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Listening to the notes, I listened to "Selling Oil"


Topic: "Selling Oil"

Instructor: Teacher Liu

Teacher Liu’s class is the second lesson, and the words have been processed. However, this lesson is the focus of the half-term exam. Still say my opinion.

Chen Kangsu public good shot, the world is unparalleled, the public also self-proclaimed. Tasting in the family, there is a sale of oil and the release of the burden, and for a long time without going. See the hair of the ten-eighth, but slightly. Kang Su asked: "Is it also known to shoot? I am not too good?" Weng Yi: "Without him, but the hand is well." Kang Su stunned: "Ergan dare to shoot!" : "I know it by my own oil." It is a hoist placed on the ground, with money to cover its mouth, Xu to consider the oil, from the money hole, and the money is not wet. Because: "I don't have him, but I have a hand." Kang Su smiled and sent it.

Let me first talk about the preposition "I" in the first paragraph of "The public also uses this self-deprecation". If you use the language sense to filter the words "because" and "depend on", you can choose to translate "this" into "so". Therefore, the first meaning of this word may be more secure during the exam.

When I wrote here, I suddenly had a little emotion. When the ancients wrote, they probably wouldn’t be entangled here as “because” or “depend on” because there is only “this” in their vocabulary system, although “because” It is quite different from the word "by virtue", but whether it is a reason or a method, they only need one "this" is enough, and a small "I" is divided into I have to admire the minimalist wisdom of the ancients while taking, using, relying on, relying on, using, and so on. While I feel that the teaching of classical Chinese in junior high school is really stupid, many times it is simple and complicated, and it is refined to be redundant.

Then the word "and" in the sentence "Don't go for a long time" is the same as "when the fruit is lost", the word used after the time word should be a modified conjunction. Pronouns at the end of the first paragraph need to pay attention to the objects they refer to.

The last two easy-to-error points are the second paragraph of "Xu Yizheng Liezhi" and "Kang Su laughed and sent", the first pronoun, the previous version of the textbook commented as "oil", the new version of the textbook is deleted This note is probably because the editor realizes that this pronoun may also be a hoist. In the latter sentence, if you don't look at the sentence, it is easy to misunderstand it. In fact, the subject of this sentence is Kang Sugong, the predicate is sent, and laughter is a typical accompanying state. The sentence should be modified.

After finishing the words, let's talk about Teacher Liu's teaching process. Firstly, the online teaching platform was used to test the results of students' pre-learning, emphasizing the words that are easy to be wrong. PPT shows teaching objectives

Perceive and understand the effect of classical Chinese and classical Chinese

Jane Yifeng means that the form is shorter and the meaning is increased. A text, how to compare the length? To this end, Mr. Liu presented the old version of "Selling Oil" in "The Pen". Unlike Ouyang Xiu’s re-creation, the original text is like this.

In the past, Chen Yu was eager to shoot at home. There is a sale of oil and the release of the burden, and shoot more. Chen asked: "I know the shooting? I shot fine?" Weng confronted: "Nothing can, but the hand is well." Chen Yuran said: "Why don't you dare to shoot!" Weng Yi: "Otherwise, with his discretion The oil can be known." Take a gourd, set it on the ground, set a dollar, use the spoon to discretion oil, drain the money into the gourd, the money is not wet. Hey: "There is no such thing, and it is also familiar." Chen Xiao explained it.

The teacher gave six different articles in the two articles here, asking students to compare. This method is very, very good. It suddenly jumps out of the classical Chinese language teaching, pays attention to words and sentences, and understands the literary and artistic understanding. It allows students to deeply understand the content and language expression of the article in the process of deep comparison. I wonder if this is It can be the direction of such adaptation of classical Chinese texts in the future . For example, "Sun Quan Encourage Learning" is actually an adaptation of the works. Can the two articles be put together? Can these four texts not form a topic for group reading?

Here I took advantage of Mr. Liu’s cheapness and practiced in my own classroom according to almost the same teaching link. The only difference is that because there is no time limit for public class, I did not give six sentences, but the original text. On the basis of the above, students are asked to find differences first, and then students are asked to analyze. Here are some of the consensus and differences between the students in my class and Liu.

First of all, the students and I found out the differences between the two articles and labeled them. I asked them why Ouyang Xiu had to change these places. The students talked about “ten in eight”, because “shooting five middles” can count as “multiple”, but “eight nine” gives people a more sense of being more intuitive and specific than “shooting more”. The student's answer here inspired me, although it seems to be different, but the different reasons may be diverse, so I asked the students where the Ouyang Xiu was made to make the expression of the text better. We have several discoveries.

At the beginning of the article, "The World Unparalleled" made a more specific interpretation of Chen Kangsu's good shooting. The word "Xu" in the following text seems to have the same effect as here. It seems that the technique can be superb quickly after the completion of the analysis. However, the analysis of the oil-staining intention here is to show that the ability of self-cultivation makes perfect, then slowly fall down. It is better in terms of difficulty and display effect. In the following text, it is specifically emphasized that "Qian Kong" also played the same effect. When it comes to "hole", it indicates that the oil's approach is narrow, and it also strengthens the technical superiority; the last is a table turning "and". The turning itself has an intensifying effect.

Therefore, we can know that when Ouyang Xiu changed this article, he first added to the ambiguity of some of the expressions to make it more vivid and accurate. What is the difference?

I think Ouyang Xiu did not really see Chen Kangsu and sell oil Weng after all. If the original text in "Pen" can still be used as narrative prose, then Ouyang Xiu's rewriting is more like a novel, and he is in his own re-creation. The two main characters should be portrayed deeper until they can be used to express their own themes.

The first is to replace the original "seeing" with two actions. "Release the burden and stand" means that the oil-selling Weng is not just a casual look, but is attracted by Chen Kangsu’s archery technique, using "睨" to express the oil-selling Look, the verb's precision is higher, the text notes are squinting, this action immediately adds an emotional background to the oil-stained look - he doesn't think Chen Kangsu's archery is powerful - what is he stopping to watch? What?

It’s Chen Kang’s “self-high (self-defeating)”

The original text and the rewriting of Ouyang Xiu are different here. The difference here is "high" and "矜", "high" is a state of mind, and "矜" is a kind of behavior. In the original text, in the face of Chen Kangsu’s questioning of “He dare to lightly shoot”, the oil seller first said “no”, and then he proved to Chen Kangsu that his practice made perfect by his own oil pouring technology. At the end of the article, "Laughter and Dispel", this "release" is worthy of fun - this word is the meaning of letting go, let go, I think the reason for Chen Kangsu’s release is that he realized his archery skills from the essence There is no difference between the technique of oiling and oiling, and the skill that he is proud of is universal, so his self-esteem has lost its foundation. He recognized the expression of selling oil. In the rewriting of Ouyang Xiu, in the face of Chen Kangsu’s questioning, selling oil Weng’s blunt words “I know it with my own oil”, Chen Kang’s questioning, “He” pointing to the reason for the inquiry was also replaced by “An” that expressed the question. The tone of both sides is tougher. Ouyang Xiu has shaped such a state. What the oil sellers have denied is not the level of Chen Kangsu’s archery skills. He denies Chen Kang’s arrogant attitude, which may be what Ouyang Xiu wants to express.