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Northwestern Law School JD Offer (with award) appeared!


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In addition to the end of November, the applicants have received the JD Offer from Columbia Law School , and yesterday's law applicants received the JD Offer from the Georgetown University Law Center . Today we received good news from Chicago!

Congratulations to the applicants for receiving the JD Offer from Northwest Law School! It also comes with a $150,000 scholarship .

The applicant made us more impressed because her personality was particularly sensible and intimate. When discussing the school selection, the mother privately told us not to let the applicant know too much information about the scholarship, and hope that the child should not consider the financial burden of the family. Instead, choose a school so that the child can choose to apply for the top school, but the applicant strongly expressed that we should not increase the economic pressure for the family. Finally, we insisted on the project of applying for scholarships. The result is that the applicant and the mother both very happy. My mother said that the children have been under great pressure in the past few years. This is a smile that has been so happy for a long time.

The applicant applied for the graduating student status next year, with an LSAT score between 165 and 169 and a GPA of 3.6+.

The Northwestern Law School JD program places great emphasis on work experience. In its enrollment statistics, 90% of the applicants have 1 year of work experience, so the applicant's hardware can be used as an international near the median of the Northwest admission requirements. It is very rare for fresh graduates to obtain ED admissions in the northwest .

Disclaimer: Different from the voucher after the offer, or the reprinting of the application result is misleading for the applicant, the applicant for the law is served by the academic counsel.

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Northwest Law School

Northwestern Pritzker School of Law

The history of the Northwestern Pritzker School of Law can be traced back to the Union Law School, which was founded in 1859 at the University of Chicago. It was then jointly managed by the University of Chicago and Northwestern University in 1873, after the closure of the Old Chicago University in 1893. Formally taken over by the Northwest. The institute is the first law school to be established in the Chicago area.

It is now affiliated with Northwestern University. The college is not on the main campus, but has another campus in downtown Chicago, near Lake Michigan.

As a world-renowned law school, Northwest Law School also performed very well in all major rankings. In the latest 2018 US News & World Report Best Law School Rankings , Northwest Law School ranked 10th, up 2 places from last year.

Student standard

Entering Class Profile

As one of the T14 law schools, Northwest Law School attracts the world's top law students with its excellent legal education. This makes it inevitable that the difficulty of entering the school will become more and more competitive.

For example, in the ranking of the most difficult school law school published in the 2018 by the Princeton Review , Northwest Law School ranked 8th.

In the 2016 application for admission, a total of 4,625 applicants submitted applications to the Northwest Law School, but less than 5% of the applicants entered the school and the competition was fierce.

Among the applicants admitted, the median of LSAT was 168 and the median GPA was 3.81.

However, it should be noted that this is the information statistics of the applicants for the overall admission. For international students who account for 10%, especially for Luben students, the requirements for LSAT and GPA are often higher.

In addition, the younger age range of students is between 21 and 49, with an average age of 26 years. This is also because 90% of the students enrolled have at least one year of work experience .

employment status


Graduates mainly choose to enter the law firm

Most graduates of Northwest Law School's 2016 employment choices entered the law firm, and the number of graduates of large law firms that entered 501+ people accounted for the vast majority, 142.

$180,000 starting salary

The salary of the 2016 graduates of the Northwest Law School shows that the annual salary of graduates from 25-digit salary to 75-digit is $180,000, and the average annual salary is $167,582.

Congratulations again to the JD applicants who are favored by this round of Northwest Law School. Please also look forward to the applicant to share with you the experience and experience of this year's application season.

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