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User is a collection of needs - Weekly NO.47

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The user is not a person, it is a collection of needs!

In the title, it seems that there is indeed a "heading party", especially the "!" at the end, which adds a bit of exclamation to the author's heart. But after reading the article, you will find that this is indeed the most direct psychological portrayal of the author after chatting with Yu Jun for three hours. The article mainly explains the three new military regulations summarized by Yu Jun:
  1. Product value analysis method: product value = (new experience - old experience) - replacement cost;
  2. User sample size: the user is the demand, the user is a certain kind of demand of the natural person, the user is not a natural person, and will change as the internal and external scene changes;
  3. Skepticism: self-iteration.
In addition to these views themselves, the reflection and search process of the methodological practice that is constantly exposed in the article is also quite touching.

Design words with data

How to design your product copy? Designer John Saito from Dropbox shared their practices with us. You can explore the frequency of search for similar keywords (such as login, login); you can analyze the frequency of occurrence of keywords in the publication; use tools to analyze the readability of the content and other data to understand your own copy style; use online User research tools and offline user research for more targeted testing and more. The only pity is that some of the tools mentioned in the article may have similar products in the Chinese context, but their ideas are worth learning.

Muzli choices in design for 2016

Muzli selected the annual design recommendations for us, including the attention of B design companies, product designers, creative websites, must-read blogs, excellent publishers on Medium, and visual design trends.

Design teams - are you using Figma yet?

It's time for an interface design tool like Amway: it lets you design on the Web, and there is no file concept. You don't need to "send files" when you share the design with the team, and you don't have to worry about the design draft you have left. In the old version; colleague comments can appear in front of your eyes at any time, and correspond to the precise feedback in the design draft; you can modify the reusable components more quickly and easily without repeating the same amount of labor...
Figma The emergence of it does give us some good start, although it does not have the plug-in ecosystem as powerful as Sketch, it will be limited by the limitations of the network (this will become the infrastructure in the future), but after the growth, Figma is worth it. we hope. Another article is also recommended for reading: Components in Figma .
I hope that the two articles recommended this time will let you know about it.

The 2017 IxD Awards Shortlist

We are usually discussing the interaction design of websites or mobile applications, but in fact, the design is not only limited to Internet products, this time we will take a look at the final list of the International Interactive Design Awards. There are not only application designs, but also many non-internet designs that solve practical problems, such as hotel design, drug label design, and more.


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