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S14 season will adjust 16 pieces of equipment, breaking the price and cost reduction, the Holy Grail can return blood!


Some time ago, the service was updated to the S14 season. Not only did the new map appear on the line, but also a series of changes to the wild area, the line and the defensive tower. These adjustments were explained last week. Today, I will give it to everyone. Analyze the equipment adjustments for the S14 season.

[Adjustment of 4 attack equipment]

1 broken star hammer and dawn

Broken armor ratio: 45% -> 40%

[View] Two percentages of physical penetration equipment "breaking" and "broken star hammer" have been reduced by 5% of the armor ratio, which will certainly slightly reduce the physical hero's lethality in the later period.

Especially for the two professions, the shooter and the assassin, after the three-piece formation, the threat of tanks and half-soil warriors with higher armor values ​​will be much lower.

(The percentage penetration effect is mainly for those heroes who are anti-installed. If a tank has a armor value of 1000 points, the 5% armor ratio is lowered. If it is roughly calculated, it will save the tank by about 3%. Injury

Obviously, the numerical reduction of "breaking dawn" and "broken star hammer" will greatly improve the living environment of tanks and half-soul warriors, so that they can output more in the later stage, and then use their own heroic characteristics. Protect the formation and pull back.

2 broken army

Physical attack: 200->180

[View] The attacking power of the broken army is lowered by 20 points. For those heroes who have broken the army in the later period, the impact is not great. After all, the 20-point attack power can be completely ignored in the later stage.

But for those heroes who broke out in the second, they are a bit uncomfortable. For example, Lu Bu, Sun Ce, Na Klulu, Bodhidharma and Li Bai, the amount of the previous outbreak will definitely be reduced.

3 endless battle blade

Physical attack: 120->130

Crit damage increased: 50% -> 40%

[View] The endless battle blade is the core equipment of most shooters. Now it has increased the attack power by 10 points and reduced the crit damage by 10%. It is also to improve the early damage and reduce the late income of the endless battle blade.

After all, the crit damage attribute is linked to the crit rate. In general, it is necessary to wait for the three-piece shooter to form the maximum power, and the attack power is actually added to the hero attribute.

That is to say, if the first naked endless shooter of the shooter, the early combat strength will be improved appropriately, but the overall output in the middle and late stages will fall a lot.

This kind of change is also to make the shooter better over the weak period of his own, and the equipment is as fast as possible.

The above is the adjustment of 4 pieces of attack equipment. In fact, the most important change direction is to downgrade the assassin's burst output and the shooter's late damage. Appropriately reduce the rhythm to make the group battle close to the middle to ease the survival pressure of the half-soul warrior and tank.

At the same time, it also improved the shooter's early suppression force, which improved the development environment of the shooter.

[5 spell equipment adjustments]

1 broken holy grail and holy grail

Price: 900 → 800

Price: 1930 → 1800

Added passive effect: if the mana is full, 5% maximum health every 5 seconds

[View] The price of the broken Holy Grail is lowered by 100 gold coins, and the price of the Holy Grail is lowered by 130 gold coins. This will undoubtedly shorten the development cycle of the Master and allow some heroes who have excessive demand for blue quantity to form faster.

At the same time, the Holy Grail has also added a new passive similar to the "hegemony reloading", in the case of the full mana of the mana, directly restore the blood volume.

However, due to the fact that the Master's mana value is still relatively small, especially in the line period, the amount of blue will often bottom out, so that this passive effect will certainly be greatly reduced.

If you are a very blue hero, I personally recommend the third outfit.

After all, just arrived in the middle of the time, do not need to frequently on the line skills, the Master can also get the blue buff, coupled with the new passive blessing of the Holy Grail, there may be unexpected results.

The improved endurance effect also reduces the frequency of going home in disguise, so the time available for grabbing the rhythm and developing money will definitely be more.

2 hot dominator

Shield value: 375+75* hero level +0.5*AP → 500+1.5*AP

Increase the effect: release the control when the shield is triggered

[View] The hot dominator not only enhances the late shield value, but also adds a new passive effect. When the mage's health is less than 30%, the shield is immediately released and the control is released.

Such changes will greatly improve the living environment of the Master, especially in the mid- and late-stage team battles, the Master will have more reaction time to surrender the flash or displacement skills to escape from the set fire, unlike before. Will always be connected to death.

In addition, like the functional auxiliary heroes, the late release to the new version of the hot dominator, can also allow them to have more operating space to release skills, improve the overall combat effectiveness of teammates.

(In the case of opposite control and more outbreaks, you can also use the new version of the hot dominator instead of Huiyue's choice, the life-saving effect will be better, after all, Huiyue often cannot press)

3 virtual can not

Spell Attack: 180 → 240

Maximum health: 500 → 300

[View] The virtual can not lower the 200 health bonus, increased the 60 spell attack, this is to strengthen the Master's overall output, so that the Master's ability in the middle and late Carry is more powerful.

4 secret boots

Increase attribute: return to blue +25 every 5 seconds

Synthetic Way: Skull Boots → Speed ​​Boots + Alchemy Amulet

[View] The boots of the secret method have added a passive response to the blue amount, which returns 25 points of blue amount every five seconds, which is equal to the recovery amount of two and a half small blue cards, which can effectively alleviate the pressure of the Master's line, so that the Master can be bold. Use skill to clear the line or suppress the blood limit.

