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Idol World Storm Events (6): The First World War and the Chinese Revolution


After the Thirty Years' War, the two dynasties of Gaohai and Gaochun began to study the feasibility of transatlantic and conquering the Americas, and concentrated the state's finances into the construction of the navy. At the same time, in order to make the regime sustainable, countries have begun to develop immortal technology. Throughout the first half of the 18th century, the technology of the Hechao and Gaohai dynasties has made great breakthroughs. However, with the advancement of technology research and development, hidden contradictions between countries have gradually emerged, and a new storm will sweep the world and give the world a global Bring an unprecedented catastrophe.

On March 17, 1752, the sorghum dynasty prime minister and Chu Jun sorghum Xue Sui Dagong died bizarrely while inspecting the Black Sea Fleet in Crimea. The news spread to Moscow, and the whole country is sad. Sui Naiguo ordered the death, and it was necessary to thoroughly investigate the matter within ten days. On March 24th, the secret police of the Gaochun dynasty arrested a priest suspected of causing the snowy singular death and escorted it to Moscow. After torture in Moscow, the cleric claimed that an organization in Constantinople had instructed him to kill the snow. Sui Naiguo experienced the pain of bereavement, and she was bent on finding the opportunity to annex the high sea dynasty, regain the orthodox status of the empire, and monopolize the world's immortal technology to build a unipolar world centered on her. On April 1, 1752, Sui Naiguo, despite the domestic opposition, tore up the settlement agreement reached in 1647 and declared war on the Gaohai Dynasty. The 4.5 million army departed from Moscow. The soldiers were divided into two roads, all the way to Constantinople and the other to Poland. Since then, the two dynasties of the Roman Empire have gone to complete opposition, and the First World War has begun.

Because Sui Naiguo disregarded the opposition and launched a war, the thousand songs of Constantinople quickly occupied the commanding heights of international public opinion, and the rate of the Citrus Army began to resist. Since the establishment of the Gaohai Dynasty, Thousand Songs relied on the funds of the Xiaoyuan family to repair the damaged city defense since the end of the Tianhai Dynasty. It also invested in building a series of forts, allowing Constantinople to have the most complete urban defense system on the Old World. Sui Naiguo originally planned to use the powerful firepower of the Black Sea Fleet to open the walls of Constantinople and then enter the city to regain the sole dominance of the Roman Empire, but what she did not expect was that she would become Constantine. The target of the fort around the fort was simply unable to break the steel line of Constantinople.

On the other hand, the army of the original Gaochun dynasty prevailed, and in Poland, it occupied the territory of Poland, Bulgaria, and Hungary, approaching Berlin. However, the pears were sitting in Berlin. While calming down the piano, they strategized and blocked the retreat to Russia. They set up ten ambushes on the east bank of the Oder River and closed the dogs. Even the Cossack cavalry led by Nicole could not escape the name of the scorpion. Nicole fled back to Moscow with his own advantages.

Just as the two great dynasties of the Roman Empire were killed in the European continent, the river dynasty changed dramatically. In October 1760, when he was inspecting his hometown of Suining, he was mysteriously missing. This incident alarmed the river to the whole country. The general of the river dynasty, Li Yizhen, did not pass the river to the five major states. (Note: Suzhou, Guangzhou, Youzhou, Liaozhou, and Zhangzhou, of which Zhangzhou was newly established after the Thirty Years’ War, and served as the highest military and military chief in the region. In the case of the consent of the Elector of the Fall foliage Empire, a coup d’état was launched and the throne of the emperor of the river was mounted.

However, Li Yizhen is both a fanatical Catholic and a hardcore advocate of the Gaochun dynasty. She vigorously promoted the conversion of the river to the Catholic Church, and pursued a grand policy toward the Edo dynasty, and continued to provide weapons and equipment for the Gaochun dynasty, supporting the war of the Gaochun dynasty against the Gaohai dynasty. This made the state animal husbandry extremely resentful. Guangzhou Mu Xie Leilei first raised the righteous flag and declared independence in the name of defending the Protestantism. Other states had responded to the independence and separated from the emperor. Li Yizhen was furious and led a central army of 500,000 to carry out encirclement and repaired books to Yan Liang and Sui Naiguo, seeking their support.

