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Female prisoner who makes us excited with voice

I lost my freedom because of armed robbery. When I was at the detention center, my number and the female servant shared a wall. In order to dispel the loneliness, the prisoners managed to "contact" the female prisoners on the wall.

This is the 64th story of the true story plan.


In the New Year's Eve, the sound of firecrackers outside the high wall sounded from early to late. The prisoners in No. 1024 are entertaining themselves and working hard to create a noisy festival atmosphere. Only a festive holiday can accept all sins tolerantly, and the prisoners do not have to endlessly engage in labor in the name of atonement.

At the end of the year, the detention center allowed prisoners to use their own money to shop, but everyone who has a certain way has hidden cash.

On that day, I, Ma, Xiaobao and Zhang Shui played the four-player landlord. Xiaobao’s card was surprisingly good. The landlord won three times, and Ma’s face and Zhang’s shrimp emptied the cash in the cotton coat.

The two of them saw that I didn't lose money. I thought of my close relationship with Xiaobao. I suspected that we were awkward and stood up to prepare for the skin.

Xiaobao is determined to be self-sufficient, put the cash in a good position, and stuff it into the gasket sandwich of the shoes. He smiled and said to Ma Ma and Zhang Shou: "Tomorrow, I will treat you, and Huang Wei will call you one person, "Enn, love, love, brother!"

Huang Wei is the flower of the female squad next door. It is said to be a flower. In fact, no one really saw her. She just listened to her voice across the wall and felt very delicate. Everyone gave her this title.

Next door to us was a warehouse where semi-finished labors were piled up. One day at noon, after a period of clean-up and cleaning, a group of female prisoners recited the Code of Conduct there. At the end of the year, the detention center was overcrowded and had to clear the storehouse. We were lucky. Female prisoners shared a wall.

No. 1024 had a prisoner who sang a rebellious tone. He said that the female probe's big probe was broken. He was disciplined to help change the lights. When he went in, he saw a fat woman licking his buttocks in the toilet pit and writing on the number plate. It is the word Huang Wei.

The prisoners did not believe, and he lied to him. "Your dog day, people are jealous, are you still going to look at the names of people? We have not made a number plate, what is the number plate of the female offender?"

All in all, the image of Huang Wei’s flower has not been shaken in the hearts of the prisoners.

On that day, Xiaobao’s words were just finished. The faces of Ma’s face and Zhang’s shrimp seemed to be hot and hot, and they were swollen and swollen. The black and purple lips slowly opened like a river clam shell, and the raised throat knot rolled up and down. This is the way to go!"

The prisoner’s trust in Huang Wei’s beauty is only a secondary reason for her becoming a flower. The main reason is that her “buying and selling” relationship with the prisoners has been satisfactory...


The next day, the wind and the prawns put the ears on the wall. Others know that there is a "buy and sell" today, and they also brush their ears and I follow suit.

In the yellow winter, the warm sun is like a waterfall, and the sand protruding from the wall rubs our ears. We are looking forward to the same voice, a voice that makes us feel itchy.

Xiaobao stood in the place one meter away from the wall, wrapped a stone with two hundred dollar bills and threw it into the wind field next door.

The head of the wall cracked, and unidentified plants emerged from the gaps all the year round. The female prisoner rushed through us to scream.

"Today's New Year's Day, ask my family Huang Wei to say something? Not too much! Last time you told her to throw the used sanitary napkins, she would not want to do business with you!"

"Old aunt! Today we are not involved in yellow! You let Huang Wei shout: Ma face! My kindness loves my brother! Zhang shrimp! My kindness loves my brother! Just fine!"

Xiaobao talked with her about buying and selling. The prisoner attached to the wall quickly moved up to the wall, and the face and the shrimp could not hide the entire head into the wall.

After waiting for a moment, the wall passed the voice softly and weakly: "Pro-guoguos are good for the New Year! Ma face! Zhang shrimp!"

"Sister! Sister!" Ma face and Zhang shrimp quickly responded, and the two heads slammed into the wall.

"You two mothers and pro-guoguo!"


Xiaobao’s treats made the prisoners collectively take advantage of the excitement and joy that made us excited and itchy.

On that day, we were like a grasshopper that whispered in the wind field. Through the iron net covered by the top of the wind field, we hopped to the wall and spit. The unpredictable shackles hung on the iron net and landed on the unlucky prisoners. On your own head.


In addition to spending money on Huang Wei’s voice, the prisoners sometimes spend money to get her to thunder.

One month after the Spring Festival, only half of the cigarettes in the horn were left. During that time, a prison in the province caused a fire because the prisoner was smoking in the prison. Therefore, the detention center was completely banned, and there were frequent armed police to copy the supervision and collect the remaining cigarettes.

In order to retain the horn of the horn, the squadron took off the reins of all the prisoner's biscuit boxes and tied them with the half of the cigarettes hanging in the wind field of the female corps - the female sergeant could not be The armed police searched.

After a round of large-scale copying, the armed police did not find the remaining smoke of No. 1024, but when the cigarettes hanging in the "neighbors' yard" were collected, only one yarn remained.

