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[Technology] face in hand, Ctrip waiting for you


Keeping that passion and dedication is a constant source of motivation in your efforts.

- the freshman who struggled with you

After the online application and network testing, I finally went to Ctrip for an interview.

First of all, please remind us that Ctrip's written test is not important, as long as it is not too bad, so you don't have to be too nervous to go to Ctrip for a written test. (Khan.. Xiaobian has a lot of partners around him who are cold and get hot)

Ctrip's interview questions are quickly available.

Follow the small series of questions and quickly write in your heart what you want to answer.

This is a face of all dry goods.

one side:

Mainly self-introduction, then talked about the project and asked some questions about the project.

1. Hashmap underlying implementation principle, load factor, conflict handling, when to expand
2. Critical section
3. Thread implementation method
4. Thread pool implementation principle
5. Java virtual machine partition
6. Heap partition
7. Tomcat configuration file
8.maven injection Conflict, what type of package can be written
9. Single-chain table judgment ring
10. How to count the number of bicycles in Beijing
11. There are no girlfriends
12. Why did you go to a small company for an internship?

Two sides:

The interviewer said that he did not need to introduce himself, and gave six choices, two programming and algorithm questions. Multiple choice questions have mathematical chasing problems, binary tree traversal problems, Huffman tree problems, and which sorting algorithm has the lowest time complexity in the worst case.

Programming problem

1. Number 1 to 100, randomly extract 2 numbers, now give you the order of 98 numbers, and solve the 2 numbers extracted. And give the time complexity and space complexity of the algorithm you design.
2. Give you two large, pure English articles, counting the repeated words in the two articles. After the topic is finished, ask the project experience, spring framework and so on.

Algorithm problem

1. Take steps 1, 2, and 3 steps. How many ways can you go in 100 steps? I used fn=fn-1+fn-2+fn-3 to recursively. He said that dynamic programming can be used to reduce complexity.
2. The difference between dynamic programming and divide-and-conquer is that it has nothing to do with the previous state. 2. The number of n is the largest number. I use the minimum heap to solve the complexity of mlogn
. 3. The continuous sub-array in the positive and negative arrays. The maximum value. I use violence, but I can optimize it.

Other: string and stringbuilder jvm memory model, gc recycling mechanism, hashmap and hashtable difference, design pattern.

Three sides:

1. After introducing yourself, start talking about the most profound projects.
I talked about an Android mobile phone project. The interviewer asked if there was any use for the server, how the server responded to many requests received at the same time, and some problems that I would not consider in programming. Hey, that desperate, why bother me? A freshman, the baby is bitter. . .

2. The multi-threading problem that is widely loved by interviewers .
Very happy Barabara is multi-threaded, the interviewer asked the JVM thread and the operating system's thread. . . (懵)

3. Tell us about the difficulties encountered in doing the project.
I am very happy to talk about the difficulties I encountered in doing machine learning research, how to solve them, and what to gain. The interviewer said, "You wait..." Then, came a machine to learn the big cow and started asking me to learn

The interview took nearly an hour and a half, although it was very difficult, but I still thank the organization for giving me offer~

Yesterday, I pushed the pen test details, please click the link below. Let us grow together.

Programmer Interview Practice 10 | Ctrip 2017 Autumn Recruitment Test

The recruitment of Dachang summer internships has reached the middle and late stages. Most of the students have no offer in their hands, and some of them are suffering in the spare tire pool. However, those small classmates who have already received the offer are not necessarily playing easily, and people may work harder than you. Lucky always cares about the people who are prepared, the little friends, follow the [19 graduating students] to learn the Internet written test interview knowledge, let's cheer together ~ become the big factory offer harvester! (Automatic identification of QR code)