At first, Suzhou Miaoyuan Wuyuan had a fierce battle with the Central Army in Kunshan. However, because the Central Army received numerous weapons and equipment from the Gaochun dynasty, the strength was much higher than that of Fei Yuyuan. Finally, the Central Army defeated the Suzhou Pastor. It forced Fei Yuanyuan to abandon Suzhou and retreat to Nanjing in the west, trying to block the attack of the Central Army with the situation of Nanjing.

In June 1761, the army of the four states of Guangzhou, Youzhou, Liaozhou and Zhangzhou arrived in Nanjing, united with the rest of Suzhou Mu, and built fortifications, waiting for the arrival of the Central Army. At the same time, Li Yizhen accelerated the speed of travel, arrived in Jingkou in just one day, and forced Nanjing, but the ambush troops in Jingkou had long waited for the arrival of Li Yizhen, and sent a Central Army soldier to God with a gun. The ambush troops pursued the victory and joined the Nanjing defenders in attacking the Central Army. The Central Army experienced an ambush in Jingkou, and now it has suffered from the encirclement of local troops. Almost all the troops have been annihilated, and Li Yizhen is also facing the danger of being captured.

However, there were unexpected events. In September 1761, Miyawaki Yuliang’s pro-Family Imperial Royal Fleet landed in Xiaguan, Nanjing. The Governor of the Gaochun Dynasty, the Toho, and the Governor of Siberia, Sui Lili crossed the Waixing’an Mountains and crossed the Heilongjiang River. Invading the Northeast, coupled with the emergence of guilt in Liaozhou, Zhang Yunmeng's patriarchal faction launched a coup, Zhang Yunmeng self-proclaimed as Liaozhou animal husbandry, to Li Yizhen called the loyalty. Li Yizhen suddenly rejoiced, and joined forces with the Edo court to launch a counter-attack against the state pastoral army. Although the coalition forces fought for three months, none of them surrendered, but after all, it was because of the invincible invasion and the invasion of the Gaochun dynasty. Was forced to evacuate from Nanjing.

In December 1761, Li Yizhen and the Edo court joined forces to capture Nanjing. Then, under the personal direction of Li Yizhen, they launched a two-month massacre of military and civilians in Nanjing. The Yangtze River was dyed red, and the bones would be completely blocked by the Yangtze River. Broken! According to the "History of the River", which was later officially edited by the Gaohai Dynasty, more than half a million people died in this terrible massacre.

Just as Li Yizhen colluded with foreign enemies, when Huaxia was changed to the sky, the European battlefield was a peak turn. The army of Sui Naiguo has been besieged for several years under the city of Constantinople, but it is unable to break such a complete line of defense. In addition, the army is alone in the Black Sea, the supply of Crimea is limited, and the morale of the soldiers is rapidly declining. The pears reorganized the troops and went all the way east to Russia. Wherever the pears went, the people ate the pot pulp to welcome the king, and some even went to the military camp where the pears were located. They gave gifts to her in person, showing the status of pears and even Sakura’s family in the hearts of the people of Eastern Europe. It is with this in mind that in addition to the resentment of the defenders around Moscow, the pears are in the same situation. In January 1762, the pears captured Moscow, forcing Sui Naiguo to stop siege and summon to thousands of songs. Although thousands of songs immediately rejected Sui Naiguo’s request for peace, but thousands of songs were generous, they still released the ear.

In 1739, after the Thirty Years' War, the last emperor of the Good Morning Empire, Sato Yuki, and the king of the Southern India Kingdom, Qian Lin, passed away. As early as during the reign of the original Li Nai, the Edo court and the two countries had a marriage. The Edo court took the opportunity to use the successors of the Good Morning Empire to unite the two countries and merge the two into the kingdom of Mumbai, making it the eleventh electorate of the Fall Foliage. The emergence of the Mumbai kingdom is not a good thing for the river. Li Yizhen used the army of the Mumbai kingdom to send troops to Tibet and Yunnan, forming a three-sided attack on the state pastoral coalition forces, thus realizing the hope of Huaxia.