Female prisoners swallowed in the prison.

The policewoman patrolling in the corridor smelled the strong smell of smoke and quickly reported it to the leader. Soon, the mighty armed police force raided the female prisoner and found the long cigarette.

After learning the news, the long face was pressed against the wall and the female criminal was negotiating.

"The smoke has been taken out, you can't give me out! You smoke yourself, you thunder yourself!"

"Don't talk to women about what is right and wrong! We don't want to bring it! Or you pay for it, I let Huang Weiding, she just gives money, everything is willing!" The female corps responded strongly.

The next day, the number was thrown in an old sock with 1,000 pieces of cash. The prisoners steal the chickens and do not erode the rice.

1000 yuan is enough for Huang Wei’s voice ten times.

Data Map | Women's Prison Corridor


Huang Wei’s thirst for cigarettes is subject to strict punishment at the first level. The first-level strict management is to be transferred to the strict management number for three months to engage in intensive physical labor, and the performance can be re-adjusted.

Although the female offender’s wind farm shared a wall with the No. 1024, the female prison area and the male prison area are two units. Huang Wei’s number is the first number in the female prison area, and the 1024 is a male. The last one in the prison area, the two units have a metal fence door.

After we learned that Huang Wei was transferred to the exact date of the strict management, I asked the foreign workers who sent the food in the road to help us see how beautiful Huang Wei was at the gate.

Some people say that she has a peach eye and a lying squat; some people say that she has a cherry mouth and a dimple... Everyone's guess is different, but in the end we all agree that Huang Wei's cup must be greater than or equal to D, even though we have no basis.

After the foreign laborer who was in charge of inquiring into the military completed the task, the visiting hole in the 1024th was too breathless. We put together our heads and waited for him to answer. Every time I watched him laugh, our heart would be cool.

"Not a fat man?"

"There is pock on my face!"

"Disabled people?"

"You fucking soon!"

When we couldn’t bear it, the foreign worker laughed enough and was flat. "There is a big slap in the face, and the ugly one is horrible! (Nanjing dialect, ugly to the extreme) but the chest is really big!"

The singer was angry at the moment, and the prisoners ran to the wind field and yelled at the female prisoner. Everyone collectively spit at their wind farm. In order to ensure accuracy, everyone spits carefully. There are people who throw out from the hole and throw it at the other side. The whole windy field is going crazy.

The number ran to the wall and negotiated with the female prisoner, demanding that the money from the previous Huang Wei be retired.

The voice of the female offender has changed. She said: "I am the new chief. You will no longer make trouble. I will report on discipline. The original number went out! The money is divided by her and Huang Wei. If you want money, wait for Huang Wei to end it."


In May, the prelude of Mei Yutian, the rain is always not enough. We stayed in the work, and we couldn’t let the wind go for a long time. When I was sleeping at night, I collectively took the ankle wall and shouted over and over again: Huang Wei! Huang Wei! Old sow! Double eyelids!

We know that Huang Wei has ended the strict management and returned to the number.

The sky was clear, the sun was overlooking, and the weeds of the dry season were experienced in the wind field. In the sturdy and silent wall cracks, it was flustered. No. 1024 ushered in a good thing, because before the end of a batch of manual work, the company gave us one and a half boxes of eight-treasure porridge.

On that day, each of us had a can of porridge, drinking at the wind farm, and shouting at the female prisoner: "Huang Wei! Huang Wei! Old sow! Double eyelids!"

We filled the jar with water and threw it at the female prisoners. Their screams and screams have sparked the excitement of our group.

No more prisoners put their ears in the wall of the wall filled with new grass, there will be no more itchiness in our hearts.

In the evening, the deputy director of the detention center and the disciplinary brought a group of armed police into the squad.

"Which one took the lead to throw the jar?"

"There are too many people, I don't know!"

"Who is the jingle?"

"I don't know which one!"

The deputy director went to the middle of the aisle and screamed to us: "The transformation of your son is a smog! You know, what are the serious consequences of the cans you throw? Now there is a female prisoner in the infirmary of the detention center. She licked your jar and cut his wrist! Fortunately, the tin of the jar is soft, and it has not caused a tragedy. Otherwise, you have to add one sentence to each other! Starting today, your singer, after receiving the seal every day, give me a quiet reflection. half an hour!"

Early the next morning, we couldn’t wait to go to the wind farm to investigate. The number grows to the side of the wall and yells at the female squad: "Which side of your side, which woman is looking for death?"

"What else? Your old sow every day!"

"This is a bad mind. Is it going to die for two sentences? We haven't let her pay us back, ugly, and we are standing still!"

"Which piece of it (where is the Nanjing dialect) is because you can't think of it? She was pitted by the front number! You and her money for the sale, the money for the thunder, she talked with the former number five five Divided into more than 3,000 pieces for her daughter to use, so that when the number went out, it was swallowed!"

"Where is this woman doing something, what case has it come in? Haven’t seen the money, and three thousand dollars are about to die?" asked the chief.

The iron mesh at the top of the wind field is rusted and rusted, and the white clouds in the clear day are layered.

