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France has a natural environment and a rich history and culture. It is also a world-famous holiday destination. As a major tourist country in Europe, France has accumulated rich educational experience in tourism, hotels and restaurants. Therefore, France's tourism and hotel industry are at the world's leading level, and relevant professional education is also strong.

France has a certification system for the International Association of Hospitality and Tourism Management. Many universities offer a degree in hotel management. These hotels offer a range of paid internships ranging from six months to one year and a combination of theory and practice. The content of the activity, the employment rate of graduates is much higher than that of other majors .

Compared with Switzerland, the French hotel management profession has more reasonable tuition fees, relatively lower living expenses, and more internships and job opportunities.

With the continuous recovery and rapid development of the global economy, the development speed and salary of the hotel industry in the world will far exceed the traditional industry , and its social status will steadily increase with the increase of work experience.

As the tourism industry in China develops vigorously, the hotel industry as an important part of it will become the most dynamic industry in China.

At present, the domestic hotel management industry is developing rapidly, but there is a big gap in the demand for high-end management talents in the hotel. It is urgent to introduce fresh blood that has received foreign education, especially the outstanding talents graduated from the French wine management profession. They are at home and abroad. Great famous hotels have very good employment opportunities and development prospects.

Below is the latest ranking of the "Eduniversal" recently released French Master of Hospitality Management program.

In addition, Mr. Xiao Man also exclusively arranged a list of French high-ranking businesses with hotel management expertise for your reference.

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SKEMA Business School

SKEMA Business School (full name: School of Knowledge Economy and Management) is one of the largest elite business schools in France.

With the strong support of the French government and the Chamber of Commerce, the school was successfully merged in 2009 by the prestigious French Lille Business School (ESC Lille, founded in 1892) and the Nice Business School (CERAM, founded in 1963).

This is the first high-level and large-scale independent business school merger in French history. It aims to promote the establishment of cluster scales in French higher business schools and use the superior resources to create a first-class business school with international competitiveness. The combined SKEMA Business School is one of the largest business schools in France.

Project Overview

SKEMA has teamed up with France's top school, Ferrières, the elite school of Ferrieres, France, to develop a collaborative project that combines expertise in luxury, food and tourism to give students a better teaching experience.

The Ecole Ferrieres in France offers basic training courses in hotel management and food. The college aims to train students from all over the world to meet the business requirements of the areas of expertise taught. The college is brave in innovation, and students with both theory and practice can obtain a degree, which is conducive to the cultivation of talents.

In the 2016-17 school year, SKEMA's Master of Luxury Hotel Management and Innovation students will participate in two seminars at the Ferryre Castle Elite Academy in France. They will learn from the beautiful campus while learning. Cutting edge knowledge.

Language of instruction: English

Opening campus: Paris, France

Admission time: September

Application conditions:

One-year master's degree - four-year undergraduate diploma and above

Two-year master's degree - at least three years of higher education and a corresponding degree

Training objectives

The teaching of MSc Luxury Hospitality & Innovation is mainly based on three aspects: lectures, case studies, and hotel cooperation projects. In addition, students are required to conduct a survey and submit a thesis.

It aims to train students to acquire the following skills and become management talents in the hospitality industry:

- Understand the role of the tourism and hospitality industries in the tourism system

- Apply management, finance and marketing knowledge to hotel projects

- Thinking about data analysis, electronic distribution and management strategies

- Understand customer behavior and its impact on hotel management strategies

- Learn about sustainable, high-quality management skills and knowledge in the field of hotel certification

- Understanding the importance of service attitude, service quality and service innovation

- Predict the challenges that the hotel industry will face

- Students can apply for the Hotel Industry Analysis Professional Certification (CHIA)

CHIA is the leading certification for the global hospitality industry and a coveted certificate for international hotel management students. This certification takes the basic indicators and definitions used in the hotel industry and is highly internationally recognized.

Program features

- International Master of Luxury Hotel Management and Innovation is located in one of the world's most important tourist destinations (Paris, France)

- Excellent location for students to connect with local practitioners and conduct on-site visits

- Emphasis on new career development and integration (network, distribution...)

- Students have the opportunity to meet industry experts through a series of conferences, site visits and projects

- Students can participate in the world's largest tourism trade fair, the Berlin International Travel Fair

- Students can establish professional contacts throughout the year to build a career network

- Students receive the Hotel Industry Analytical Certification (CHIA), which means that the holder has mastered all the key indicators of the hospitality industry.


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Employment prospects

Graduates of this major can hold various management positions in the hospitality industry , such as customer service manager, front desk manager, public relations manager, sales and marketing manager, quality manager, reservation manager, revenue manager, hotel manager, hotel consultant and analyst. In addition, a variety of job opportunities are available in a variety of distribution industries, such as hotel online travel service agents and technology companies.

ESSEC Business School

Founded in 1907, École supérieure des sciences économiques et commerciales (ESSEC) is the first business school in Europe to receive both AACSB and EQUIS certification.

The ESSEC Business School in Paris, France, offers a range of courses dedicated to teaching and research in business and management, and has become a training base for senior management talent in French and international companies.

There are approximately 3,500 full-time registered students from 50 countries around the world, offering more than 25 degree programs. The school is known for its outstanding alumni and has trained many CEOs in Europe and around the world.

Project Overview

With 34 years of experience in hotel management, ESSEC offers a Masters in Hospitality Management IMHI completed within two years . Originally called Institut de Management Hôtelier International (IMHI), the project was originally established in 1981 and is the first collaboration between Cornell University and Essec Business School, which is the nation's first hospitality management program.

ESSEC has not only established a partnership with this industry leader for more than 30 years, but has also established extensive partnerships and close relationships with many international hotels. Hotel industry executives participate in the selection of ESSEC hotel management students, and often visit the campus to teach students, attend lectures, and recruit future employees.

Program features

- Widely recognized as a leading project in Europe

- Instructors and industry professionals participate in teaching

- Diverse cultural environment

- Future career guidance support

- Powerful alumni network


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Employment prospects

The ESSEC Master of Hospitality Management program provides students with ongoing career support to help them find the right position.

Customize personal development guidance for students to help them realize their abilities and better choose their career direction. Help students develop personal marketing strategies to make the job search path smoother.

At ESSEC, every year:

• Campus ESSEC recruitment maintains partnerships with more than 180 companies (commercial areas: consulting, finance, etc.)

• Meet regularly with the company (CEO/HR Manager/Founder)

• 21,000 ESSEC apprentices and internship opportunities

• 6 thousand ESSEC work invitations

Four professional directions are available:


In today's digital world, the world is one of the best in the world. This focus is on the skills and abilities required to work in this highly complex field.

Real estate and development

The growing financial nature of the hotel business and the growing importance of asset management in the real estate industry's corporate strategy.

Start a business

Working with ESSEC Ventures, this concentration provides tools and support for students to develop their own projects or companies.

Luxury service management

Developed in collaboration with the ESSEC Center for Excellence in Luxury, Arts and Culture, focusing on brand management in the hotel luxury industry.

The above is the introduction of the French hotel management profession.

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