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The first day of "Looking for a Dream" is bleak, with the box office counter-attacking into an explosion?


A new film will be released. If the box office on the first day is on Friday, the box office results on Saturday will be about 1.5 times that of the first day. The first day of the "Raytheon 3" released in early November was 98.793 million, and the box office reached 135 million on Saturday (November 4). The "Justice League" released in mid-November had a box office of 94.219 million on the first day, and the box office reached 131 million on Saturday (November 18).

In November, it entered the second half of the year, and a large number of domestically produced films were brought to the stage of the upcoming Lunar New Year. A propaganda that was not very popular was released on November 24th. On the same day, there were more than ten films. The first day of the film was only 9.8%. In less than 10%, only 12.784 million in the box office was received. Achievements, this film is "Dream of Dreams" by Disney & Pixar.

At present, the film has been released for two days, and the film has risen from 9.8% on the first day to 14.98% on the next day. It has achieved a box office score of about 55 million in two days, and the box office on the next day is about 4 times that of the first day. The box office's upswing is more than the previous box office's "wrestling!" Dad is going to be fast.

In line with the 2009 Disney & Pixar's "Fly House Tour" style, "The Dream of the Dream" tells the story of the little boy MiG, who dreams of becoming a musician, and hopes that he can be the same as the idol song Dracula. To create a touching music, but his family has forbidden people to touch music for generations, and this prohibition has been cursed. After an unforgettable Mexican Day of the Dead, the little boy finally understands which is more important between ideals and affection.

"The Dream of the Rings" tells the story of a big American family spanning five generations. The little boy was born in a Mexican family in the middle of the last century. After the end of the US-Mexico War in 1848, tens of thousands of Mexicans immigrated to the United States. Before 1965, the United States did not limit the number of legal immigrants from Mexico. This explains why the film is full of strong Indian national culture. The whole film has a lot of soundtracks, all of which are very Latino-style. The music is different and explains why the "undead" in the film are all colorful.

Latin American culture belongs to a culture of European culture, Indian culture and African culture after a long period of collision, conflict, infiltration, absorption and integration. Mexico celebrates the "Death Festival" (also known as the "Deceased's Day") to commemorate its ancestors, similar to the ancient Chinese ancestral hall. When the Mexicans celebrated the Day of the Dead, they have similarities with the Western "Halloween" and similarities with China's Ching Ming Festival, but the passionate Mexicans believe that this day is the day when the undead came home to "see relatives". .

On the day of the Day of the Dead, people spread yellow petals on the way to the village or town on the cemetery, letting the undead return to the path of fragrance. The film "Looking for Dreams" thus conceived a petal bridge. The story of a dead person can only be said when he/she is alive. If the still alive person has forgotten the dead person, it is the ultimate death. Disney & Pixar presents a touching story of affection and dreams to the audience. Although it is a consistent American animation blockbuster, under the atmosphere of traditional Mexican festivals and the rendering of Latin American music, "Looking for Dreams" It is unique.

At the end of this summer's summer, Disney & Pixar's "Cars 3" in China only achieved a box office of 128 million. Although the box office is not low, but the ten-year-old IP with the symbolic significance of the cooperation between the two companies, the box office results are somewhat unsatisfactory. In the third part of the series, the quality of the producers and directors in the previous game was not as good as before. Thanks to the new "ray tracing" technology, Pixar's film level has been upgraded to a higher level. The "Cars" series can be said to be a symbolic film jointly produced by Pixar and Disney.

The "Dream of Dreams" and "Cars" have both Chinese dubbing versions, and I hope to achieve localization. From the point of view of details, it is clear that "Dream of Dreams" pays more attention to the box office in China, not only The Chinese version has been processed with subtitles, and several Mexican songs in the film have been adapted into Chinese songs. This treatment is rare in American animation movies.

Like "Crazy Animation City", "Dream of Dreams" pays great attention to detail: Mexican hairless dogs, Mexican corn scorpions, Mexican music, and the film is full of strong Indian national cultural characteristics. The Chinese dubbed version and the original sound version are simply Two movies. Not only has it captured the animation market for young children, but adults who love animated movies have also taken care of it. Although it is full of American animation blockbuster: dreams, fantasy, adventures... But this kind of family movie, the box office counterattack into a burst is a high probability event.