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It’s enough to go to Bhutan to play this one!


It’s very embarrassing. I’m going out to play with our pigs. I’m going to play with Colombia and Ecuador. It’s two weeks. I can’t update my heart. I sorted out the travels to Bhutan. , share with you.

Bhutan Airways is the first private airline in Bhutan after the government opened the aviation industry. A dilapidated Airbus A320 stopped from Kolkata in Bangkok and carried us to the mountains of Bhutan.

When the plane landed, the Bhutanese in the neighbourhood enthusiastically told me the name of each snowy mountain.

Friendly reminder: choose the seat to the left, you can see the snow mountain.

A beautiful turn, we landed safely at Paro Airport, a high-altitude airport known for its difficult landing and landing. It is known as one of the most beautiful airports in the world due to its traditional architecture terminal. The title is like saying that Bhutan is "the happiest country in the world".


Paro has the only international airport in the country and is also the western town and rich land of Bhutan. It has traded with Tibet since ancient times.

The melting snow of the Himalayas flows into the Paro River. We don’t have time to sigh the beauty of the green valley. It’s time to go to Parozon, the government, the religious temple, and sometimes the parliament and the court. It represents the unity of Bhutan. The height of domination.

The Palo Zong connected by the wind and rain bridge is as sacred and beautiful as imagined. The white high wall behind it seems to hide countless devout secrets.

The circular building on the top of the mountain was originally used to fight against the Mongolian watchtower, and now it is the old museum of the National Museum.

On the way from Paro to Thimphu, a Tibetan architect Tang Dongjie was built in the 14th century. Tang Dongjie Bu devoted his life to setting up a railway bridge on the snowy plateau to help the people cross the river. So the world called the "Iron Bridge Living Buddha". It is said that he built a total of 108 bridges in his life. The cable bridge on the Dadu River was also built by him.

Looking towards India, the valley is spectacular. From here, you can get to India in 6 hours, ah, I am looking forward to Sikkim, Assam and Darjeeling!

Capital of Thimphu

Bhutan's law stipulates that the building must adopt the traditional style, and the height of the building cannot exceed 6 floors. Therefore, the capital of Thimphu is gently spread out in the valley, built on the mountain and built by the river.

The capital was too busy with the bustling modernity and busyness, and it took us less than 20 minutes to stroll the city centre.

The largest comprehensive shopping mall in the country: Central Shopping Mall.

This is a photo I took at a travel souvenir shop, which indicates our later itinerary.

Bhutanese believe in Buddhism. There are many prayers in front of the stupa. The local elderly women and children stayed here almost all day. We met an old lady who had lost her teeth at the flower bed. She said she was sitting here every day. It has been 10 years!

When passing the government building, the flag-raising ceremony, the flag of Bhutan, the white dragon represents purity and loyalty, the yellow represents the secular power, and the saffron color is the power of the Buddha (I like the color description of saffron orange).

Founded in the 13th century, Ting Bu Zong is a “brilliant religious castle”. The roof is built with precious fir trees and is now the highest power center in Bhutan. The front yard represents the secular political power and the back yard is the faith. center.

After the security check, he was admitted to the hospital. The government organs on the weekend were very clean, and the civil servants on duty were relaxed.

Many years ago, we had a happy stay at the Taj Hotel in New Delhi, so I was very much looking forward to Taj Tashi of Thimphu, who lived down to experience the backwardness of local hardware facilities.

In the evening, half of the bath was washed and there was no hot water. The front desk clerk told me in a shocking tone that the hot water supplied in each room was limited. You waited for ten minutes to have hot water.

The large breakfast room has no air conditioning, the fireplace is not warm enough, and the waiter pulls the hot water to the feet with a towboard. It is an Indian-style solution - the Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai is my Dream Hotel. !

Our waiter is a handsome young man with a high nose and a black nose. He wears the badge of the beloved King of the Queen. He introduces himself to the descendants of Nepal. (In 1988, the Bhutanese government had a conflict with the domestic Nepalese Luochang people because of the strong promotion of traditional culture. Later, some of the Luochang people were expelled to Nepal.)