After thousands of songs forced Sui to move to the capital and Lin, they finally freed up their hands to deal with Li Yi. In October 1763, thousands of songs were driven by the king and once again set foot on the land of the East. The newly-reported Naimu dynasty emperor Bai Shi Mai immediately responded and concentrated on the Mumbai kingdom. On the other hand, after the Pear Army captured Moscow, it pursued victory and pursued from Eastern Europe all the way to Khorasan. The troops with thousands of songs successfully went to the division and entered the territory of the river from Ili. At the same time, the commander of the Navy, Watanabe, started from Antioch and landed in Guangzhou in April 1764 along the Suez Canal, which was opened in 1720 by the Gaohai Dynasty. Since then, China has become the only battlefield of the First World War. The elites of the Old World have been madly stifling in order to compete for the interests of the whole of China. Even if China is riddled with grief, the people will not live. Huaxia is suffering from the most serious catastrophe since the Wuhu chaos.

Xie Leilei learned that the army of Gaohai and Naimu had already faced Li Yizhen and immediately held a meeting with other state herdsmen in Chenzhou (Chongqing) to discuss counter-attacks. At this time, Li Yizhen and the coalition court of the Edo court went up the river along the Yangtze River. After the capture of Jingjing, they pressed to Zhangzhou. Li Yizhen relied on the "national collapse" designed by Lu Ban's descendants to indiscriminately bombard Chenzhou. The soldiers and civilians in the city have no way to retreat, determined to die, and coexist with Chenzhou. In the case of the tenacious rebellion of the Zhangzhou defenders, Li Yizhen failed to win the Zhangzhou in a short time, and the war entered a phase of stalemate.

In May 1764, the pseudo-Liaozhou animal husbandry Zhang Yunmeng entered the customs and wanted to cooperate with the army of the Gaochun dynasty to invade North China. However, instead of the geisha, Su Shanshan, who lives in Youzhou, is a famous star. She set up ten ambushes before Zhang Yunmeng entered the customs, and lured the enemy deeper. Zhang Yunmeng had just entered the customs and suffered an ambush. Su Shanshan led the elite troops with high sea dynasty equipment and closed the dog at Shanhaiguan to Datunkou. The annihilation of Zhang Yunmeng’s 70,000 people, Zhang Yunmeng himself was captured on the way to the back of the customs, and was executed by Su Shanshan to Shanhaiguan. Subsequently, Su Shanshan launched a counterattack and entered Liaozhou to clear the rest of Zhang Yunmeng. At the same time, the two people of the Qing Dynasty went south through the Mongolian Plateau, intending to cross the Great Wall and cooperate with Li Yizhen's offensive. However, under the struggle of Li Wei's struggle, the Greeks had fierce Cossack cavalry and could not cross the Great Wall.

After a long period of time, in January 1765, Liu Mengya announced that the world’s first longevity drug was officially launched. This was the turning point of the entire World War I. The news spread to Cinderella City (Washington), the capital of the US Imperial City. The emperor's island village was very heart-warming. Under the command of Shibuya and others, Haoyue also decided to join the war and stand on the side of the river and the high sea dynasty. She sent Chi Li, the capital of Chicheng, to the west, and went straight to the shrimps. The Republic of Mexico and the future empire also responded in sync, and also sent some troops to help.

After Li Yizhen and Yan Liang learned that the US Empire had declared war on the Fall Yeah Empire, they were desperately ruined and ordered that the army must capture Chenzhou within three days, otherwise they would all be in danger. At this time, the coalition forces have been fighting for many years, full of war-weary sentiments, and Yan Liang’s dispatching of troops is an impulse measure taken in spite of the opposition of the imperial electors of the empire. It has already caused resentment against the whole empire, and the king of the Namba kingdom was in the future. The memoirs claim that World War I was a devastating war against the Fall Yeah Empire, and that Yan Liang was the digger of the empire.