In this way, the Master can have more support for the sidewalk and the invasion of the wilderness, and his own early rhythm control will be stronger. In the middle and late stages, the boots of the secret method can also be replaced with cooling shoes to ensure their own cooling. Reduce the attributes.

The above is the adjustment of the five pieces of spell equipment. In fact, the general direction is to make the Master's life-saving ability and output increase significantly, and then relieve their pre-line pressure, so that the role of the Master is more obvious.

In fact, in the S13 season, the position of the Master is indeed a bit low, especially in the professional arena, there is a point like the second auxiliary position, and often let the line to other C-bit development.

After the changes in the S14 season, the Master's Carry ability will obviously increase a lot, and also provide the team with considerable output.

[Adjustment of 2 pieces of wild equipment]

1 patrol axe

The maximum number of layers of the wild buff: 20 → 10

Increase the only Passive - Sacrifice: Spell damage of 2% of your own maximum health per second to the nearby monsters / creeps (not valid for heroes)

[View] The passive layer of the second-level purple wilderness knife is reduced by 10 layers, which is equivalent to the 500 points of life bonus. It will definitely reduce the early combat capability of those who like the purple wild knife.

Although the new sacrifice is not effective for the hero, it obviously speeds up its own line and efficiency.

2 Giant's Grip

Price: 2160 → 1800

Synthetic route: 2 level wild knife + smelting heart + red agate → 2 level wild knife + cloth armor + anti-magic cloak maximum stacking number: 30 → 15

Increase 800 maximum health → Increase 120 Physical and Spell Defense

The only passive-sacrifice: damage to nearby enemies every second: 30 + hero level *6 → 2% of their own maximum health

[View] "price drop", "newly added double resistance attribute" and "passive effect adjustment", so that the synthesis of three-level purple wild knife is smoother, especially the passive effect is changed to 2% of its own maximum health damage. (Like the red lotus cloak), it will definitely make some wild-like injuries that like the fleshy meat more impressive.

In fact, from the direction of the change of the purple wild knife, it is not difficult to see that this is to adjust the adjustment of the "blue collar to fight wild" (do not eat the economy).

Give more half-soul warriors and tanks the opportunity to return to the wilderness, let them use the rhythm of "pre-single Gank, mid-term let buff let the economy" to change the current environment, so that the role of the wizard and shooter Sex will also grow bigger and bigger.

[4 pieces of auxiliary equipment adjustment]

1 Fengming ring and pole shadow

Active skill changed to passive aura effect: increased 20% attack speed and 6% cooling reduction around the friendly.

The active skill is changed to a passive aura effect: increasing the nearby attacker's 30% attack speed and 10% cooling reduction.

[View] The Aurora has always been a low-cost auxiliary device. The S14 season has adjusted its gain effect to a passive aura, which will undoubtedly greatly improve the price/performance ratio of Pole.

And most importantly, the attack speed and cooling reduction are the just-needed attributes of the shooter and the mage. After such a change, the assistant can also upgrade the polar image in the medium term, so that the damage output of the team reaches the limit.

(especially the attack speed effect, the second equipment of many shooters is the attack speed. If there is a 30% attack speed bonus of the polar shadow, they can also skip the second piece of equipment and directly outbreak, to "pseudo-forming" Way to get yourself to join the team earlier)

2 Inspired Shield and Guard Glory

Halo effect adjusts from increasing attack to increasing defense

Physical Attack: 22~50, Spell Attack: 44~100 → Physical/Spell Defense: 40~96

Halo effect adjusts from increasing attack to increasing defense

Physical Attack: 33~75, Spell Attack: 66~150 → Physical/Spell Defense: 60~144

[View] The adjustment of the Guardian Glory to the defensive bonus effect is actually the suppression of the "no shooter lineup" in disguise.

After all, the former assistant can come out of the glory of the guard to strengthen the attack power of the small soldier, thus improving the speed of the team's push, so that it can undoubtedly ease the push tower pressure of the "no shooter lineup."

In the S14 season, the changes in the glory of the Guard will definitely impact the lineup of "bilateral fighters, playing wild assassins". On the contrary, it will also strengthen the life-saving ability of the shooters, so that the survival pressure of their mid-team battles is even smaller.

From the direction of the change of 4 auxiliary equipments, this is an intentional adjustment plan for the return of the side shooter, so that the output space and living environment of the side shot have been improved.

[Adjustment of 1 other equipment]

1 broken magic knife

Spell Defense: 50 → 100

[View] The magic resistance of the Broken Knife is adjusted from 50 to 100, which will make its defense effect more obvious. In the middle of the game, a broken knife can also be used as a defensive device.

Especially in the S14 season, where the status of the Master is gradually improving, the Broken Knife may be a good mid-over overtime.

to sum up

The above is the equipment adjustment content of the S14 season in the previous period. Of course, the final change data still depends on the official service.

In fact, from the direction of the above changes, it is not difficult to see that the official is indeed intentionally strengthening the ability of the Master and the shooter's Carry, so that the regular lineup completely returns to the "one shot and one method" structure.


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