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The first season of the "Running Brothers" season is worthy of praise!


The first season of "Running Brothers" was officially launched on the evening of April 13th. The bench was watched online today! After reading the first issue of the new season, "Running Brothers", the bench thinks! This issue of "Running Brothers" is worth watching, it is worthy of everyone's praise!

What is the most impressive sentence on the bench?

When Deng Chao was preparing to take the stage in English, facing the encouragement of Zu Lan and Lu Han, he said something like this: "You encourage me, I will use my life to return." This is not a casual flattery, nor a half-joking speech. But in the case of such tension at the time, a heartfelt gratitude.

Why is this man running worth watching?

First, let's take a look at the prelude or advertising before the show begins!

When two children argued who tried to defeat the hero of the monster, Deng Chao, Li Chen and other members appeared! When Deng Chao said that "it is impossible to defeat a monster by one person", it has already set a positive energy direction for this season.

And the slogan immediately! "Companionship is the best super power; being a superhero around you" is a pun. deep meaning.

Second, the interview of the first round of PK

We can see from the show that the stars are the same. When encountering an unknown interview, especially when there is no confidence in the heart, they are also nervous and restless. Just like in life, we have encountered each Like what we think we can't face, we will be afraid, we will be restless, we will think about it..., will we give up? No, life has to continue, the show has to continue, they have no choice.

Deng Chao, a person who is not good at English, but the first person to go to an English interview, can see how the mood is, but after entering? With a variety of "questions", give full play to your vocabulary, skills... to cope with this interview

In the interview, there are often many unexpected situations. Just like the links we designed today, it is to test everyone's reaction. In the process of interviewing and interacting with people, we often encounter some embarrassing situations. Occasionally, how to resolve this kind of embarrassment can actually test a person's ability to adapt, reflect his wisdom, and also want to express to the audience and friends, the important nodes of life, when interviewing, can play naturally.

Then, the final challenge – the memorable English speech at the Vienna City Hall!

United Nations Sustainable Youth Initiative Forum!

I believe that many people, including the bench themselves, speaking in Chinese, or communicating with strangers in Chinese, can't express their meaning very well, and they, like a group of people who don't know English or know very little English, Come to an English speech! How difficult is this a challenge! And it is this process that is the same as what we have encountered in our lives! No rehearsal!

"It's so hard."

"My palm has been sweating"

"I feel really going to take the exam.."

"This is to force Liangshan."

"Can't read, words don't know"


In the face of all kinds of difficulties, except for Zu Lan, Zheng Kai, and Angelababy, the other four members almost collapsed. Especially for Deng Chao, Li Chen, and Chen He, the difficulty is simply unimaginable...

This situation is not the arrangement of the program group, but the real situation. In the face of such pressure, they do not know how many times they collapsed!

But in this case, what is the result?

Zheng Kai

Chen He

Li Chen


Deng Chao

Wong Cho-lam


They used actual actions to overcome their fears.

"Running Brothers" does not know how to do the rest of the new season, but this first period, the bench thinks that everyone is worth watching, but also worthy of praise.