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Brown sugar menstruation test (48): 19-year-old college students more than 60 days of menstruation, after 10 days of conditioning


Hello everyone, I am just like a silly X, who spends a full year running thousands of kilometers to find a small old Liu who has no added pure sugar cane juice. Now it will take another year to test the conditioning effect of really good brown sugar on all kinds of big aunts.

Today, I will continue to share with you the feedback from the friends who participated in our “True Brown Sugar Tune Experiment” activities with a really good brown sugar to adjust the “big aunt” one month later.

This feedback effect is our April 28th article "Brown Sugar Tune Experiment (22): 19-year-old college student "big aunt" is very capricious, extremely irregular", the friend is 19 years old, surnamed Wang, at school College students, from Jinan, Shandong.

The main problem of her "big aunt" is that the cycle is extremely capricious and irregular. Sometimes it doesn't come for a long time, sometimes it doesn't take long.

After this month of conditioning, her "big aunt" problem has not improved, Xiaobian please take a look at our return visit.

First, I only know that she has not stopped after menstruation in March. She started drinking Xiaohe’s original Yuanbao ingot on April 27th. On May 6th, 10 days later, her aunt finally stopped.

Today, when Xiaobian and the friend agreed to return to the effect one month later, Xiaobian and the Wang students got in touch to understand the effect of using this brown sugar to regulate the "big aunt" this month.

Figure 1: This is a small classmate who returned to visit this afternoon.

She first responded to the aunt's color better than before. It turned out to be brown.

Figure 2: Screenshot of Wang’s feedback conditioning effect.

Then she said: "I haven't been dirty for nearly 3 months before, and then insisted on drinking brown sugar to stop bleeding after a week or two." Xiaobian checked the dialogue with her on the 28th of last month and determined that she started drinking Xiaohe’s original Yuanbao ingot on April 27th.

Figure 3: Listening to her, she has been shocked by the "big aunt" Xiaobian for nearly 3 months.

After listening to her saying that "big aunt" came nearly three months later, Xiaobian was shocked and asked her when her "big aunt" had been unclean. She said that in March, she quickly asked about the end of May, and she checked it out, it was May 6.

She said that for nearly three months, it should be from March to May, and Xiaobian roughly calculated it, it should be about 60 days. Then she calculated that she started to drink brown sugar from April 27th, and on May 6th, she said that after a week or two of drinking, she stopped bleeding (menopause) and it was exactly 10 days.

That is to say, she had never stopped the "big aunt" since March, and 10 days after she started drinking Honghe Prefecture's original Yuanbao brown sugar, "big aunt" stopped.

Figure 4: Xiaobian gives the possible reasons for the “big aunt”.

Xiao Bian gives the reasons for the long-term non-stop of "big aunt", some are organic, some are caused by endocrine disorders, and some are due to menopause.

She has done tests before, excluding the organic nature, this age and menopause does not matter, it should be endocrine disorders, she also affirmed this.

Second, she used brown sugar for a month.

Figure 5: Xiaobian details the process of her conditioning with brown sugar.

On April 28th, Xiaobian learned about her "big aunt" situation and suggested to her a conditioning plan: "Two red rivers in the original red square sugar, or a piece of original ingot brown sugar, brewed with boiling water, brewed, brewed About 300 ml", she bought the red sugar of the Red River State, which was recommended by Xiaobian and spent three years to find the handmade brown sugar in the pure sugar cane juice, which is half of the small square and the ingot.

When returning to visit, we generally understand their conditioning methods, and whether they are conditioning according to the small series of conditioning recommendations.

Figure 6: Xiaobian recommended to her a recipe that uses the May Ai and brown sugar to cook together and take care of the “aunt”.

Some time ago, Xiaobian saw a teacher from Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, May Ai and brown sugar, together with the brown sugar, to adjust the prescription of menstruation, and it was effective for dysmenorrhea and menstruation. Xiaobian also recommended it to her. Try it.

Figure 7: Wang introduced her brown sugar conditioning process, including usage and dosage.

She wakes up every morning and brews a piece of Red River ingot with black water to drink, and then brush her teeth, so that it will not affect the health of the teeth. I have been insisting since April 27.

Each piece of ingot brown sugar is about 25 grams, in a safe range.

Third, Wang students with the real no added pure sugar cane juice manual brown sugar good brown sugar conditioning "big aunt" problem achieved: stopped the continuation of more than 60 days of non-stop "big aunt", aunt's blood color changed from brown to comparison Positive red, palace cold improved, low back pain is much better than the original

In addition to stopping the "big aunt" that lasted for more than 60 days, Wang’s feedback has other effects.

Figure 8: Wang Gong's palace cold, aunt's blood color, low back pain, etc. improved.

These effects include palace cold, aunt's blood color, and low back pain.

Figure 9: Wang students feedback that the station was very tired for a day, and recently it was better.

Xiao Bian hopes that she will continue to adjust for a period of time, then observe for a while to see, and agree with her to return to visit at the end of next month. And recorded the situation of today's return visit to the exclusive tune file created by Xiaobian for her.

Figure 10: Xiaobian and she agreed to return again at the end of next month, and asked her to agree to share the return visit with everyone.

This is the whole process of Xiaobian returning to Wang.

At present, dozens of friends with problems with “big aunt” have participated in our “True Brown Sugar Tune Experiment” activities, and some have achieved remarkable results. Friends who also have the "big aunt" problem are welcome to participate in our activities. For specific participation, you can send a private letter to Xiaobian.