. Just like your sister Wang Sister (our other excellent colleague) can be admitted to Tsinghua University, I should be difficult to get into Tsinghua University. The test is also close to the score line, but my IQ is among the top ten universities, except for Tsinghua University. .

This process, the family will have a lot of expectations for you. People are poor and determined early. I feel that I should be different from an early age. I should liberate my parents’ pressure and realize their dreams.

Therefore, I have always used myself as my brother, although I was the biggest brother. I feel that I must have a look. No matter what you do, you must be worthy of others, you can't eat other people's snacks, you can't take someone else's lucky money, you can't eat at the table first, you can't rush to do something that others like.

Hold on. The experience of the hour will leave people with a mark.

After I went to college, it was very confusing, because I found that what I wanted to achieve, the university could not give it. After graduating from college, many students took civil servants. But I chose not to test. Strive to enter the enterprise, enter the private enterprise, and work hard to find opportunities to start a business.
At this point, I actually feel that I have been trying to choose a different path from others.

At work, others feel that it is almost enough. I feel that the deviation from the standard is far away. In decision-making, others feel that it is still a lot to start, and I feel that I can do it.

Really, I always hope that I can do different things.

For example, when I was in the university, I read the newspapers of the Southern Department. When I said that the central enterprises were not good, how did they invade the resources? I witnessed the style of the managers of the central enterprises and felt that they were not so bad. When others feel that the central enterprises are very stable, the central enterprise headquarters is really difficult to enter, but I also said that Beijing came to Beijing from Shenzhen.

After coming to Beijing, my salary is about 12K. When others are trying to rent a house in Shangdi and Tiantongyuan, I have to rent a house 500 meters away from the company. I lived very badly. Every month, the rent was 1,500,8 square meters. There were five houses sharing a toilet.

But I am very close to the company. I am the first to go to work every day, and I will go home at the latest. After I go home, I can read books at Wudaokou's carving time and Bridge Coffee.

What I want to say is that I am willing to bear the pressures and risks that others can't bear, and I am willing to gamble on my own letter. I don't think that most people's choices are right. I don't think I should be the same as anyone.

I always feel that I have more possibilities.

Just like many entrepreneurs are looking at the amount of financing, I will think, what did they change? When others are saying that cost savings, I will think, where do I spend the cost? Is saving necessarily right? Where is the key?

Living in Wudaokou, I have about 8,000 yuan of change every month, except for 1500 rent and eating. What are the remaining 8,000 dollars? Eat with colleagues, eat with friends you like, buy books, buy tickets for shows, buy tickets for walking.

I lived very well, but the days are not broken.

I think, I have never worried about my livelihood. I am only worried about what I am doing. Is it that others feel very ordinary, very unfeeling or very shit. I only worry that one day, looking back, I will blame myself why I was so fucking.

In fact, after the start of the business, I have already converged a lot. The standards you see now may not even be 50% of my heart.

why? Because I feel that it is more important to unite everyone, so that everyone has a better environment for growth and adaptation, as long as everyone constantly understands my original intentions.

Nowadays, I don't want to do my standard completely, because I am not omnipotent. You have many places where Luo Chongjie is better than me. For example, if you love to think, you have a lot of special angles. There are many people in our company who are better than me. Everyone is a complementary state.

So, I started to try and use a longer time to let everyone accept my standards. If you can't accept it, understand why I have such a standard. I hope that each of us has a higher standard in different angles. After all, the power of one person is too limited.

I hope that many people will grow up together. We can achieve the so-called cause. Of course, in the last six months, the state of the body is not as good as before, and often the energy is not enough. A lot of things have to be done, and it was once forced to die by engineers and UI designers.

I said a lot of things, messed up.

Back to the topic, I think the main reason is what is in your heart, what level of thinking, in other words, self-request.

If you especially want to do something well, you will keep thinking. If you keep thinking about one thing, you will find that it is related to this thing everywhere, you can give it something. Inspired.

So, regardless of design, operation, experience, writing, and others, my standards, first of all, come from me especially especially to do well. I want to do my best. When I see others doing a particularly good job, I think, why do we Can't you yourself?

This kind of strong will from the heart, everyone is different. I am not feeling bad when some people think that they are OK.

In the long run, so-called standards are formed.

Probably like this, thank you for your question, this opportunity is very good. I also hope to get more support and help from you, we can have higher standards together.

He Chuan


About the author: He Chuan, founder of the Institute sit plug.

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