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Never tell a colleague to go to the job


For many of us, telling a colleague that the name of the new owner is a very normal thing, and even can't wait to announce the world, the salary position is said, on the one hand, it feels like talking, on the other hand, I feel that "you continue to mix, brother. (Sister) is more capable than you, so I won’t play with you.” I can finally raise my eyebrows.

In the early years, my colleagues and I did not deliberately hide anything. Whenever we went there, we would say it straight. Perhaps it was the simple reason that everyone just entered the society.

As the number of years of work increases, the surrounding colleagues are mostly old fritters. When these old fritters leave, they will not say where they want to go, but I will not know where the new club is, some colleagues will Reluctantly told that some colleagues will care about him.

Until I left my job last time, there was a manager of a certain department who was very happy to cooperate. I knew that I would call me. I thought he would ask me where the new owner is, but he didn’t ask at all, just use One is very euphemistic about "Is it still in this industry?"

Although I did not think about the reasons at the time, I have already vaguely felt that I would not be able to inquire about the whereabouts of my departing colleagues, nor tell others about where I left my job. It seems to be a hidden rule in the workplace.

Recently, I talked to this topic in the workplace, and I learned that there is such a hidden rule in the workplace. The reason also makes me realize.

Because you are seeking another job, it is not something to celebrate for colleagues. Instead, as a target of comparison between colleagues, the subconscious mind is that you want to mix poorly. Seeing that you are better than them, they will not feel comfortable in your heart. You never know what little people will be stalking from them, such as telling you bad things about your new owner, so that you can't report.

For the old fritters in the workplace, most of them understand this truth. Everyone has inadvertently formed this kind of tacit understanding. If others do not take the initiative, they will not ask, and they will not go where they leave.

If others insist on asking questions, then they only say which industry to go to, and do not need to be precise to the company name.

If it is a good colleague, then it is fine, but most of the colleagues are just nodding, there is no need to pay the bill.

In addition, if you interview a company, if you find that a former colleague is just inside, don't contact him or her. Once you know that you are coming for an interview, maybe you will hang you, or tell the interviewer that you can't do it. Let your interview not pass, or tell you that your colleague or boss now says that you are interviewing, making you not inside or outside.

If you ask him or her to help push the push beforehand, if he or she is willing to help, it is still happy to see you coming in.

The workplace is still a bit dark, and the heart of the people is indispensable. It is better for everyone to keep a single eye.


Some people may say that it is too tired to live against others, then you should not say it.

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