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WeChat Micro's first long-term insurance product: filial piety, redefining life insurance?


The insurance on WeChat has been a bit slow since last year (it is far worse than Alipay ants), but after each product goes online, the price/performance ratio is still quite high.

This is the place in WeChat wallet.

However, as of May 18, the above products are short-term insurance within one year, and there is no long-term insurance on the line.

In fact, I heard that WeChat had to go online for a long-term protection product before the Spring Festival. When I communicated with friends in the industry, I learned that it is a life insurance product. Life insurance products are relatively simple, and the standardization degree is relatively high. Therefore, all disabled.

After chatting with a friend of Guohua after the Spring Festival, I revealed that their company is secretly developing a long-term life insurance with WeChat, which is a great innovation. I realized that it was Guohua.

Waiting for it, delaying it again and again, waiting for a half year, and quietly going online on May 18.

I didn't write it for the first time, because there is no such product in my WeChat wallet (WeChat is open in batches), this time without me. .

Figure: Long look like this

I am looking for a friend to get the terms to share with everyone.

First make a reference comparison of products

The essence of this product is a term life insurance

What is life insurance: Click here to see historical articles. Can be understood as the insurance that can be lost. The money lost is not for yourself, mainly for the family.

Let me talk about the features:

1. WeChat's first long-term guarantee, guaranteed to 60 years old
2, relatively cheap, insured through WeChat wallet, monthly payment, automatic withholding and paying premiums
3. The insured person died before the age of 60, paying insurance premium
4, can be transferred Annuity, the beneficiary can receive money every month until death

Without annuity, the conversion of an annuity can be simply understood as the monthly payment. As a life insurance product, it is compared with the same kind.

These are all consumer-type term life insurance, that is, if the insurance does not expire, the premium will not be refunded.


1 contrast logic

1, because the filial piety is guaranteed to 60 years old, the payment is also 60 years old, easy to compare, we choose 30 years old (contribution 30 years comparison).
2, Ruihe Dingshou can be charged for up to 20 years (reference), other products are selected for 30 years, the amount of insurance is referenced to 500,000.
3, filial piety insurance is to receive money every year, according to the ideal state, according to parents can receive 20 years of calculation. Choose 2 copies, each 50,000, the total amount you can receive is 50,000*2+2000 yuan*12 months*20 years=580,000. (Acceptance is collected year by year, converted into one-time, and roughly calculated as a one-time 500,000. It is about the same as the previous four models of 500,000.)

2 contrast performance

1. For the same kind, the price of filial piety is relatively low. This point is not important. Compared with the guarantee responsibility and the amount of insurance, the annual gap of tens of dollars does not affect much.

Mainly look at the underwriting requirements and disclaimers

2, through the underwriting requirements: Under what circumstances can you buy?

Of course, the more relaxed, the better.

From the perspective of nuclear health protection, filial piety insurance is currently the most relaxed. I think that overall, Ruihe Dingshou and Optimus Prime are relatively loose. Now it seems that filial piety insurance has reduced the underwriting requirement by one. grade.

3, through the disclaimer: see what circumstances can be lost when the risk, what situation can not lose money

From the above table:

In addition to the following two items, the filial piety will compensate for the death caused by other circumstances.

Compared with the same kind, it is currently the simplest one.

4, the responsibility of protection: that is, what to protect (focus: put in the end is to attract attention)

The coverage of life insurance is generally death or total disability , both of which can be paid:

It is not difficult to understand that death is that people are gone;

The general understanding of total disability means severe disability, lifelong care, loss of work ability, etc.;

Among these products. Filial piety is a guarantee for the responsibility of death: Xiao Qinbao only protects his death and does not guarantee his full disability.

This point needs attention.

2 talk about filial piety

I have already reviewed several regular life insurances for everyone, and I talked about Ruihe Dingshou and Tang Yi Bao Ding Shou are very recommended products.

From the perspective of industry insiders and consumers, when I saw this product, I was still quite looking forward to it.

1 product positioning

This filial piety insurance, from the propaganda of Tencent and Guohua, the main thing is the annuity responsibility, which means that if we are a child, then the parents can get a monthly salary. Parents provide "alimony" and receive the death of their parents.

It is equivalent to inheriting the filial piety of children.

Based on the average age of people nowadays, many people say that the money they receive from their parents may not be as high as the amount of insurance they can imagine, how much they can receive, and how long they can live. Of course, we hope that parents can live long and healthy lives.

At the same time, this can also be understood as a trust-like product, because if we are absent as a child, parents can get the full amount of insurance at a time, based on their financial ability and awareness, may not be able to use the money.

Therefore, in addition to the money obtained in the first period, the insurance company will pay the parents to the parents monthly (up to 5,000 yuan per month). Avoiding parents failing to deal with bad claims or being defrauded by others will lead to insecure pensions.

I think this should be the original intention of filial piety. From another point of view, this is a product that has a certain sentiment.

2 based on WeChat change

From another point of view, this and the WeChat joint product, for the first time in the online insurance to launch a monthly payment, should also be used to make small money.

Everyone has a few tens of dollars of change every month in WeChat wallet, which may have been spent in peacetime. How to make this money play a bigger role.

The picture below shows the price of the premium to be paid for each month.

This price is still quite attractive.

The introduction of monthly payment is also a bold attempt by WeChat this time.

Originally, long-term products, the longer the payment time, in fact, the higher the difficulty of renewing premiums, especially Internet products.

If there is a problem with the renewal, it will have an impact on the solvency of the products and insurance companies. Wechat has made great efforts in this product.

However, the renewal should not be overly worried. Under normal circumstances, the insurance company will deduct the premium from the WeChat wallet every month. If the wallet has no money, it will automatically deduct the fee from the bank card bound to WeChat.

If this success, I think, behind WeChat will also launch more innovative and better products based on the characteristics of WeChat.

3 written at the end

In my opinion, this is a very characteristic product, this innovation is very remarkable.

If the death and the total disability are guaranteed, it is even more perfect.

At present, there are still few people on this product WeChat open, you can open the wallet to see if there is wood.

good luck!