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Exclusive Secret: A little-known story behind "Mounts of the Mountain City"

"Bang Bang

to yo ...

come yo

to slightly ......"

A simple lyrics, written to make the mountain the old days, how many young and full of memories, singing deep homesickness long. The "Mountain City Great Rod Army" is indeed a Chongqing local and even Sichuan and Chongqing have to say, accompanying us "hahaha" through the pure years of Chongqing dialect drama.

– That was 20 years ago, Chongqing’s unique “stick” came into the screen – in

1995, the “Mountain City Barracks” crew held a launching ceremony. The old and familiar Chongqing in the 1990s brought an inexplicable intimacy. Once started, it caught the attention of the people of Shancheng.

The tunic suit and red sweatshirt of the year were all told about the simplicity and hard work of the working people in Chongqing at that time. Due to the fact that Chongqing was not directly under the jurisdiction of the "Mountain City Barracks Army", some careful people even found that the car cards on the street still hang "Chuan B".

In 1995, the launching ceremony of "Mountain City Lollipops"

- into the play or into life -

when it comes to a drama, it is inseparable from its director and screenwriter.

Wang Yihong, the screenwriter of "Shancheng Lollipop", used to be an educated youth in the countryside. During the two years of educated youth, Wang Yihong and the peasants slept together and felt the same sorrow. With the life prototype of the creation, Wang Yihong resolutely "received", and soon with the director of the show, Shu Yide, rented a room at the party school guest house, and started the script creation of "Mountain City Barracks Army" day and night.

When interviewing the director, director Shu Yide said that he went to the battle flag troupe to play the role of the actor, in fact, Chen Lijuan also liked this role after reading the script, the ideas and choices of the two sides coincide.

In the filming of "Mountain City Lollipop", the director gave a lecture for everyone

in the filming process of "Mountain City Lollipop". Because the elements of the script are full of laughter, and at the same time, Zhao Liang, Pang Zuyun and other stellar stars are sitting in the town. The laughter is constant.

The crew also went deep into the mining area to really understand the working conditions and real thoughts of the laborers, and to show the shape and life of the great army as much as possible, and restore the original appearance of the people of Chongqing.

– The whisper of the whisper, from the moment of the accident –

“The high threshold of the heavens, the dream of a great hang, the
long 18th ladder, leaving a great song to
climb the road at the foot of the ridge, a

A great song for life, a theme song represents the essence of a drama, reflecting the soul of this TV series. This song should be regarded as another symbol of "Mounts of the Mountain City". It sang the bitterness of the great army, sang the heroic spirit of the great army, and sang into the hearts of every Chongqing people. But what is not known is that it appears to come from an accident.

According to Li Xiangbin, the creator of the theme song of "Shancheng Lollipop", he used to engage in national instrumental music in the army propaganda team. When he was creating, he visited many streets and met a lot of great things. Until the end of his creation, he still felt lacking. What?

One day, he sat in his study on the seventh floor (Shapingba) and was thinking about the lyrics in detail. Suddenly, a teacher on the opposite side stood up at the window and shouted to him "loud~", and suddenly opened his mind and made a word that Chongqing people are familiar with:

"Awesome, come here . " ...
Come here, come..."

"Chengcheng Bang Bangjun" theme song creator Li Xiangbin (left one) and Luo Xinghan (second right), Cai Mei children (right one)

- we know that we were in the "stick Behind the scenes of the

" Army" - "Shancheng Bang Bangjun" behind-the-scenes dubbing

- the widely circulated classic was born that day -

on October 29, 1996, "Mountain City Bang Bangjun" was premiered in Chongqing. This first large-scale TV series, which was completed in Chongqing by several years, came to an end. From a unique perspective, it describes the living conditions of a group of ordinary great people in Shancheng, and creates the image of the Bayu people with distinctive personality and characteristics of the times.

On October 29, 1996,

there was no luxury scene and profound events in the premiere drama of "Mountain City Lollipop" , but it really reflected the surging and change of ordinary people, giving us a ignorant childhood. Brought countless joys and touches

Twenty years ago, the "Mountain City Lollipop", which was spread all over the country, left us with the most realistic images of the old city, so that more people can understand the straightforwardness and success of Chongqing people.

I thought that in the past, "Mountain City Bars and Rods" was very popular. When it was broadcast, it was very crowded. I still remember when I was a child, I immediately ate my grandfather and grandmother on the sofa and waited for the play of "Mountain City Lollipop". I was often teased and giggled.

