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The seven pains that Wall Street work is not known, who knows who?


The glamorous name of Wall Street is determined by the US financial situation and can better influence the world economic trends. Working on Wall Street is the ideal of many people's dreams. However, after working on Wall Street, you may find that there are seven hidden pains behind this glamor.

Wall Street is known as the "financial center of the United States." The managers of banks, insurance, shipping, railways, etc., which are established by Morgan Fortune, the Rockefeller Oil King and the DuPont Consortium, are concentrated here.

The term “Wall Street” has long surpassed the street itself and can refer to financial markets and financial institutions that have an impact on the entire US economy.

Wall Street affects the financial situation of the United States and even the world in seconds, and the employees working here seem to become "soldiers" in the vertical and horizontal battlefields. However, this beautiful "soldier" also has seven hardships that cannot be said. Let's see what people who have worked on Wall Street.

No. 1 " All the world was wrong to blame Huaer Jie "

A considerable number of people believe that Wall Street is the root of all evil.

No.2 will be endless meetings

The vast majority of meetings on Wall Street are a waste of time.

No.3 excessive degree governor guide harmony compliance requirements

In order to prevent negative behavior on Wall Street, supervision and compliance training by regulators has become commonplace.

Sometimes such supervision and compliance can become ridiculous. The most hilarious of these is the course "Know Your Customer" and "No Money Laundering".

They will ask questions like this:

"If your client comes with a suitcase to see you with $10 million, what should you do?"

Of course, anyone with a bit of a brain knows that the answer is to leave with money immediately and never come back.

There are still such problems:

“If you suspect that your client is an arms dealer, what should you do?”

Obviously, the answer should be: "Do everything possible to ensure that you are not killed."

No.4 Blackberry, Bloomberg

No matter where you go, you can't live without BlackBerry and Bloomberg.

BlackBerry: The BlackBerry BlackBerry's product, the BlackBerry.

Bloomberg: Bloomberg News, the world's largest financial information company.

A trader on Wall Street said: "When I wake up to the toilet at night, the first thing I have to do is to check the trend of S&P futures."

"If I go to the bathroom when I go on a date, I will quickly pick up the BlackBerry and check out the market."

No.5 Office public room politics

Some people say that Wall Street is mainly performance-oriented, and to some extent this is correct. However, the Wall Street struggle may be more intense than the US government.

Even if you have a good performance this year, you still have to maintain a good image. You have to pretend to be interested in the boss's travel this year. You have to pay attention to ironing the folds on the elbows of the shirt to ensure that you get a considerable bonus.

This will never be black or white. The road to promotion is even more bumpy.

A trader on Wall Street said: "When I wake up to the toilet at night, the first thing I have to do is to check the trend of S&P futures."

If you want to get a promotion, you have to prepare an autobiography as carefully as every presidential candidate. Then, you have to meet someone who doesn't know you so much, and endure his interrogation like a prisoner.

No.6 was ripped off

Once people know that you are working on Wall Street, then you are shot.

Whether it's a restaurant, a dry cleaner or a Hong Kong tailor, they like to charge you extra fees.

No.7 afterwards Zhu Ge Liang who

When you make money, people say to you at most: "Continue to do it!"

No one cares about how you make trading decisions. It doesn't matter whether you're going through in-depth analysis, through divination, or by inspiration. Everyone likes to win, this is enough.

But when you lose money, you will receive a variety of emails.

You have to constantly explain why you will increase your holdings of Apple, why do you short gold, why did you throw Tesla...

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