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Sleeping over the two goddesses, turning over the salted fish, Ryan Reynolds’s life winner


Speaking of Ryan Reynolds, if before 2016, fans and the media may be most concerned about his life rather than his work.

After all, his marriage with Scarlett Johansson and Blake Lively has always caused people's curiosity, and it will be seen in the gossip sections of the major entertainment media.

But after 2016, people's concern is probably the superhero "dead waiter" he plays. The Canadian actor, who has been a vase for more than 20 years and a five-year box office poison, finally turned over with a "yellow-stained" R-rated movie salted fish.

Nowadays, when many media mentioned Ryan Reynolds, they even used "dead servants" instead of his name. Whenever he has a new work released, people will also say that "Dead Servant" has recently played a new film...

The sea feels that the success of "Dead Servant" lies in the fact that Ryan insists on his position and does not compromise Fox to modify the script; on the other hand, it is due to his 20 years of performance accumulation.

Before filming "Dead Servant", Ryan played many comedies such as "King of Relegation", "Just a friend", "Fake Marriage", and also guest appearances in "Teddy Bear".

The rich experience of comedy helped him to create the anti-hero image of "dead servant", who is good at making laughter and breaking the "fourth wall" to make the audience feel the difference.

In the end, "Dead Service" harvested a $760 million global box office at a production cost of $58 million, making it the highest-rated R-rated film in the history of the film.

In fact, Ryan Reynolds is a very wide-ranging actor. Whether it is a comedy, a love film, a science fiction film or a horror film, he can control almost all types.

In addition to the comedy mentioned above, Ryan also starred in a sci-fi suspense film "Nine Degrees Space" in 2007.

In the film, he played three roles: TV star, TV producer, and video game designer. The film is divided into three separate stories, which are connected with each other. Under such a complicated structure, Ryan still performs well. The performance showed the maturity of his acting skills.

Ryan's performance in "Nine Degrees Space" was appreciated by the Spanish director Rodrigo Cortes, and he was invited to shoot the thriller "Alive Buried".

Rodrigo Cortes said: "(Ryan) can play humor, indicating that he has a strong understanding and expressive power, so for him to create a sense of horror and suffocation, it should also It’s not a problem. Be aware that comedy or black movies are some kind of one-man show."

"Live Buried" tells the story of an American businessman who was kidnapped in Iraq and woke up and found himself buried in a desert. There were only cell phones, lighters, flashlights, oil pens and a knife in the suffocation. In the space, he must find a way to escape before the oxygen is exhausted.

This is a film that takes the theme of the Chamber of Secrets to the utmost. The whole scene is in a coffin. Ryan Reynolds is the only actor to appear. This is a big challenge for the actors. Ryan often puts I am locked in a small house to experience the feeling of claustrophobia.

Later, Ryan appeared in the thriller "Blood Solitary", played a schizophrenia patient, and once again contributed a superb acting.

On the surface of this character, humans and animals are harmless, and even dull, but the kindness of the outside hides the crazy heart. He fancied that he could communicate with animals, and he would cut the head of the woman he liked and then talk to the head in the refrigerator.

From buzzing shyness to perverted madness, Ryan achieved a perfect smooth transition of the character, allowing the audience to enter the inner world of mentally ill patients.

Ryan Reynolds is also a very productive actor, with almost two or three works being shown each year, but it is still known as a superhero movie.

"Dead" is not the first superhero movie by Ryan Reynolds. As early as 2004, he starred in the Marvel movie "Blade Warrior 3", playing the vampire hunter Hannibal King. This is also a playful character, and the off-the-shoulder figure makes him a sexy idol.

It is said that when filming "Blade Warrior 3", a producer gave Ryan a comic book of "Dead Servant" and told him that Hannibal King is very similar to the dead waiter. From then on, Ryan is right. The role of the dead waiter has generated interest.

The first time that the dead waiter appeared in the Marvel comics was in the 1990s. Compared with the old heroes such as Batman and Spiderman, the popularity is not high, and the fan base is relatively small. Therefore, although Ryan has repeatedly lobbied the producers, he still cannot get enough budget.

