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Spirited Away: Secrets you don't know


When I was very late late last night, I suddenly wanted to watch an anime, so I read "Spirited Away" again.

I couldn’t remember how many times I watched this animation, and I was still deeply touched when I watched it.


Tang Po is the owner of the oil house, she has supreme power here, but there is no way for her baby. The mother-in-law is most afraid of the crying of the baby. When the baby is crying, the mother-in-law becomes a little girl who is helpless.

This baby is born pure, fleshy and fat, very cute, and very deformed. The room where he lives is also very special, the room is full of pillows, toys, snacks and so on.

The baby slowly turned into a giant baby with a huge body and crying. He stayed in his little hut and buried himself in a big push. It was really hard for others to find him.

His life was completely destroyed one day.

On that day, Chihiro went to the house of Tommy in order to save the white dragon. In the crisis, Chihiro hid in the baby's room.

After the crisis, when Chihiro was about to leave, the baby grabbed her hand and had to let her stay with her. Chihiro is eager to save people, naturally not willing.

The baby said to Chihiro, you don't go out, you will get sick if you go outside (ironically, the baby is sick like this).

Chihiro still insists.

The baby said to Chihiro again, if you don't play with me, I will cry, I will cry, my mother-in-law will come.

Chihiro resolutely decided to leave.

The baby is completely angry, but the consequences are not serious at all. With a huge body, the baby squeezed through the narrow door and forced the curtain to smash on him. It’s like the baby has gone through thousands of hardships to get rid of the hut that has been “caught”.

Coincidentally, the baby was turned into a small body by magic, and then followed by Chihiro, embarked on the path of thousands of miles to save people, and of course his own path of growth and transformation.

In this process, the little will not play a small temper, and will silently help the companion to undertake the task. In collaboration with each other, they crossed the sea, crossed the jungle, and passed the night, gaining new opportunities and experience.

Finally, the little one returned to the oil house. In the tense atmosphere of the crowd, the little one did not change and changed his original appearance, so he jumped on the bridge. It feels like a child who has tried hard to take the first place in the face of the crowd.

Tang mother-in-law is full of joy, not only because Bao came back, but also because this baby is not the original baby, he grew up.

The people around you are thunderous and cheery! When Chihiro said thank you to the mother-in-law, the hot mother-in-law was so embarrassed to be shy - too cute.


The character of the baby is particularly interesting, and the metaphor is still very much used.

The image of the baby is particularly consistent with the popular one called “Giant Baby”. It can also be said that the baby is a typical giant baby.

The baby can only stay in his own room, and he can't go anywhere, but he is neither lacking in food nor playing, and is a portrayal of a child who lives in a materially rich family. But they are timid, irritable, and lack of mental nutrition.

Someone told the baby that they can't go out and get sick when they go out, so the baby is always deformed and lives in the crowded house.

It is the parents who love their situation that are too much to love their parents. Because they only focus on the infusion of matter, but there is no spiritual nutrition.

These babies can only grow out of their own huts, find their own companions, experience pain, frustration, moving, grievances, collaboration, and strength, and finally grow up.


It is worth mentioning that there is a metaphor in Spirited Away, which is also a particularly interesting one.

1, about the name

Chihiro is the real name, and Thousand is the name that the mother-in-law gave to Chihiro. There is such a view in the culture of names.

There is a setting in one of the works: Everyone has two names, one is the real name, and the other is the name used in daily life. If you know the name of another person, you can control that person; if your real name is known to others, it will be controlled by others.

The name not only represents the original appearance of a person, the secret of a person, but also his blood relationship.

In the film, Bai Long was unable to return to his original life because he lost his name.

2, white dragon

As a male lord, there is almost always a characteristic of a perfect male, brave, witty, determined, and brave.

3. River God

When the river god first appeared, everyone thought he was a rotten god. He was disgusted by everyone, ugly, unpleasant, and disgusting. It is such a river god, but it has what everyone wants - gold.

Therefore, everyone can only endure the grievances to serve the river god, and finally took a bath with the most expensive and best soup in the oil house. With the help of Chihiro, after removing the filth from the body, they left easily and happily.