We huddled together and embedded it in the direction of the wall. The long-lost sunshine swayed on the grass leaves that had not dried up, and the story of Huang Wei slid from the cracks in the wall to our ears...


Huang Wei was admitted to the detention center for alleged fraud. She is a Sichuanese. The specific birthplace is really stunned and no one wants to remember.

In 2006, she was 22 years old and worked as a waiter at a tea restaurant in Nanjing Gulou. She met her boyfriend, Yan Xijun, in the chess room. This person is the second-rate of the Gulou District. It is idle and idle, and is lower than the lively ghost.

Yan Xijun quickly let Huang Wei become pregnant, gave birth to a daughter, their economy became extremely tight, and the two decided to go to a fraudulent marriage.

Yan Xijun posted a large number of photos and marriage information of Huang Wei in the post of disabled people. Many disabled singles called for consultation.

Finally, two people finalized a disabled peasant in Qingshui County, Gansu.

This farmer is 40 years old and has become a camel pot because of mandatory spondylitis. Yan Xijun pretending to be Huang Wei’s brother, and asked him 80,000 pieces of bride price, and he had a few tables of banquets, even if he smashed Huang Wei.

Yan Xijun let Huang Wei pretend to spend a month with the camel, and then find a head to quarrel, when he came to pick her back to the "family".

A month later, Huang Wei and the camel pot had a big fight, and they were overturned by the camel pot, but Yan Xijun never appeared again.

Huang Wei escaped twice on her own, but Qingshui County was all over the loess gully, and the thirsty and dry mountains were twisted and twisted, and her labyrinth surrounded her.

The camel pot is stubborn, rough, and has the smell of wilderness dyed in the loess. He tried to tame Huang Wei, using belts, tongs, and hemp ropes...

In the barren mountains, the lessons of the poor people are hidden, and the things of fleeing marriage and deceiving marriage are drilled out in this empty, lonely land.

The bachelor like a camel rook has learned the way to cope with the lessons of others. He used a pot of hot tea to leave an eternal mark of his own on Huang Wei's face.

In his plain consciousness, he feels that a woman who has lost her appearance will certainly be rooted in the barren land.

After 7 months, Huang Wei smashed his spine and ran out like an escape.


After returning to the number, everyone agreed that although Huang Wei was defamed and ruined, but her nature is difficult to move, she not only lied to our money, but also deceived our feelings. This woman is self-sufficient and not worthy of pity.

When Huang Wei came back from the infirmary, we still took the ankle wall while sleeping at night, and the jingle in the mouth was changed to: Huang Wei! Huang Wei! Live ugly! Do more! ......

The void and darkness in the prison, we fill and drive with the name of a woman.

On Children's Day, the weather officially entered Mei. The sultry feeling of wet sticky made many prisoners suffer from skin diseases, and the work was stopped. We can spend the entire rainy season by watching TV and playing cards, which is equivalent to commutation.

The detention center prepared a family education for the convicted. At that time, Huang Wei’s case had been sentenced. Her ex-boyfriend, Yan Xijun, was sentenced to 5 years in prison. She was an accomplice and was sentenced to one year and three months and was sentenced to prison.

In order to appease the emotional fluctuations after her attempted suicide, the female prisoner’s discipline received a 3-year-old daughter from her hometown to participate in family activities.

The detention center recorded the entire event and broadcast it repeatedly on the weekly major class education. To this end, we complained that no one wants to see this kind of numbness.

We sat cross-legged on the planking board, staring at the tabletop on the networking event, which was filled with melons and bread, and we were all drooling.

The lens with poor shooting technique swayed, and an ugly woman with a sly face blocked the lens of the fruit. We screamed at the TV.

Someone put the ointment on the TV screen, and the splashed paste adhered to the screen and spotted.

"Then the fuck will not be Huang Wei?" Someone in the prisoner shouted.

We reacted at once and finally saw the true face of Lushan.

Huang Wei’s left face is stuck with a piece of cinnamon-colored plasticine. Her ugliness exceeds our expectations. We screamed at the TV in a hurry: Huang Wei! Huang Wei! Old sow! Live ugly! ... The dust on the top of the TV set slammed down in the sound waves.

Suddenly, a pair of hands on the screen sent a child into the arms of Huang Wei, and the buzzing sound suddenly calmed down.

The young child, dazzling white, is like a larva of a beetle. Her hair and eyebrows are also blended in white. The whole person looks like a new lychee that peels off the shell, and the sun will evaporate and sallow.

We are still, staying, watching an ugly woman and a sick and disabled child. The warm feeling of compassion penetrated the rock-solid heart of every prisoner...

After watching the educational program, there was no jingle about Huang Wei in the 1024th. The next day, the wind blew, we took out some of the eight-treasure porridge, and used a cloth can, one can and one can hang to the wind field of the female prisoner.

Since then, the "neighborhood" relationship has returned to normal, we shouted to the female neighbors: big hole! Small hole! Mouse hole! All are good holes!

They responded: long stick! Short stick! Stirring the crowbar! It's all wood!

The loud sound is so clear and sunny.

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Author Xia Long, who was jailed for seven years

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