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Public test road

The various civil servants started the exam in 2018. This is my eleventh time to take the civil service exam. Many people are very fortunate that the first time they took the civil service exam, they will be successful, and some people will not be able to become a public after they are 35 years old. They have to give up. I don't belong to the latter, but it does not belong to the former.
From November 24, 2013, my first naked test took the test. I was in Tianjin Development Zone or the Customs Office of the Free Trade Zone. I forgot more than 106 points. Later, in January of the 14th year, the Tianjin selection of students, the Jinnan District Commission for Discipline Inspection, 140 strokes, the first place, more than 84 points after the Spring Festival interview, the total score was over the second over 0.079, when crying is sad, Then, because of my bad mood, I gave up the Hebei border defense exam, which led to a three-year encounter with my husband. After adjusting, I packed up my mood and took the city test in Tianjin. The score was forgotten. I didn't go to the interview anyway, because the application was not finished. Later, I didn’t review the test of Hebei Province, and I was happy to enter the interview. I was third in the written test. I felt that I didn’t play well during the interview. I went out to the test room and cried a little, although the final result It also surpassed the first, but the final total score was 0.79, and once again missed the civil servant.
Later, I joined the grassroots and became a college student village official. I thought I could test it quickly, but the reality was very cruel. The 2015 exam, the national exam and the Tianjin exam, all interviewed, but helpless is the last one to enter the interview, it is difficult to counterattack. In 2016, I took the test twice. I didn't go to the interview. The first half of 2016 can be said to be the most mourning period. The civil servants did not enter the interview, and they all did not enter the first place of the interview. People are so bad, the same It was the first half of 2016, and broke up with the ex-boyfriend, but the so-called farewell to the wrong talent and the right meet, how can I meet my husband without leaving him. Then I started the 2017 exam. In this year's national exam, I entered the interview of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, written test 130, interview 85, or did not become a public. Later, the unit's people have always asked me to test Hebei, and have not been a student. I am willing to test the reincarnation, I still tried it. The result is that even the interview did not enter.
These are the 10 exams I took in my three years of graduation and the three years of service.
The eleventh time, the first test of the expiration of the service, everything is a new beginning. The national tax of Bohai New District is for the positions of friends who serve the grassroots. I went to the written test with ease, and I was shocked when I checked the written test results. 125. I saw my name on the next day when I entered the interview list. It is still very calm. During the interview, I listened to the online lesson quietly and simulated it several times. Later, after learning the news of the national tax interview reform, it was a bit broken and self-comforting. Hebei would not change and would not change it. In fact, it was very panic. On the day of the interview, Shijiazhuang went down to the hail. At that time, there was an impulse to go back to the government, but when I thought about my own oil and accommodation expenses, I entered the examination room with a bite. Lottery No. 20, Group 7 B candidates. The form of the structured team is a test of IQ for B candidates, and my IQ is definitely a crush. Sure enough, the order of the disappointing questions was wrong, and the order of comments was wrong. I felt that I was finished, I took the results, and I felt that my grades were not high. My mentality was a bit broken, but it was probably before. Ten failures have tempered my own hiding of this kind of emotion. I still have a very calm look. I checked the same position in the previous year, which is lower than my total score and self-hypnosis. There is still hope. On the second day of the test in Hebei Province, on the 20th, I brushed the official website of the IRS for one day. I didn’t see the medical checklist. The next morning, I brushed it out. I first found the unit and found that my name was written in the Later, when I started crying, I released my first ten failures and the tension of waiting for the medical checklist once.
4 years, the volume I have done, the books I have read can be loaded with multiple boxes. When this time the results are not the best, the goddess of luck finally remembered me, thank you for your efforts, thank you for not giving up, and finally ushered in this. One success.