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I have a high prolactin in the pituitary microadenomas, I don't know how to open the subject...


Fans often comment on this question in the comment section. After getting sick, they don't know how to open with the subject.

The main concern is that you will be afraid of your partner and will leave the TA. When I talked to my husband, I would have such fears. Before I decided to tell him, I even secretly called my friend, crying about the unfairness of life, and I don’t understand why it was me. I don’t know how to follow H Jun opens.

At that time, my friend comforted me and said that nothing is a small thing. There are more things in the future marriage that need two people to face together. If he can't accept you only if he is, then he is not true love, you don't want to. Waste each other's time.

The words of a friend can't really comfort me. She just gave a plan for the worst outcome. Just like I can't give a comment to the girl who confessed to her boyfriend and instead broke up directly.

Later, when I met H Jun for 3 months, I told him when I met. He didn’t have much reaction at the time. Later, he went to Baidu to know something. I felt that he still took me as early as I knew about my illness and began to feel that I was lucky. There were not many girls who had love.

I cherish everything I have encountered now. I also want to work hard to have a baby in the future, but I still have to look at the idea of ​​coming to the sky. After all, some people may not be able to conceive their children even if they are not physically ill. I will go to the hospital regularly to report hard and live hard.

I don't want to see you in the comments saying that you are afraid of getting sick and not pregnant, and feel that you are not worthy of being loved.

Whether or not someone loves you, love yourself .

Now let's talk about how to open with the object, you can refer to this idea:

1. Don't mention the condition when you first know it, because you don't know each other, and you can't contact it if you can't get it for two months.

2, it is best to be familiar with (such as knowing more than half a year), to determine the relationship, or before the initial determination of the relationship, talk to the other party in the face-to-face communication. Don't say it is terrible, you can guide the object to know about the search, and even give the object a look at my article.

3, hot love period, suddenly check out the disease, you can feel sad for a while and say that you have encountered a bad thing, let the object imagination, and later you are particularly serious, after a few days, I will tell the object, in fact, I am Because it is very difficult to check out the pituitary tumor, describe the disease with the subject.

4, before getting married, I found myself replaced this disease, or suggest to tell the other party frankly, otherwise in this relationship, you may be too depressed, and finally you are not happy.

5. After your boyfriend knows the illness, don't lose a point on your love. The attitude towards you is the same as before. Congratulations on meeting a good man.

At the same time, it is recommended that your boyfriend should not tell his parents about your illness, because parents are more likely to analyze problems with experience, and if some parents do not agree, your boyfriend will not hesitate to marry you. The situation is very embarrassing.

And most of the women in life are pregnant with pre-pregnancy tests, so you can just tell your boyfriend about the actual situation, but your boyfriend doesn't have to tell his parents. If your boyfriend insists on telling his parents, it may be more dependent on the parents of the original family.

Because I am planning to get married, the days after that are the two of you who have been together, decide when to have children, where to buy a house, and what car to buy is your own business. If parents don't pay for a house, parents will have no decision. Naturally, you don't have to tell your parents about everything you have.

6. After your boyfriend knows that you are ill, it starts to change a bit. I am very worried about whether you can have children in the future. If you mention your illness occasionally, you will be disgusted, and even tell his parents directly. You can basically ignore him.

Because he doesn't plan to be with you, he will move out of the reasons that his parents don't agree, so that you can take the initiative to break up. Such a boy can say that it is not worth entrusting to life, the sooner the better, the better.


When I first got this disease, I felt that I was different from now on and felt that I was a patient. But in fact, don't really look at yourself as a patient, open your heart, look at the cold, you will feel that the world is so beautiful, it doesn't matter if you are cold.

I hope that all of your subjects can understand you, stay with you and welcome the morning sun.

By the way, let's take a look at the fans' appearances:

"I talked to my boyfriend just six months ago. I took the report. It was a prolactinoma. The boyfriend went with me to get a report. He was letting me listen to the doctor seriously. I took the medicine well. I said that I broke up. The man cried very badly, didn't divide it. Now that half a year has passed, I have struggled countless times and told him to break up several times. He is dead and unwilling. We are juniors now. I really appreciate him. There are a lot of choices, but I ended up unfortunately choosing me and not willing to let go.

His parents didn't want us to continue at first. Originally, his mother especially liked to call me videos. After that, she didn't say anything to me for half a year. I am also very depressed. My boyfriend just told me the good side and will not give me the pressure from my family. He also had a few quarrels with his parents. But now her mother told me that they all looked away, it was not a test tube baby, but also a twin tube. Now his family is looking at the house and is ready to buy a married house. I want to say that if your boyfriend can't stand on your side, think for you, worry about your anxiety, then his parents' attitude will not change. If you are injured, it will be your own. Be sure to ask. His attitude, don't let yourself be hurt. You told your boyfriend that it should be, you should face it calmly and have a clear conscience. And I believe that I will be good. Although my value has dropped very slowly, but it has been steadily declining, menstruation has also come in these few months. Take medicines on time, be sure to insist that you can't forget to eat. I’m a bit confused, I hope I don’t mind.

"When I saw you, I thought about the days when I first told my boyfriend. It was as difficult as you. He didn't have the first time to comfort me and told me to face me, but began to shake, I also cried. It’s especially sad to be overwhelmed, but from his point of view, if I think he is sick, what will happen to me? In fact, I will be afraid to hesitate, and he will not be able to take care of himself as a human being. He slowly thought about it. His parents didn't say anything, so now we are still married. Although I still feel angry when I want to come, it is a test of fate. It is really yours that will not go. If you go Then look at it and pursue the happiness that truly belongs to you."