Post-production of "Mountain City Lollipop"

- The broadcast was postponed, originally for the big day of Chongqing -

many people know Chongqing, starting from "Mountain City Lollipop". It was produced in 1996, but it was officially aired in the second year. Why did the "Mountain City Lollipop" wait until the second year to arrange the broadcast? It turned out that Chongqing in 1997 just happened to usher in a big event, that is, Chongqing is directly under the jurisdiction.

The drama "Mountain City Barracks Army" is a simple and vivid reflection of the life of the working people in Chongqing at that time. In this drama, we can see the old Chongqing.

– Ten times without repeating the street –

In the filming process of “Mountain City Lollipops”, I think everyone who is most impressed should be “Fat Girl” Liu Jun... Liu Jun is the most actor in NG. . A "street-street" play was taken ten times. Every time, I went to "骂" seriously, and I was able to change the lines constantly and without repeating, and even the nearby people were convinced. Since then, the fat girl has established a prestige, no one dares to provoke her...

"Fat sister" Liu Jun in "Mountain City Great League"

- his name is Zhao Liang? I only know that he is a "hairy" –

and the Chongqing native actor who brought us countless joys and memories in the drama is rarely on the screen now! "They are all old? Where are they..." Mao Zi should be the most impressed figure of the people of Chongqing.

Zhao Liang, the "Mu Zi"

in the filming of "Mountain City Lollipop" , Zhao Liang should be regarded as a very dedicated one in the process of shooting. Although he plays a small hair, he likes to be a small person in the city. He loves to take advantage of the small, cheap, bragging, and plays tricks that everyone can see through. He will be a stupid personality, but also like to play a little smart "sticky" image interpretation into the wood three points, and even as soon as the Chongqing people see Zhao Liang's face, the first reaction must be "cow beans are hairy The extent of it.

- hearts irreplaceable "old Mei Hum" -

there is a have to say is that wearing a green jacket, red T-shirt, a club in their hands plum old Hom ......

"mountain Bang Bang Army" In the filming of "Mei Laokan" Pang Zuyun

Mei Laokan has transformed the image of this special working people in Chongqing into the hearts of tens of millions of Chongqing people. Since then, no role can replace Mei Laokan's position in the hearts of Chongqing people.

On October 6, 2008, Pang Zuyun had a sudden onset of cerebral infarction. He died at the Daping Hospital after being rescued. He died at the age of 67. At his funeral, in addition to a lot of fans to see him off, and even a great brother would rather stop the day to come to send him the final journey.

In the "Mountain City Lollipop", the Chongqing's characteristic figures "Big Bang" are

bulls, Meng Xiaoyu, Zhao Jialing, Jiang Mania... All of them are deeply in our memory. What kind of personality is Chongqing people? It is difficult to understand in one sentence. But Mei Laokan and Mao Zi on TV, like the friends we know, vividly interpret the characteristics of the people of Shancheng—straight, hardworking, tolerant, and humorous.

– The real “sticky” settlements of the 1990s –

Most of the sights of the “Mountains and Great Bangs” are in Yuzhong District and Shapingba. In order to truly reflect the status quo of life during the reform and opening up period in Chongqing, and in order to show the awesome real settlement, the crew arranged the first shooting scene in the Liangjiang Hub, the largest water and land terminal in Chongqing, Chaotianmen.

In 1995,

the scene of the "Mountain City Lollipop" in the shooting of Chaotianmen must have let the director take a lot of headaches. Today, 20 years later, there are still many foreign tourists who go to Chaotianmen Wharf specifically, just to find the reality of the great army...

"Awesome ~~~~ Come!!" The sentence will be known as the "Mountain City Lollipop" opened. It is still loved by many people until now, and it is also a portrayal of the industriousness of Chongqing people. So far, we still remember the

industrious and honest "Chongqing Lollipop" in the names " Meicheng Lollipop" of Mei Laokan and Maozi .

"Shancheng Bangbangjun" is a classic of Chongqing local drama, real and funny. At the same time, it is more representative of a play in the mountain city. "Pilkadan, the ticket is squeezed out", "the male rises, the rise", these lines are filled in the memory of our childhood. At this moment, the play can not help but miss the old has passed away Mei Hom, also could not help feeling:

when | between | have | to | which | children | the

━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ━━━━
"Mountain City Lollipop"
has been getting farther and farther away from us over time.
What can't be avoided is that
it has
left a lot of history in the history of this mountain city.
We will remember
Chongqing City, there has been such a drama
"Mountain City Bang Bangjun"
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: Micro Signal “Shancheng Shadow Lane (SCVIEW)”