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Spend 700 yuan to buy all your privacy: open house records, bank accounts... also check his real-time coordinates!


All your private information, including the opening of the house record, the assets under the name, the flight, and even the Internet cafes to record information, as long as someone pays, can be easily found. Does this make you shudder? In addition, the four major bank deposit records, mobile phone real-time positioning, mobile phone call records, they can also find, and claimed 7 days × 24 hours uninterrupted service.

Recently, Nandu reporters bought the above information from colleagues on the Internet for only 700 yuan. What is even more frightening is that there are third-party software guarantees for such services, and the whole transaction has jumped to the point of “platformization”.

The colleague bought by the Southern Reporter Unicom mobile phone positioning information, the number is the latitude and longitude coordinates.

The Southern University reporter bought a colleague "ID card big track", including opening a house record, online record and so on.

"Reporter experience: half an hour mobile phone accurately locates your open house record data to the nearest second

Anyone's opening record, personal car ownership, copy of various certificates, certificates, or even mobile phone positioning, as long as they are willing to spend money, the service providers at the other end of the network will provide all, and claim that "the world Within 24 hours of service."

On December 8th, Nandu reporter contacted a service provider named “××Commerce” on the grounds of understanding the relatives’ marriage, and the staff introduced that they only need to provide the ID number, which can be inquired including the opening record, train record, Materials such as flight records, Internet cafe records, exit records, entry records, criminal records, housing records, rental records, bank records, driver's license records, etc., are collectively referred to as “ID card big track”.

This "full service" is only 850 yuan. The aforementioned staff told the Southern Reporter that if the individual items were inquired in a targeted manner, the charges would be extra. “Check the personal credit information fee is 300 yuan, and check the open house record for 200 yuan.” In addition, query individual items, such as opening a house record, the result will be on the same day. Check the "ID card big track" full set to wait until the next day.

A colleague who bought a reporter from Nandu opened an overview of the house opening record.

A detailed record of a certain room opened by a colleague bought by a reporter from Nandu.

"Inquiry to open the house record, when the sunrise results can also find the same person information

Subsequently, the Southern Reporter authorized his colleague to provide his name and ID number. The above-mentioned staff said that the price of the opening of the house in the province where the household registration is located is 200 yuan. The price of the opening of the house is 300 yuan, and the result can be obtained before 12 o'clock that night, but the WeChat account must be transferred first. After that, the Southern Reporter paid 300 yuan according to his request. The staff asked the reporter to wait patiently for the result.

At 7 o'clock on the evening of the 9th, a general screenshot of the opening record of the colleague was sent to the reporter from Nandu, and a screenshot of the last time the house was opened on October 30 this year was sent.

The screenshot shows that the first time a colleague opened the house was at 21:48 on August 10, 2011. The hotel was an Anxin Hotel in Xincheng District, Xi'an. The room number was room 310 and the same person could be found. The reporter from Nandu asked how to charge the accommodation staff. He said that “it is necessary to check the same living alone for 600”. The colleague confirmed that he did stay with the family in Xi'an after the college entrance examination in 2011.

The screenshot of the last open room record is a blue background picture, the left side is the ID card photo, the middle column is the passenger number, ethnicity, date of birth, ID number, address, address, hotel code and hotel code. Address, from the top to the bottom of the list is the name, gender, document type, address of the province, the check-in time, check-out time, hotel name and hotel address division. Each time you open a room record, you can make the check-in time accurate to × hour × minute × second.

"Imports big track: accommodation, flights, bank accounts, Internet cafes, all kinds of records are available

Then, the Southern Reporter asked the price of the call record inquiry. It said that it can only query the call record of China Unicom's mobile phone number. The price is 1,500 yuan and the positioning price is 600 yuan.

The aforementioned staff said that you can also check the deposit balance of the four major banks. Each bank is 600 yuan, and the ID number can be queried, but the result of the inquiry will be given two days later.

After that, the Southern Reporter decided to change another colleague to buy the "ID card big track". After several bargaining, the price was talked about 700 yuan. One day after the transfer was completed, the other party sent two EXCEL documents containing the ID track of the colleague's 9 records.

The Southern Reporter saw that a document named “Distributed Query” recorded the hotel’s hotel accommodation records, resident population records, temporary population records, and Internet cafes’ online records since April 2011. The information—×××” document is the train record, flight record, bank account verification record, driver's license record, driver's license violation record, motor vehicle registration record, etc.

