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What kind of experience is it from graduate students from two colleges to 985 colleges?

I have been away for four years from two colleges in a prefecture-level city to graduate students in 34 universities.
In order to attract your attention, I will report the results first: 17 years of postgraduate study, total score 417, politics 81, English 81, professional class one 127, professional class two 128.
I like to write some words, they say that you are loading.
I like to play the guitar, they say you are fake Wenqing.
I was born to rebel, they said that you are not convinced.
I am willing to comment, they will tell you the convergence convergence.
I think it is a kind of learning to talk with the teacher. They think that you are deliberately showing off.
It seems that in such a school, there is no wall width of the toilet in the tolerance! (ps: Haha, the words are heavy, forgive me, the younger brother lost his words.)
Time to return to 2013.
I was a freshman that year, when I was very pure, I didn’t know anything about the industry.
I often think of the day I went to college. My father took me on a train that took nearly 20 hours to come to my dream university.
My university is located in the western part of Jilin Province, Baidu said it is a pearl embedded in a grassland.
At that time, after passing through Beijing, the colleges and universities that were catching up with Beijing also started school. At that time, I suddenly realized that the university was divided into many different types.
Specialist, two books, one book, provincial key, 211 colleges, 985 colleges, like a hierarchically rising system, but unfortunately, this system is parallel.
Looking at the smile on the face of the students at the entrance to Beida, their parents were helping to get things. At that time, there was a strong suspicion in my heart: Will my parents feel for the university I read? The slightest pride?
I don't deny it. Maybe I am a person with a strong sense of school. But in the Chinese school system, it seems that it is as small as a family individual and as a corporate unit. It seems that graduates from famous schools are gradually becoming a kind of capital that can be shown off.
In 2016, I decided to take a postgraduate course. Since I want to take a test, I will take a prestigious school.
Tsinghua University of Beijing can't test it, I am still a very self-aware person.
However, the school I have tested is the largest in China. In China, the big one means good, so the colleges I take are ranked in the top ten in the country, but sometimes they will be ranked 11 and 12, but what is the difference? ?
When the morning sun shines on my face, I begin to doubt life: Is it only that I live so hard?
I am very strange and very distressed, I am also working hard, why is God invisible?
I don't know if I only want these strange questions. I am so fat, is it full?
No one will support a person who is close to a madman. It is a normal person to do a graduate student from a two-member college in an unnamed city.
Although this is the idea of ​​many people, I don't think so.
Geniuses and madmen are sometimes just a line apart. Don’t misunderstand, I am not self-respecting, but I feel that since it is a dream, why not make it bigger? If you are a ghost, you don't regret it. It is another world.
Other people’s suspicions are tolerable, and their own doubts cannot be stopped.
What's wrong with me? are you crazy? The retest line is 380! Is the dream too far away or the reality is too glaring! I asked myself over and over again, but there was no answer.
Level 4, Level 6, I seem to refresh my "war fruit" over and over again, not to show off, it seems that in the two colleges, people will feel that this is "very powerful", in fact, I understand, but that I want to be busy with myself. For those students in prestigious schools, this is just a joke.
Roommates, friends, brothers, all of them seem to be shaking their heads, you can hear them boasting where they want to test, but I am afraid to make my own voice.
The higher the test, the more likely it is to be laughed at. Is this reasonable? This is terrible!
If you have never made a grand dream like someone else, please drop your little ruthless face. I think all the dreams worthy of persistence are not used to be laughed at! (This is a poisonous chicken soup, the drinker pays attention.)
2017, February 15.
I cried, don't lie to you, like a weak coward. Those who got up early, those who were late, those who were lonely, those who insisted. The results came out, everything was like a dream, time went away, I saw the other side of the bank, the ignorant teenager, the nerd sitting silently in the library.
Scurry: Fallen, in love, busy with entrepreneurship, brushed in the student union, plain, diligent, no one to listen to, believe me, I have had thousands of times to destroy myself, but I always feel that people can't live like this.
No one wants to be guilty, unless he is addicted to sm and can't extricate himself, haha ​​joking.
I didn't envy anyone's living method, but I only lived myself.
From small to large, the method taught countless ending, but I forgot about it, and finally attach my sophomore had to write a little wet (I Fasao, and pay attention to pay attention!):
The world is so big
total Some people can't let go,
sometimes they don't have to be too persistent,
and they are like fools.

The world is so big,
why the heart is too narrow
if harbor the world
is always gas from China.

The world is so big,
do not you have no home,
but had to wander
like wildflowers under a bridge.

The world is so big,
I don't want to wander anymore, but my heart
always goes to the distance, and
giving up becomes a joke.

Conclusion: There are countless possibilities in the world, I hope you and I can live the kind you want.
In this article, I would like to dedicate myself to the university time I have worked on.