From Thimphu, the altitude is from 2,500 meters to 3,140 meters. If the weather is fine, you can see the east of the Himalayas from the north of the Dokula Mountain. The peak of a row of more than seven kilometers above sea level is the border between Bhutan and China. Line, over the mountains is Tibet.

Along the way, our guide Robin is like a few treasures: the type of tree, the name of the flower, the fruit of the specialty, the village along the way, the Royal Botanical Garden, the government test field... all of them are introduced to us - this is another one except North Korea we have to Hire the destination of the tour guide.

Let’s talk about Bhutan’s unique way of traveling.

Officials in Bhutan do not allow visitors to travel freely. All foreigners must arrange a Tour package with the local travel agency before they enter the country.
We have bypassed the domestic agents and directly contacted the local travel agency in Bhutan, saving a lot of money for subcontracting. There are more than 100 travel agencies in Bhutan. How do you choose?
The pig head said that he would pick a few emails to ask for the itinerary and the quotation. The Bhutan Rebirth wrote the most timely and clearly listed the excel form. The details were clearly stated and the one was chosen.

Come back and forth back to dozens of emails, finalize the accommodation and attractions, charter one, and each of the tour guide drivers. Anyway, it is worthwhile to play with your fingers and you can count them. The country has a main road, so there is no difficulty in arranging the route. Combine it and hit it back and forth.
The transfer needs to be remitted through the intermediary bank, which is more relaxed two months ahead of schedule.

The price of the Chinese tour guide is more expensive than that of the English tour guide. We chose English, and Robin worked very hard. Although he listened to the introduction of Tibetan Buddhism culture and various Rinpoche in English with a Bhutan accent, it was a bit tiring, but it was also a trip. One of the challenges.
Our driver is a handsome uncle, the name is pronounced NangGil, Nang is the meaning of the day, Gil means victory, I will help him take a Chinese name called "Tiansheng", then we know that Uncle Tiansheng is hidden. Archery master.

Tipping: Drivers and tour guides are 6-8 dollars a day

The tour guides and drivers took care of us very well, but we used to be free and we still felt that it was too suspense to play according to the pre-printed travel plan. The carefully scheduled journey was less surprises and surprises. Adventure and uncertainty are the greatest charm of travel.

So we talked to Robin and wanted to do a little show of the day: the village walk, you don't want to follow. Robin was a little scared and asked if he was doing something wrong. No, but we like to be free!
Robin carefully walked the route and waited uneasy to stay at the village entrance. We walked into the village.

Chimei Lakang on the hillside of the village is one of the most sacred temples in Bhutan. Bhutanese believe that this temple can bless people to eat early, so young couples will come here to pray. It is said that Carina Lau and Tony Leung have also been here.

Without the explanation of the tour guide, I checked it myself: "The madness of the holy sacred", the bamboo scorpion, the wisdom of the wisdom, but not the Buddhist rules and regulations, the clothing is not covered, the greed, the travels of all directions, from Tibet to all the way To Bhutan.

The genital worship in the village is derived from this, and people regard the powerful penis as the patron saint. The people in the village are really pious, the painting is particularly expressive, and it also adds a nice streamer to it, shooting live sperm...

Let me talk about travel tips:
Bhutan does not establish diplomatic relations with China, so visas must be processed through local travel agencies. The tourist visa is not a legendary annual limit, and it is not difficult to sign. The visa fee is $20.
The e-visa is printed and carried with you. When you pass the customs, you can show it. Remember that the travel agency's itinerary should also be printed out, and the itinerary and visa will be shown together to pass.

Bhutan's tourism policy is: High Value, Low Impact, so in Bhutan each person pays a protection fee every night: 3-5 months, September-November spring and autumn season 250 dollars, 1-2, 6-8 and December off-season is $200.
Travel-related consumption in Bhutan is very high. For example, I went to the store to see a local scarf, quoting more than two hundred dollars, adding a zero directly behind the psychological price.