As early as the Thirty Years' War, the Yeats Empire scholar Neishan Naiyue proposed progressive thoughts such as the rule of the people, the freedom and equality of the people, although this kind of thought was suppressed in the autumn empire under the rule of the Pearl River, but it was widely Dissemination, even when the position was in place, even asked the subjects to seriously study the ideas of Naiyue and vigorously promote the reform of the river. After the improvement of the Naiyue thought by the scholars of the river, the Enlightenment became popular after the Thirty Years' War and even spread to Constantinople. Under the guidance of the Enlightenment, the four kingdoms of Bangkok, Manila, Mumbai and Jakarta broke out against the war and overthrew the revolution of the empire. The Revolutionary Party received support from the various states of the river, overthrowing the rule of the Akiba Empire and establishing a revolutionary regime. Taiwan's Dagong Ma Jialu was an enlightened emperor in the Yew Empire. She saw the situation and responded to the revolution on January 22, 1765. She left the Akiba Empire and went to Guangzhou to announce her return to China. The complete demise of the Akiba empire is not far off.

On March 19, 1765, the transformation took place in Zhangzhou. General Matsuoka spent four hundred soldiers, staring at the night, killing the good-looking ones, and then entering the city of Zhangzhou, carrying the first-level return of Yanliang. Since then, the Akiba Empire has no legal candidates to succeed the Emperor. Milia quickly captured the shrimps, all the way south, and with the fall of the last legal emperor of the Fallacy Empire, the electors sent them to the table and announced their surrender. Miaia thus became the first Japanese governor of the American Empire, favoring the electorate of the original Fallacy Empire. Since then, the autumn leaves of the empire have enjoyed 273 years, accompanied by the fall of the Edo Holy See.

After Yan Liang’s death, Li Yizhen’s panic was triggered. Li Yizhen could only lead the rest and withdraw from Zhangzhou. The state pastoral coalition forces can not be missed, and immediately launched counterattacks and pursued them. With the advantage of the fleet's speed, Li Yizhen quickly escaped the pursuit of the State Animal Husbandry Army and fled back to the new Chang'an.

However, escaping back to the new Changan does not mean absolute safety. An unprecedented revolution, will soon ignite a revolutionary fire in the land of China, no one can stop! Just as Li Yizhen thought he could escape the fate of extinction, the river dynasty, Zeng Yanfen, announced that he supported the action of the state pastoral army against the emperor, and publicized the truth of the disappearance of the year. It was Li Yizhen’s intention to turn the river into a Catholic country. Send someone to kill him, and use this as a niche. When the truth came out, it caused global turmoil. The Gaohai Dynasty first announced that it would no longer recognize the court represented by Li Yizhen as a legitimate representative of the river, calling on the rivers to "report the feuds of the monarchs" and overthrow the tyranny of Li Yizhen, and then, in addition to the dynasty dynasty In addition, the rest of the countries responded. Li Yizhen’s guilty conscience was exposed at this time, and she sent a killer to kill Zeng Yanfen. However, Zeng Yanfen had already entrusted Wang Shu, and sent the truth of his investigation to Xie Leilei. Lei Lei was furious and led other state herdsmen to return to Guangzhou to discuss with the company to overthrow Li Yizhen.

In the court, the storm also followed. In June 1765, Prime Minister Huang Tingting also announced that he had responded to the statement of Constantinople. He became the emperor and became the ancestor of the emperor. He changed the Yuan Yongchu and settled in Nanjing, and opposed the Li Yizhen of the new Changan. In this way, there were two emperors in the river, and there were serious differences within the court. The two factions could not hold each other and even attack each other, causing heavy casualties.

The bigger storm is still behind, and the two people have finally broken the line of defense set by Li Wei and played the Great Wall and approached Taiyuan. Lei Ying’s Wang Ying and Zhang Xinyu sweared to Taiyuan and fought for five months with the Cossack cavalry. They ended up losing strength because of their disparity in strength. After the capture of Taiyuan, the Greek side went south, and the soldiers split into two roads, directly pushing Xi'an and Luoyang. In order to preserve the throne, Li Yizhen publicly took the autumn empire and the heirs of the Edo confession, self-proclaimed the new Changan Pope, and overthrew a series of tax policies in the era of the Sui Dynasty, set up Xiqiao and Sui, to raise more funds to continue this. The war that must be lost. Li Yizhen’s move to reverse the car made the people more dissatisfied with her tyranny. At this time, the area around Suzhou spread the virginity: "Hua Xia Xing, Yan Jing Wang, two open, the crown fell", expressing the people's desire for a new era.

