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"Vampire Lester", the ghost of the dark night.


I am a vampire Leicester.

I must have heard my name. The damn Louis wrote a book called "Vampire Night Visit", in which he portrayed me as a cruel, cool and unrestrained vampire. In my eyes, I have no moral bottom line, no eternal suffering, and vampires with the eternal life and beauty of the vampire. My crazy bloodthirsty and his sorrowful and sorrowful gestures form a strong contrast. Oh, my Satan, dear Louis, is so black in the book.

Let me tell you my story today, let the damn Louis go to hell.

My name is Leicester, a French aristocratic family born in the 18th century. I have a thick, distorted golden hair that grows over the shoulder and looks pale under the light. My mouth is very beautiful, it is very mean and sometimes generous, but it is always so sexy and charming. In fact, the actor in the movie "Vietname Vampire", Tom Cruise almost restored my appearance. Only I am taller than him, I am 182cm tall.

When I was a mortal, my nickname was "Wolf Comet." At that time, I was young and I went alone to kill the wolf. In the bloody battle with the wolves, I felt my innate arrogance and loneliness for the first time. I don't want the identity of my nobility. I am eager to play Shakespeare's plays on stage, eager for unconstrained freedom. In my time, the nobles were not allowed to perform on stage. They said that the dramas are mean people, and the drama is just a pastime for people to be bored.

Finally one day, a troupe came to my city and I followed them. I lived in my dream day, I became a stage actor, and the curtain opened. I am Shakespeare's affectionate Romeo. When the old vampire Magnus selected me, I was the most popular actor in a theatre in Paris. But he did not give me the opportunity to choose, I could not break his bondage, he transformed me. That's why when I converted Louis, I said: "Don't be afraid, I will let you have a chance of choice that I have never had before." After Magnus transformed me, he did not give me any guidance, he self-burned in front of me. My master left me like this. I am like a deserted child chosen by Satan, without a vampire companion, and lost the right to be a human being.

In those years that followed, I stumbled and tried to restrain my bloodthirsty desires. No matter how I struggle, I can't escape the bloodthirsty fate of the vampire. Louis did not know that I had a compassionate heart for mankind from beginning to end. The people I killed were all sinful people. I am too lonely, I long for the vampire's black talent to bring me the love I long for. Through these new injuries, I will try to make my castle more gorgeous and time-to-face. But only those who are as strong and wise as I am, can I really build a castle against time.

Finally, I met Louis.

For Louis, even if he reveals the most cruel side, he can still touch my inner tender feelings. He fascinated me with every gesture I made and every word I said. It all tempted me. And his innocence, and his weird middle class beliefs, always convinced me. He firmly believes that God is always God, even if he turns away from us, it does not mean that he does not exist. Louis is suffering from pain, and this guy even loves humans more than I do. Sometimes I even think about it, if I didn't use Louis to punish myself, what would it be like.

But I love him, it is simple and straightforward. I desperately want to retain him, especially in the most dangerous moments, I want to be closely connected with him. Out of this motivation, I made the most selfish and impulsive thing in my life in the blood family. It is this crime that led to my own destruction. For Louis, I created Claudia with him, a glamorous and amazing vampire girl.

I was happy during the three days we were together. I taught her to dance, teach her to play the piano, and teach her how to use her appearance to play with her prey. Claudia is like me, but she is more cruel than me and more eager for love. My final ending is in my expectation, and perhaps giving them freedom is what I can do for them in the end. Many years later, Louis found me in a waste house. We have long since smashed the sea and can't go back. In fact, I really want to retain him, but today, my love for him has already dispelled the vampire's loneliness, which may be the best ending.

In the years after Louis’s departure, I lived alone in an abandoned old house. The only thing I did was to read. Every room in the house was full of books, from the floor to the ceiling, one side of the book. The walls are the lonely years I have spent in those years. I love art and literature, and this has made me a Leicester in the 20th century, so when I reappeared as a rock star in the 20th century, I think you should not be surprised at all. Only me, I can use my own music to wake up the vampire queen who has been sleeping for thousands of years.

I don't want to talk about the later stories, because Louis is not around me, and there is no need to talk about it.

But my story is not over. I still live in the 21st century, like you, using the latest iPhone, wearing the most fashionable modern clothing, and brushing all kinds of social networks. Sometimes I will feel a little gratified when I read articles written by my little fans on the Internet. It turns out that someone in the world knows me.

I am a vampire Leicester. Although this is very narcissistic, I know that I will be the most beautiful vampire in your heart, no one. I am a French aristocrat of the 18th century. The desire for bloodthirsty, the manner of grace, and the beauty of the city are all written into my eternal hymns.

I am looking for the next person to accompany me, don't be afraid, I will let you have a choice that I have never had before.