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Sadness flows into the river: Gu Senxi can protect Yi Yao, not only because of love, but also because there is no scruples


I have seen a Japanese TV drama called "Life" theme song is sung by Nakajima Mika, which is the story of campus bullying. Anxi Aihai, the heroine of the bully, also ended up being bullied by others.

Compared with the "Sorrow Against the River", the Japanese TV series is sharper and the lens is even more fierce. Any mop is kicked and kicked by the head, and there is a piece of cake.

If you want to see the subject of campus bullying, you can go and see, and finally the bully is also very ironic.

In addition to this, there are Japanese movies "The Killing Street Juvenile Killings" and "Everything about Lily Zhou" can be seen.

Japan describes the number of campus bullying movies, China is far from being able to compare. From this perspective, I am very grateful that "Sorrow Against the River" has been put on the big screen.

Qi Ming has not seen the darkness and has always lived in the world of light. He wants to be a good person and dare not threaten his position as a squad leader.

For the squad leader, the most important thing is the vote, it is the people's heart. He did not dare to offend everyone else.

Why did Gu Senxi dare? Gu Senxi was not a good student. He was not afraid or worried about Yi Yao’s so-called “dirty water”. Anyway, he did not have a good place.

If you change to Gu Senxi as the squad leader, he dare not help Yi Yao as it is now, and it is hard to say. So there are a lot of people who read the movie after Qi Ming, I think they are not in the growing environment where Qi Ming is.

Of course, Qi Ming can't be Gu Senxi, so Gu Senxi will not be Qi Ming.

Gu Senxiang in the original book received the text message and went to the school warehouse. Finally, because he couldn’t stand the rape and committed suicide, Qi Ming let Yi Yao go to surrender and the result was easy to jump off the building. Finally, Qi Ming knew the truth and escaped the conscience’s condemnation. Suicide.

These endings are many times more violent than the movie. Although in the movie, Yi Yao’s mother finally sold the massage bed, I felt that Yi Yao was already dead. Gu Senxi saved her shot and only gave the audience a good fantasy.

Qi Minggang started to like Yi Yao, and later he liked Gu Senxiang, not only because Gu Senxiang was the same class as him, but also because Yi Yao later became different from his assumptions. He might feel that he liked it all. Imagine the easy to hear.

He imagined that Yi Yao, who he liked, is the weak one. He needs his help. Yi Yao, who needs his sympathy, has been willing to take care of Yi Yao for so many years. In fact, he cannot help but say that part of the reason is to indulge in his own "savior." "character of.

It is better to teach people to fish than to teach people. The Gu Senxi Church Yiyao is not "rescue" but "resistance." Yi Yao will change sooner or later. I

The favorite place for Gu Senxi is not that he always appears when Yi Yao needs it most. I prefer Gu Senxi's place. In fact, he is so clear about Yi Yao's "like":

When he saved the mobile phone number in Gu Senxiang's mobile phone; when Yi Yao was not directly connected, Gu Senxi told Gu Senxiang that this was a "true girlfriend"; he snorted and guessed that Sen Xiang had to keep a note on his mobile phone.媳』.

This love is really frank.

Compared to the so-called "from small to large" in Qi Ming's mouth, I think that Yi Yao has always needed the "together" of Gu Senxi.

She once expected Qi Ming, because Qi Ming gave her light, but Qi Ming also extinguished the light by himself, which is more cruel than not giving Yi Yao hope.

The words that Yi Yao said on the bank of the river were really good, and he said the voice of the girl who was bullied.

"You want to forget, I will not let you forget: all of you are murderers.

The supporting actors’ performances are also very online. The little fat girl who sticks gum on Yi Yao’s hair wants to give Yi Yao’s paper towel to the girl who has finally blocked the little friend’s slap.

Everyone found that Yi Yao was coming to the truth. Everyone’s face was surprised, panicked, and overwhelmed. Everyone’s expression gradually became dignified.

If Yi Yao is really dead in the real ending, I guess the students of this session will choose collective amnesia, not to meet or not, and forget that there is such a person in the school.

Because everyone is a murderer.

For us watching the drama, even if we are not in the whirlpool of campus violence, we may have to think about the relationship with the close people.

Qi Ming likes Yi Yao, but he likes Yi Yao who needs him. He doesn't like cactus flowers. He likes the fragrance roses like Gu Senxiang.

When he met Gu Senxiang, he discovered his bottom line for Yi Yao: he likes Yi Yao and can't give up his position for the classmates.

And Gu Senxi likes Yi Yao, it is so fearless. Gu Senxi in the play has a good example of his sister. Although he and his sister "one underground in the sky", it can be seen that he is also from a warm family like Gu Senxiang.

He can be warm and easy to walk, and he doesn't care at school. For Yi Yao, he is indeed the dawn of the darkness. However, for a while, in the future, Gu Senxi developed, and it became another Qi Ming who looked after the future. Together with the death of Gu Senxiang, even if it is easy to live, it may not end together.

Perhaps it is the pessimism I think. Every girl who is bullied has the illusion that there can be a Gusensi, not to let him protect himself. It is enough to just look at his light on the ground.

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