In Guangzhou, after deliberation, all the states and herdsmen agreed that the root of everything lies in the emperor's own system. Li Yizhen is an emperor. He is powerful and powerful, and brings disasters to the whole of China and the world. Therefore, it is necessary to completely abolish the monarchy and promote republicanism. In order to make China rise. So on New Year's Day in 1766, after the selection of the five major states, the geisha of Youzhou was appointed as the president, Guangzhou She Xie Leilei as the vice president, the country changed to the Republic of China, and Beiping was renamed Beijing and settled here. The news was transmitted to Xi'an where thousands of songs were located. Thousand songs immediately declared that the Republic of China was the sole legal representative of the entire Chinese region. The unprecedented Chinese Revolution began.

After the establishment of the Republic, the army was reorganized, education was reformed, and Xixi and Yi, established by Li Yizhen, were abolished. This move was firmly supported by the people, and more and more people were engaged in the revolutionary flood. Li Yizhen was not willing to fail. He intended to use only the remaining 800,000 Central Army to destroy the Revolutionary Army. However, what made her unbelievable was that the Central Army could not stand the tyranny of the emperor, and broke out of the uprising, and the guns were aimed at the palace of the new Chang'an in the same way as the revolutionary army. The people of the new Chang'an were also suffering from tyranny for a long time. In February 1766, the banner was lifted and the revolution broke out. The people first seized the Hongkou prison where political prisoners were detained, and released a large number of progressive people who were imprisoned for opposing tyranny. Then they surrounded the palace. At the same time, they led the fleet to block the Yangtze River estuary and cut off the retreat of Li Yizhen. However, the great masters came out to suppress It killed a lot of people, but the people did not retreat. At the same time, Huang Tingting led the army to the new Chang'an from the west, and responded to the attack of the revolutionary army.

On March 1, 1766, after the Central Army uprising around the new Chang'an, the Revolutionary Army entered the Promise Palace where Li Yizhen was located with the people and was captured by Li Yizhen who was preparing to flee from the sea. Then Duan Yizhen first unplugged the dragon flag of the river and inserted the red flag of the Republic. A new era came on the land of China.

At the same time, the two people from the east of Xi'an, took the initiative to attack, defeated the West Road Army led by Xi in Xinfeng Town. Xi was forced to flee to Luoyang, wanting to unite with the paint, breaking through the defense line of Luoyang. However, Chen Nanyu, who is guarding Heluo, has been waiting for the two in Hakodate. The Hakodate has closed thousands of arrows, and the two of them can only resist each other. The Cossack cavalry is brave and anomalous. It actually broke through the gate of Hakkuk. The army was killed and wounded, and the body could block the entire Yellow River. Nan Nan is helpless and can only be singled out. The two sides are coming and going, very fierce, the battle has been going from late to late at night, no one can beat anyone. What I did not expect from the painting is that the thousand pears not only caught up, but also captured the seeds of Sui Naiguo! It turned out that Mongolia had already been captured by the Black House sisters. Sui Naiguo fought the enemy with the only force and fought bravely, but after all, she could not escape the captivity. Sui Naiguo regretted that she had allowed her desire to overwhelm her reason and rashly started the battlefield before she landed in such a field. She desperately persuaded him to lay down his arms and end the world war. Although he was very unwilling, but thought of the situation of Sui Naiguo, he could only lay down his arms, took a prisoner car, and was taken to Constantinople with Sui Naiguo.

In the new Chang'an, Li Yizhen was tied up by Wuhua, and the angry revolutionary masses vented their accumulated anger and threw eggs and lettuce to her to express their incompetence to the tyrant. As the president of the Republic of China, Geisha read Li Yizhen’s charges:

1. 弑君篡 position, actually a thief

2. Don’t listen to the good and swear, and stick to it.

3. The army is arrogant and destroys production.

4. Colluding foreign enemies and destroying China

5. Forcing heavy taxes and exploiting people

After the crime was read, the angry people put Li Yizhen on the guillotine. On behalf of the entire Chinese people, Geisha announced the death penalty of Li Yizhen. The executioner cut the rope, the sharp sickle descended from the sky, and ruthlessly separated the head of a generation of emperors from her body. Her crown, which symbolizes the peak of power in the old days of China, also landed with her head permanently, which means The old era was completely cut off, and the era of freedom and equality has already opened a new curtain on the land of China!