Good hotel is more expensive, our hotel average price of 600 US dollars a night, so the cost of two-person travel is as high as 4,800 US dollars, these are the prices we went to play three years ago.
I have to admit that Bhutan is a backward and poor mountain country, but when we came to play, we did not presume that it was "the happiest country in the world" and did not feel cheated when we left.
Departure, not to arrive, everything on the road will tell you the answer.

I hope that the wifi in South America is easy to use, I am trying to sort out the next part of Bhutan Travel Notes...

————————The dividing line across the Pacific Ocean————————

Friends often ask me: Is Bhutan fun?
I also bluntly said: Looking at the snowy landscape and Tibetan Buddhism, in fact, Tibet is more beautiful and more prosperous; seeing the Himalayas, Nepal is closer; seeing the exotic exoticism, no one compares with India!

(Prayer Temple, Songtsan Gambo was built in 638, the oldest temple in Bhutan, and Tibetan Buddhism has since been introduced to Bhutan from Tubo.)

Then why do we still have to come to Bhutan? I don't know if you can find the answer after reading this.

Secret luxury

The uma hotel, hidden in the Himalayas, is a tough place on the top of the mountain. It has built eleven rooms and walked out of the lobby to terrace rice fields.

The spa room overlooks the river valley and costs $90 for a 60-minute treatment.

Our room is facing the magnificent valley and pushing the window.

(The books I took on the road are very good with the scenery)

In addition to the welcome fruit, the room also prepared a Chinese newsletter for Chinese guests (the mobile phone has no network signal in Bhutan, almost isolated).

The accommodation of uma will include meals. The waiter will remember the faces of each guest intimately. When entering the restaurant, the room number will not be reported. The seats have already been arranged. The menu has both authoritative Bhutan cooking and standard Western-style set menu.

The small copper bowl is the full set of main dishes for the Bhutanese dinner: beef curry radish vermicelli, potato chilled pepper, cheese and beans and red rice.

After the meal we took a round of local whiskey. The order from low to high is: highland, rounded coronation and sweet K5.

The bar's wine snacks are very interesting. Now the cashew nuts are roasted, the chili powder is sprinkled, and the wine is warmed. Bhutan people really like to use chili peppers.

Drink the bar to close the door and return to the balcony of the room to count the stars.

The next morning, the smoke from the foot of the village floated, and the aroma of burning pines awakened us.

A hearty breakfast with a sunrise in the valley: freshly baked bread, farmer's milk, French toast, vanilla honey, pineapple with octagonal and imported cold cut platter...

Uma is a chain luxury hotel. Compared to the unique independent Punaka uma, Paro's uma hotel is closer to the big city and has a larger construction.

For Chinese tourists, the biggest selling point of the hotel is that Liu Jialing and Tony Leung are married here. Is the luxury suite on the top floor of the main building the wedding room of the year?

We live in ordinary rooms, also equipped with Indian cotton bedding and handmade Nepalese rugs. The welcome fruit basket also has a New Year red envelope for Chinese guests, with a local currency of 5 yuan (about five cents), which means good color.

The hotel restaurant is a round wooden house with a warm oven.

Three-course dinner for two: Pan-fried prawns and buckwheat with squid, whiskey honey smoked chicken and char-grilled beef. If it is not the local tomato potatoes of the salad, reminding you that you are in Bhutan, you can think of yourself in any one A fine dining restaurant in the Asian metropolis.

After the meal, we found the wine as usual. We drank the highest level of whisky in Bhutan: the vintage of the 1907 Bhutanese nation and the king's ascendant.

The meal is back to the warm fireside and an innovative mix of traditional traditional snacks and quality produce is tried: buckwheat pumpkin pie with pumpkin cream, Ricotta cheesecake with banana and honey butter, oatmeal with caramelized apples, cranberry and walnut... ...

The young man was busy with the fire on the side. He told us that the Bhutanese government banned the private deforestation and bought Firewood to increase the tax, which was expensive.

The price of a luxury hotel in Bhutan can be described as high, with a price of $600 and $400 for a two-night stay. The comfort and superiority of the accommodation experience is in stark contrast to the local poor life.

