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Cheap men's cleansing products recommended


It is not the age of skin care = mother guns. It is difficult to succeed in carrying the girl without the margins and the rough man. Of course, the man should not be able to. Then, in skin care, cleaning is of course the most basic, the highest priority, and the most important part.

Skin care products are not divided between men and women, who is not a personal skin? Only the skin of most boys may be more oily than girls, so it is common to talk about whether they are dry skin, oil skin, sensitive skin, or mixed skin (T zone oil, both sides dry).

Good cleansing standards must be consistent: no stretch and no oil, cleanliness should not be too strong, avoid unnecessary skin irritation. According to this standard, it depends on the skin quality, which is the key point we have to consider. For example, oil skin should be selected to be relatively clean, but not dry and irritating; dry skin should be selected as a relatively moist amino acid product; sensitive skin should not use soap-based or scrub-based facial cleanser.

Below, simple and rough on dry goods

Sun country's uno facial cleanser 35-50R / support

Shiseido's uno men's facial cleanser is Japan's popular king, cost-effective high [contempt R] buy a daddy husband male ticket does not have to feel distressed

The three effects are different, you can choose according to your skin type [吧唧R]

Black: natural charcoal oil control cleanser, suitable for oily skin, super clean ability, can effectively remove blackheads

Blue: Deep Scrub Cleanser with scrub particles and mint ingredients, as well as natural mud wash ingredients to effectively absorb dirt from pores, suitable for summer use

Green: Cleansing and moisturizing cleanser containing hyaluronic acid moisturizing ingredients, mild texture, suitable for use all year round ~ with bactericidal and anti-inflammatory ingredients, balance oil secretion, prevent acne

The same is Dongpu's cpb facial cleanser 350-400R / support

Contains nutrients such as gold silk extract, refreshing and moisturizing,

Conditioning the skin, followed by easy absorption of skin care water, foaming is very much

Another pair of Japanese facial cleanser 60-80R / support

MUJI Gentle Cleanser is really gentle. It can wash out very thick foam when squeezed with soy beans. The most important thing is not to dry, not tight, and the feeling is similar to CPB cleanser.

MUJI Scrub Cleanser I bought a lot of evaluations, because I am a sensitive muscle, I don't dare to use a scrub of cleansing lotion, basically keep it once a month, but after using it, I think it can be used once every two months. The frosted granules are smaller than the facial cleansers I recommended before. It will not irritate the skin when gently rubbed. The cleaning power is also very strong. The horny around the nose is not seen. It is also not dry after washing. It is really tight. Very gentle

In addition to the above three models, Uncle will recommend several cleansing products that are familiar and well-evaluated.

Shiseido | Washing Specialist Condensed Foaming Cleanser 40-50R/

This facial cleanser is a soap-based cleansing surface with strong cleaning power and a dense foam. It is more suitable for oil skin use.

Freeplus| Fu Lifang silk cleansing cream 100R or so

Corresponding to this is a typical amino acid cleansing product, rich in foam, easy to rinse, the most valuable and valuable advantage is very gentle, so it is more suitable for sensitive skin use

Dove | DOVE Cleansing Bubble Mousse 40-50R / Support

Looks great? In fact, it is only 160g. Dove's facial cleanser is divided into three types. The green bottle is more suitable for oil skin, the blue bottle is more suitable for dry skin, and the red one is used for exfoliation.

Of course, it is impossible to solve all the skin problems by washing your face. However, Chairman Mao said that “cleaning the house and then treating the guests”, only the most basic cleaning is done, and the subsequent water and oil balance and cream absorption can become Better~