Beginning in April 1766, the victorious countries held a meeting in Guangzhou to discuss the handling of the Gaochun dynasty and the homeland of the Autumn Leaves Empire after the war. Geisha and Mai clothing gnawed their teeth on the sorghum dynasty, and strongly demanded that the main losers be listed as war criminals and immediately executed. The New World countries have different opinions on the handling of the Gaochun dynasty and advocated the placement of them in different places. All countries have their own opinions for their own interests, and even there have been fights and fights at the venue. Thousands of songs once again demonstrated their own unique political wisdom, and advocated the establishment of a special court to judge the main people of the Gaochun dynasty and the Akiba empire, and set a sphere of influence for the future world pattern. All countries support the proposal that thousands of songs propose to the future world structure, so that the meeting is free from the risk of rupture.

In September 1766, the victorious country of the First World War signed the "Guangzhou Treaty", ending the 14th World War, and the countries thoroughly divided the legacy of the Autumn Leaves Empire and the Gaochun Dynasty. It is bounded by the Yenisei River, west is the only orthodox high sea dynasty that has become the Roman Empire, east is the most powerful Gome Empire of the New World; the original Mumbai kingdom is merged into the Namu dynasty; Bangkok, Manila, Jakarta and Into the Republic of China; the Japanese islands merged into the US Empire.

In December 1766, Sui Naiguo and others were tried in Constantinople. In the face of the special judge of the special court, it was actually the pear that survived the sin of the Sakura family in the 120 years ago. Sui Nai’s heart was full of emotion and mixed feelings. She regretted that she was so eager to smother her heart, pushing the pear to her opposite side, and adding her own dominance to immortality, so that now it is so defeated, but everything is late. There are a lot of spikes on the pears that wage war and destroy the evidence of peace. Sui Naiguo, the once incomparable emperor, can only hang his head and wait for the final judgment of fate. She clearly understands that the era dedicated to them is gone forever.

After three months of trial, the special court sentenced Sui Naiguo and others to death and immediately executed. However, this kind of judgment is actually just a trick of thousands of songs to block the mouths of the two hardliners of geisha and linen. The thousand songs are actually intended to place them in Rhode Island and let them be wars here. Atonement. After the priests put them down, they went to the pier on the side of the Golden Horn in Constantinople. The commander of the Roman Eastern Fleet, South Africa, had been waiting for a long time and sent them to Rhode Island. Before leaving, thousands of songs told Sui Naiguo that the geisha and Mai Yi wanted to put them to death. On Rhode Island, there were gold and silver treasures from the various places of the Tianhai Dynasty. The reserves were enough for them to spend the rest of their lives on the island. Sui Naiguo and others initially suspected the intention of the thousand songs, but later they also understood the actions of thousands of songs. They believed that thousands of songs really gave them a chance to redeem their sins. They decided to accept the arrangement of thousands of songs and went to Rhode Island under the escort of Guonan. . Once brilliant, they stood out from the crowd and laid down the shelves of the emperors. They opened up wasteland on Rhode Island, exchanged these gold and silver jewels for money and food, and supported the millions of poor people in the empire to get rid of poverty. It was because of their efforts that until 1780, after their successive deaths, they left the empire with rich islands and endless spiritual wealth. The nine-color miracle headed by Sui Naiguo is still rumored in every corner of the Roman Empire and even the world, becoming a legend of the generation. Even many people think that they have already dedicated their lives on the gallows of 1767.

The smoke dissipated and the crown landed. The classical dictatorship was arrogant and the old era was gone, and the era of confrontation between the Roman Empire and the American Empire began. With the comprehensive promotion of immortal technology and the widespread spread of enlightenment, Qiange has begun to realize that the old system and old technology have begun to lag behind the times, and reform is the only way to make Rome alive. After the chaos, a big era of change will sweep the world, no one can be alone. The civilization that adheres to the ancestral system will be completely destroyed under the light of freedom, democracy, and science, and there will never be a day of turning over!