Here you will feel that the good hotel is not a gorgeous marble and crystal lamp, but in a valley away from the modern civilized city, you can still taste the squid imported from the port of Bangkok and make a toast with a crystal wine glass.

meet by chance

We also visited the local B&B. The room was 1000Nu for one night, which is about 100 RMB.

The three-story farmhouse, the uppermost layer is dry and ventilated to store food; the bottom is covered with hay to raise cattle and sheep, and the newly born calf is looking at us with the bell-like eyes.

On the second floor is the living room. I accidentally found a "Mufa Lianhua Jing" translated by the 鸠摩罗什 on the coffee table, and opened it to see the Chinese phonetic transcription...

The book says: As long as you follow the Dharma, everyone can become a Buddha, perfect, subtle.

Along the way through the small village, we met a lama who was making a pagoda infused with ghee. If there is a sick person at home, she will pray for peace on the side of the road. If the person dies, put the ashes into it and drift down the river.

I heard that we are from China, he suddenly opened his mouth to speak Chinese! Clear and accurate, even Cantonese! The Bhutanese Lama introduced himself. He worked in Sikkim, India. He stayed in Hong Kong for many years. He also went to Guangzhou and Shenzhen. It seems to be a monk who travels around the world.

Oriental gem

Punaka, a 1300-meter-high Himalaya Valley town with a moderate temperature, abundant water and fertile land, has been the capital of Bhutan since the 17th century.

Located in the intersection of the two rivers, Punakazon is still the religious palace of the Winter Palace. The wood carvings and murals here are the most beautiful I have seen in Bhutan.

In October 2011, known as “the most handsome king in the world”, Wangchuk married the Queen, and now passes through the courtyard of the wedding celebration. Every tour guide has to stop and lead the tourists to relive the grand occasion of the national celebration. .

In the winter, Punaka lived in the most important monk in the country. We stopped to take pictures and suddenly drove through a police car that was driven by a police car. Our guide Robin exclaimed: "God, chief abbot sitting inside!" Excitement and piety - the great abbot is the king of Bhutan, second only to the king, responsible for the management of religious affairs throughout the country.

In the temple, a majestic Bhutanese middle-aged man took the initiative to say hello. His tone is not like ordinary tourists. We introduce ourselves from Shanghai and play from Tunbu to Punakha... He listens After the cordial expression: I wish you a happy trip in Bhutan! Then he shook hands and said goodbye. After he left, Robin said: This is the minister of health - it was the Minister of Health.

Climbing the Tiger Cave Temple has always been the highlight of Bhutan's travel.
On the way to the Tiger Cave Temple, I chatted with the driver. Tiansheng told us that there are more than a dozen dialects in Bhutan. The south is close to the Indian language, the east is close to the Tibetan language, and he will say that six of them... are chatting, he is kicking The brakes let us look out the window and point to the golden temple on the far side of the mountain. This is the destination today! I took a picture and I couldn’t help but take a breath...

The Tiger Cave Temple between the cliffs is 3,100 meters above sea level and 900 meters above sea level.
It is rumored that the master of Lotus had once rode a tiger to the Paro Valley to demolish the demons for the people. Later, there was the prototype of the temple, which is now the most sacred temple in Bhutan.

To visit the temple, you need to go down the 400 steps and then go to the 300 steps. For the devout Buddhists, visiting the temple is a practice; for us, it is a perfect ending for the trip to Bhutan.

Along the way, Robin picked up a pine cone on the ground to explain the local natural history:

On the last day of Bhutan, the travel agency owner made a special trip from Thimphu to come to us and thanked him personally. The boss said that Bhutan Rebirth was a travel agency founded by his mother. After so many years of business, he received Chinese tourists for the first time. Then he gave a gift for us: Donka... I don’t know where to go when I take home.

I don't know if the boss has received more business from Chinese tourists in the past two years...

When I was writing this travelogue, I was in the world's second-highest capital, Quito, Ecuador. The air is thin, the brain is dehydrated, people are stupid, but I want to fly to the Galapagos Islands tomorrow, at sea. There is no signal at all, I think it is better to send out what I want to write.

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