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Renovated with siding, it is so beautiful


First of all, to figure out the concept, what is the siding, what used to be called the wall skirt, now used in the decoration, instead of tiles and wallpaper, the effect is very luxurious, mostly in wood, and a small amount of PVC material is relatively cheap. Generally, solid wood siding is a fixed product, which is expensive, and the square is about one thousand. Depending on the wood, the price varies.

The focus of the siding is on construction, and the southern area needs to be treated with moisture. The details are a big factor in determining the effectiveness of the siding.

◆ American retro bedroom, using solid wood siding, separate upper and lower models, clearly defined

◆TV background wall solid wood wall panel European style

◆The sauna board can be used not only as a ceiling, but also as a siding, which is relatively inexpensive.

◆The tool decoration is generally used PVC siding, the price is cheaper, the construction is simple

◆ Generally, such flat unshaped wainscots are made of paint-free panels or various ecological panels, and the price is relatively low.

◆ It looks like it’s tall, it’s actually made of paint-free board.

◆The true face of Chinese fir-free paint

◆PVC siding can also make a variety of wood grain effect

◆ European style home improvement with line shape is almost all solid wood siding, expensive, quality and effect is absolutely first-class

◆Ordinary stair siding can be made of paint-free or various wood-plastic panels instead of

◆The green wood that is usually used for balcony ceilings can also be used as a siding. The effect is also ok.

◆ European siding can also use the paint-free board if the cost is considered, plus the line effect is also possible, but there is no luxury of solid wood.

◆Multilayer board paint siding shape, inlaid car side mirror

◆Simple and stylish siding shape, you can use solid wood board, you can also use cheap paint-free board or veneer

◆ Bedroom background siding, can be used solid wood, or other materials

◆ sofa background wall panel

◆ Solid wood color system wall panel use