When the river god left, everyone was surprised to see that there was a lot of industrial waste left on the ground, as well as gold that made people shine.

In fact, it is to satirize the tremendous damage caused by the endless development of people to the environment, only to use people to realize this problem, and to endure the governance of the rot of the rot can be improved.

When it develops, it will bring gold, and after treatment, there will be more clean gold.

4, no face male

The faceless man is also a portrayal of the confusion of Japanese youth in that era. It is also the process of finding yourself and realizing oneself.

No face man, can't find his own face, can't find his position, and therefore has no face.

No face male, when you meet Chihiro, there is an inexplicable feeling in your heart. He always wanted to be with Chihiro and get the approval of Chihiro.

When the faceless man discovered that people here like gold, he used clay to make a lot of gold. It was also because of gold. He got everyone's admiration and worship and began to expand. He thought that this time should be able to get the recognition of Chihiro?

The faceless man carefully finds Chihiro, like a shy boy.

He gave Chihiro gold, Chihiro not;

He gave Chihiro something to eat, Chihiro did not.

The faceless man is confused, and Chihiro says she has to hurry to save people. The faceless man was finally angry.

After a madness, the faceless man finally calmed down. Chihiro asked him to follow himself to save people. He silently followed Chihiro.

When he was ashamed and shy in the tram, Chihiro told him to sit next to him, and the faceless man walked over and sat down.

At this moment, the faceless man has changed, and the body looks different from before.

No face man, how like a male (female) child in the face of his own heart of the opposite sex! For the other person's eyes, they struggled, tried hard, and all kinds of pleasing, humbled to anger.

Finally, I discovered that love has nothing to do with others, but love is just what you are!

What a dream!

5, hot mother and mother-in-law

In fact, this is the side of two people's personality. The more the mother-in-law is chasing money and profit, the more she likes simplicity and elegance.

When you hate someone more, it also proves that the more you can't let go of that person.

This is a balance of personality.

There is another meaning here because they are mother-in-law. Mother-in-law is generally a person with mysterious power. It contains various possibilities and is also a representative of motherhood.

When it comes to motherhood, there are two opposing forces on the body. Just like the biological mother and the stepmother in the fairy tale. We know that many mothers have sacrificed their lives to save their children, and they have also heard of some mothers who have maimed children.

The traits from the mother to the evil mother can be summarized as follows:

Fertility - parenting - tolerance - support control - devouring - destruction

It is extremely fearful to think carefully, so even thinking like this requires a lot of always, after all, it challenges the limits that everyone bears.

6, burning the boiler grandfather

This burning boiler grandfather will never be in a hurry.

When Chihiro came, his concern was very impersonal;

When Bai Long was injured, his concern was light and people felt that they were practical.

He is a fan of coal ash, has countless hands, has knowledge, and has a ticket for forty years ago. awesome!

Every child will have an omnipotent grandfather!

He still burns the boiler, and the power of the entire oil house depends on him.

However, his flaw is that he can't rush to the front, only to guard these people silently.

7, the seal

A seal is a symbol of a contract, and it can also refer to the quality of integrity.

Seals also symbolize relationships, which are vital in our lives.

8, don't look back

In the end, when Bailong sent away Chihiro, he said that he should not look back when he goes out.

This type of discourse is used in many fairy tales.

It symbolizes that everyone will encounter many temptations in the process of growing up. Under the urging of curiosity, they will go astray because of these temptations.

So the final step in the real change is to hold the big temptation, stick to the self, develop strong self-discipline and self-control, in order to make things complete.

9, Chihiro

The change of Chihiro is the biggest, from the beginning of the wayward, a look of laziness, to the end has been completely reborn.

Chihiro's father and mother only know how to eat, drink, and play, without the spirit of contract, regardless of the actual needs of the child, self-righteous.

Every child has a fantasy kingdom of his own. When he is injured outside, he seeks comfort in this kingdom.

It is because of the existence of such a secret garden that the lonely life path has a different color.

Ok, write it here today, ok?