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Open the dessert shop for more than a year

I don’t ask how many people pay attention, I just want to take a little bit of leisure time to record the mood of this period.
Then start writing from the internship. After the failure of the senior post in 2010, I started to look for a job. Fortunately, I found a branch office internship of a large company before graduation. With the help of my colleagues, I successfully turned it, hahaha. I found that everyone's corresponding graduates are still very caring.
After a long three-month internship and a six-month probationary period, my sister has survived. It can also be said that the bite has come over because the salary during the internship and probation period is too low.
After half a month, the company changed and I transferred from the company to the headquarters. The excitement and pressure of the mountain, after going to the headquarters, I feel that I am a small Luo Luo, the basic of the department is that in addition to I am a grassroots employee, the other are high-level and above. In the first department of the headquarters, I learned a lot of things that I couldn't learn at the branch office, such as the ability to plan and organize and communicate.
In less than three months, I adjusted the department again, also at the headquarters, but the atmosphere was completely different. The wages did not rise, the workload was mostly gone, and the surrounding colleagues also liked the endless work of overtime. It seems that the leaders also like to work overtime. If the leaders did not leave, they would not dare to go. The key is that there is no retiring and overtime pay for overtime work. The salary of about 5,000 yuan is not included in Shenzhen. It is very difficult to swear, is there any? Wanting to raise wages can only hope to upgrade and promote, but the company's talent promotion mechanism is too perfect, very clear, not one level or two, not feeling one level in the future...
So all kinds of ideas about resigning and starting a business are coming, I have learned about clothing, underwear industry, snacks, etc., and finally selected the dessert drinks. The girls believe that they all have the knack of opening a dessert shop bookstore. Next is a variety of site selection, city village, city center, suburbs, university town, subway station, Futian District, Luohu District, Longhua District, Baoan District... all kinds of tired, do not know the business, the transfer fee is amazingly high Ten or two hundred thousand is the normal price, both inside and outside. During that time, I was physically and mentally exhausted. After several months of tossing, I finally selected C1-031 in the Chegongmiao subway station. The reason is very simple, the flow of people is good, the consumer group is suitable, the rent is not too high, the transfer fee can be eaten, unified management, and convenient transportation. After joining the headquarters, I feel that it is OK.
Just do it, all kinds of decoration design problems, construction problems, fire problems, document handling, dessert production technology problems, business problems, really not as simple as physical and mental work. Fortunately, they all came over, and now they have been operating normally for nearly two years. It is very hard, but happy is also rewarding, and there are stable old customers.
I wrote a lot, and then I will continue to detail.