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Apple Watch Series 4: Redemption of watches


Apple Watch was once considered to be the most marginal product in the Apple product line. The reason why I didn't choose it from S0 to S3 is the same. The Series 4 is Apple Watch's iPhone 4. This means that the product line is really mature.

Performance / life

Performance and battery life is a problem that Apple Watch has been criticized for many years. In the era of S0, the performance and life of Watch can't beat most Android Wear (there is no way, everyone is quad-core A7), but with the progress of Apple in recent years, WearOS has been almost stunned (although my moto 360 has received an update to WearOS 2.0, Google seems to be interested in reinvigorating WearOS with various vendors) and has a leap in performance over WearOS products. Of course, this is also because of Qualcomm. Not paying attention to this product, even the official performance of the watch solution is not as good as the small genius S210.

One of the secrets of this generation of Apple Watch's performance leap is the 64bit processor. And Apple's powerful vertical integration capability enables multi-platform compilation at the LLVM bitcode level, allowing both new and old processors to use the same application. And give full play to the new processor performance advantages.

The speed of Bluetooth has also been greatly improved, and the connection between the iPhone supporting BT5.0 can reach 1Mbit/s, and the performance of many applications has improved.

In the actual experience, heavy applications such as maps and Telegram can basically be loaded quickly. However, due to the power consumption strategy, the loading speed of the images is slightly slower.

The battery life has maintained the level of S3 two days, but the overall conditions are more relaxed, in other words, easier to reach. This brings great convenience to friends who go out.


The quality of the screen remains as high as ever, and there is no barrier to operation in the sun. Higher screen ratios can display more content, which brings great convenience to maps and information dials.

1, 2: information dial; 3: view the current location of the subway station exit through the watch

It is worth mentioning that it is very convenient to open the flashlight in the dark and inconvenient to use the hand because it adds the hand to immediately evoke the function of Siri listening. Especially the flashlight and arm of the watch are coaxial, so you don't need to take it like a mobile phone. It is very practical for users who need to walk the night or occasionally enter a closed space without light.


WatchOS 5 introduces the new feature of "Hey, Siri". This feature is considered to be a killer, but obviously requires some tuning:

First of all, this feature depends on the gesture you wake up, that is, raise your arm to the chin. This time, you will pop up Siri's dialog interface. If you are not close enough, then the three seconds before the wakeup is most likely to evoke. Siri's timing, and, you need to be loud enough, although this will be very troublesome for the people on the side. But if you succeed in evoking Siri, it will be as cool as putting skills. From opening a nearby map to turning on the flashlight. However, if you are not very A good trigger gesture, then it is best to say "Hey, Siri", but this is likely to evoke Siri on the iPhone/iPad.

Another improvement is the recognition rate of Siri. I think Siri can do more than the recognition rate of Google Assistant in English. However, Siri's recognition of multi-language is very poor. It may understand Hongkong, Shanghai, Beijing. Such an international metropolis, but the 1.5-line city of Hangzhou is difficult to identify correctly.

In addition, Siri Shortcut works on the Watch and looks slower than the iPhone. This can be said to be a very painful problem. But at least better than nothing, with the right ShortCut, you can achieve some application developers to achieve Quick functions, such as fast group messaging, or some operations that Siri is not easy to accurately implement, such as playing a Japanese name playlist under English Siri. This is true for users of long-term practical desktop systems. Unfamiliar and familiar, on the one hand, the interaction is brand new, but the other function is the same as Automator and Apple Script, plus Bash/PowerShell-based scripting system. Fortunately, Apple has strong vertical integration ability, The three-party application also began to access Shortcut.


Thanks to the accumulation of previous generations of WatchOS, Apple Watch is now the most powerful health platform. The built-in Workout category can meet almost all sports needs, whether your limbs are healthy or moving in the water.

On the hardware, Series 4 brings ECG (unipolar lead electrocardiogram) and higher precision sensors. The former can measure heart rate more accurately and can detect heart disease to a certain extent. The latter can achieve more accurate motion measurement and fall. Detection.

"watch ring"

Apple's sensitive business nerves are also reflected in WatchOS. From WatchOS 1's Send Heart Rate and Sharing Campaign, Exclusive Achievement System, to WatchOS 5's Walkie-Talkie, Apple wants to encourage users to purchase Watches through some of the Watch user's exclusive features. (This is not a small genius phone watch). But this strategy is subject to the lack of Facetime Audio in the mainland, resulting in most users not because the mobile phone is a national bank, or because the LTE of Watch is a national bank and can not be used.

But on the other hand, WeChat's voice chat mechanism is like Walkie-Talkie. For this reason, it seems that most users do not need to be too tangled. But unfortunately, WeChat's Watch client is too slow to load. .

But Android Wear has a killer app support: Zello. Zello is currently the most used and most complete Walkie Talkie platform. The only downside is that Zello's watch app is just a remote mic for mobile apps. But this is already Sufficient, this is really what I asked for him (after all, WatchOS didn't solve the problem of AirPods switching here).

No one used vs some people used

Killer app

After several years of development, WatchOS has developed some killer applications in addition to watching notifications, answering calls, watching the weather, etc. Let me introduce one by one:

  1. map

Apple's China map provider is Gaud. But because Apple Maps' application design is more advanced, I think Maps has a better experience on the phone than Goude's own app. The watch is a mobile phone. Important extension. From looking up the next road, to the vibration of the intersection, WatchOS navigation is very helpful for life (especially under the sun, no one wants to slap the phone from the trousers). As mentioned earlier, confirm the subway station by Watch Export is also a very useful feature.

Night Mount Taiping

2. OmniFocus

One of the most expensive GTD apps. Its watch app launches very fast, I often pass him Mark as Completed or Add New Item (via voice).

3. Camera and Keynote

Needless to say, the camera is used for remote shooting, but have you ever thought that the camera on this watch can be used as an artifact to view dead ends? For example, if the back is posted by a friend, and because of the speed of Bluetooth, The fluency of the camera has also been greatly improved.

Keynote doesn't have much to say, it can make the speech more natural.

4. Payment application

Apple Pay and Alipay are two very important payment applications. And Apple Pay supports the Shanghai bus card, which is more convenient than brushing the phone (that is, the posture is slightly strange).

However, the Alipay function is very limited. First, you can't take the dial shortcut. The second one can only show the barcode and the QR code. It can't scan the code, and it doesn't support the ride code.

And, next door Huawei and Xiaomi have begun to support traffic alliances, Apple is obviously slow in this matter.

The rest is that the LTE value is not worth buying.

First of all, if you are a mobile user, I am very sorry, because the mobile FDD network is basically not covered, I am afraid that in the past two years, I will not provide support for Watch in the mainland. And China Unicom and Telecom have gradually started to promote. But The problem is that WatchOS is very narrow, and the main functions provided by the network are also phone/sms/IM and music/Podcast. I believe that there is not a kind of foreigner in mainland China who runs in the park and home before going to work. A lap of demand. In particular, LTE will pull the battery's battery life to less than 8h. Plus the metaphorical signal strength, it can be considered that there is not much practicality.

Of course, in the future, Watch will also support 5Ghz Wi-Fi networks. At that time, you can consider supporting LTE over Wi-Fi. I think this is the future for Urban Users (such as Shanghai, New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, and Hong Kong). ) Very meaningful implementation. Instead of letting everyone break their heads on LTE.