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About the use of domestic mainstream form tools


In recent years, the domestic form market has gradually warmed up, and a number of new form tool products have appeared. Even some transformation products that originally turned micro pages into the form market have appeared. Is the form market the next vent? Since form tools are getting more and more attention, as a white paper that has been used in mainstream domestic online form products, let’s talk about a little personal opinion today, and also hope to provide a reference for you who are also doing marketing and new media operations. .

The main appeal of the use of form tools is to solve the problem of data collection and analysis; the second is to facilitate management, precipitate users, and achieve marketing transformation.

At present, there are three mainstream form products in China, namely Form Master, Gold Data and Mai Ke crm. The focus of these three form products is different. Let's first talk about the overall feelings of these three development trends.

Gold data

The data collection function of gold data has a good experience, and its overall positioning and positioning is also focused on helping data collection and improving work efficiency. However, the current product strategy adjustment has been fully turned to paying users, so the free version of the function has become somewhat sloppy, resulting in free users basically only two choices, either to save money, or to get out. For the small and medium-sized enterprises and individual users, it is quite hurtful. For example, if I have no money, I have to go to other homes. At the same time, the team of gold data has weak cooperation. If it is used for data management within the team, The experience is also very general.

Mai Ke crm

Mike Crm positions himself as a contact (relationship) management tool. Form function is not his core strategy. It emphasizes the core advantages and selling points of contact management. The data collection function provided by the form is also to better serve customer relationship maintenance. The form function is weaker and slightly more complicated. The business is difficult to meet, which can explain its lack of form functions, but the interface experience of the McKrm is still a plus item.

Form master

Form Master is the only form-based product that forms a closed-loop business in these three products. From data collection to management to data analysis, form masters provide solutions, especially at the data management level. Highlights, although his home interface is a little technical man's aesthetic, too straightforward, but fortunately the comprehensive experience is better, the free version can meet most of the scene needs. Now also began to take the multi-product route, and launched the BOSS series of products, such as marketing emails, marketing SMS, voting, lottery, etc. Whether you can stand firm in the market with office tools, you can see the follow-up development.

Second, let's take a look at the analysis of the specific functional modules of these three products.

Gold data

The data collection function of gold data is relatively complete, and the form field components are rich. It can basically satisfy a large amount of information collection at the enterprise level, but the same data report function is poor. The free version users can only filter and view the date and single item data, so-called The report function is actually a statistical display function, and the charge is too expensive, suitable for large-scale enterprise form production.

Mai Ke crm

The McKee form is very easy for newcomers to get started, but it is simpler from the functional level. Although the form is divided into two minimal editing modes, the whole form is still in the data collection stage. If you want to further deepen the data. The analysis cannot be satisfied. At the same time, the free advantage of the product is gradually reduced, and some new form setting functions are instead separated into a single charging item.

Form master

The form master data collection function is more comprehensive, and most of the data collection function free version can be realized. It is worth mentioning that his home report function (free) is the most powerful, and can generate visual charts by using the data custom analysis dimension in the form. It is more convenient if you can support pdf export.

Comparison of enterprise management levels:

Account permissions:

The three products Gold Data Free Edition does not have the right to manage this function, that is, the form does not support multi-person collaborative management. Both Maike and Form Master support multi-person management, but Maike's account type is limited. For example, ordinary members only have basic rights to view and modify the form, and there is no function such as creating a form. The account privilege function of the form master is the most practical. The creator can create form, skin, and report functions for different sub-account settings, and can further set detailed maintenance permissions for specific forms.

Marketing conversion:

Gold data package comparison

Mike opened a text message

Form Master Helps BOSS Products

The three products are no longer limited to a single form product, and they have begun to extend to the business marketing layer. They have launched SMS, email and other services. The gold data is all in the form of package price, all the products are together. The products are sold separately and can be purchased separately. From the point of view of cost performance, the form master is more favorable, the Maike single will open the SMS group sending function to receive a start-up fee, and then the SMS quota has to be recharged separately. The change from free to charge is also unattainable. At the same time, the form master's multi-product route is more convenient for system marketing promotion. Each product account can be used universally, from form production, data collection to marketing group marketing, voting lottery campaign marketing, etc.


As for why there are so many form-based tools on the market, only the three types of gold data, Maike crm and form masters are chosen. They just think that the three products are just different in their respective trends, and they can still represent the overall situation of the current form market. The products are basically no new highlights depending on the gourd painting. In the end, who will laugh at the end, let us wait and see.