Ron finally got the chance to play this role until the filming of X-Men Prequel: Wolverine in 2009. At that time, the producer said to him: "If you want to play the dead, now is a good time to introduce this character. If you do not want to introduce the dead waiter in this way, then we will play other actors to play him."

Ryan chose not to have much power at the time, so he accepted the version. When shooting "Wolverine", it coincided with the strike of Hollywood screenwriters, and no one even prepared the lines of the dead waiter. So Ryan wrote his own lines. When the first half of the film died in the first half of the film, it was still in line with the comics.

But in the second half of the film, the image of the dead waiter completely deviated from the comics. The dead servant, who is known as "speaking", was sewed on his mouth, and his eccentric blade appeared on his hand. He also had strange tattoos on his body. Ryan later said that the play was not actually played by him, but by a substitute actor.

In the end, fans didn't buy this version of the dead waiter. Ryan also complained to Fox's top executives: "The fans of the dead waiter are more than you think, which can't satisfy them."

Although the dead waiter in "Wolverine" was completely messed up, Fox still had certain expectations for this role. Later, Ryan got the role of DC's Green Lantern, and his popularity increased. Fox found the director Tim Miller and the screenwriter, ready to let Ryan star in a single movie.

However, everyone behind the story is clear, "Green Lantern" completely slammed the street, the box office and word of mouth are a mess. The production cost of the film is more than 200 million US dollars, but the global box office is only more than 100 million, directly turning Ryan from the hottest male star into the box office poison.

Later, Ryan evaluated his "early work" and said: If the perfect score is very, then "Green Lantern" has only one point.

Starting from "Green Lantern", Ryan seems to have fallen into a mold, and the movie he starred in, no matter how big or small, almost all lost money:

The comedy "Two Men's Mistakes" production fee is 52 million US dollars, box office 37 million US dollars;
independent film "Hunger" production fee 3 million US dollars, box office 1 million US dollars;
action film "Underworld Police Department" production fee 130 million US dollars, box office $34 million;
even his dubbed animated film "Speed ​​Snail", the production cost of 135 million US dollars, the box office only received 83 million US dollars.

As for the shooting plan of "The Dead", it was also stopped. After all, Ryan had just performed a superhero, and Fox couldn't take the risk to let Ryan play the second. In addition, when the "Dead Waiter" was set up to go the adult route, the level of PG-13 could not be obtained, which made Fox very big.

At this moment, dramatic things happened. Just as Fox hesitated to change the "Dead" team, and even found a director, screenwriter, and starring alternatives, a less than two minutes of "Dead" test film leaked online, got the fans' crazy praise. And the media said that Fox should take this film well, because its release will have a very big impact.

In the end, Fox changed his decision in front of the public opinion and continued to make Ryan and director Tim Miller make the film.

Many people speculate that it may be the sample that Ryan or the director and the screenwriter leaked. When Ryan Reynolds talked about it on the talk show, he gave a saying about Tai Chi: "The four people include me, the director, The screenwriters all said at the beginning that this thing should be leaked out. Perhaps such an idea was established in our minds, but I still have 70% confidence that I am not going out."

However, although Fox agreed to shoot, the film's funding is still limited. Ryan later said that there were two dead servants in the film who forgot to bring weapons and ammunition bags. It was not because he was forgetful, but they could not afford the guns when they filmed.

The great success of "Dead Servant" made Ryan a shame and exaggeration, and Fox quickly decided to shoot "Death 2" and added several times of investment. However, money is not necessarily a good thing. How to use this money has caused differences in the main creative team.

Director Tim Miller wants to make "Death 2" a super blockbuster, Ryan Reynolds and the writers want to keep the mouth style of the dead waiter, and finally Fox's top standing in Rui On the side of the writer and the screenwriter, Tim Miller was forced to go out.

Ryan Reynolds has been in this role for 11 years, and he knows that "the mouth and the gun" is the biggest highlight and feature of the dead. To a certain extent, the dead waiter has also changed the old-fashioned image of the superhero, but whether the audience will still buy this "anti-hero" in the future depends on the performance of "Death 2".