The colleague of the Southern Reporter confirmed that the situation of these two documents is completely true and basically contains his ID card trajectory in recent years. In particular, the “National Population Basic Information” table is exactly the same as the information registered on his account page. The photo is also his own ID card photo. In addition, the reporter's colleagues also analyzed that only the records since April 2011 were displayed, probably because he changed his ID card in April 2011.

"Mobile phone positioning: half an hour to check the latitude and longitude is accurate to six decimal places

Finally, the Southern Reporter decided to change the mobile phone number of a colleague and check the location of the mobile phone. The above staff said that only the phone number of the Unicom number can be queried. The inquiry time is half an hour and the charge is 600 yuan. After Nandu reporter provided the mobile phone number and paid for more than half an hour, the other party sent a picture of the location information, including the map, latitude and longitude information (accurate to six decimal places), exactly the same position as the reporter's colleague.

In fact, “××Trade” is just one example of this information industry chain. The Southern Reporter learned that the above personal information was not directly queried by its staff, but was represented by other people. The staff member also said that the Southern Reporter could be developed as a “offline agent” with an agency fee of 500 yuan, and the specific service fee standard would float in real time.

Nandu reporters found that there are a large number of service providers that provide personal information on Weibo, QQ Group, Tencent Micro Store, Taobao and other platforms. Some service providers will also develop the official website separately, with “business professional investigation” and “anti-human flesh”. Search for "the human flesh search" service for the name.

"Investigation: Personal Information Marketing Platform

The two sides of the transaction negotiated offline and then paid on the platform. Some false packaging changed their names on the mainstream website. In the projects provided by the service providers, in addition to purchasing other people's privacy data packets, there is also a “silent and uninteresting” positioning service, as long as Pay to find anyone's current location.

Southern reporters searched for location-based services on social software and found that there were many public numbers that provided the service, claiming that they could be located as long as they had a mobile phone number. According to reports, mobile phone positioning is mainly through GPS and base station positioning. GPS positioning must be opened by the mobile phone positioning service, accurate up to 20 meters; and the mobile phone can be determined as long as there is a signal, accurate to about 100 meters.

According to the service provider, the WeChat, map and other APPs need to open the location service, so the GPS is turned on by default. The Southern Reporter asked for a mobile phone number to check people's request. A service provider said that after paying 600 yuan, it only takes a few minutes to find out.

Surprisingly, such services have a dedicated third-party guarantee platform. The service provider provides the reporter with a website address and account number called “Tong X Bao”, saying that it only needs to initiate an order and designate it as the orderer to conduct the transaction.

Nandu reporter found that this third-party guarantee platform is very simple to set up, only the buyer initiates the order and the seller's order. According to the introduction on the platform, when the buyer pays, the money is supervised by the platform, and the seller cannot use and withdraw the money. After the buyer confirms, the money can be released to the seller's available account. For orders that have been closed, Tongbao will charge the seller a platform operating fee of 20%.

Nandu reporter tried to initiate an order. In the order classification, there are 9 services including “open house record inquiry”, “mobile phone location query”, “personal track query” and “household information inquiry”. . Below the order, the order entry account is a required item, that is, both parties must negotiate online and then pay on the platform. After the order is initiated, the platform withdraws that once the dispute between the buyer and the seller has occurred, the arbitration can also be initiated. The company will have a professional to check whether the data obtained by the seller is accurate.

In addition, some service providers will use false packaging methods to allow the transaction process to be carried out on some mainstream websites to achieve third-party “guarantee”. On December 10th, a service provider of the chat software, Akai, told the Southern Reporter that he could check the privacy of the house and other privacy, and said that the transaction would be completed on the service crowdsourcing platform “Pig” to ensure the security of the funds in the transaction. .

Akai introduced that as long as the pig eight ring network launched a demand project (equivalent to paid help), the name of writing software development or clothing design on the line, but absolutely can not appear to check the information and other words, "this thing is illegal after all, see the light You know it yourself," he said.

After the launch of the project of Pig, Akai will cooperate with the client as a personal contractor. After the transaction is completed, the project funds will be collected. In the process, the project funds will be managed in the pig network. If the transaction is not smooth, the customer can withdraw the funds. Therefore, "fund security is guaranteed."

"Information fraud merchants under huge profits, industry insiders say the market is bullish, but most service providers are not reliable

In the black-ash industry chain infringed by this information, the “social work library” and the surrounding industries derived from it are particularly mature. In the hacker circle, “social worker” refers to a method of hacking to obtain intelligence and information. The social work library collects a large amount of user data, and becomes a tool for collecting human resources and information vendors.

The "social work library" industry was once hot, and it was severely inspected after being exposed. On the social platform, it has still been listed as a sensitive word, which has led to the rapid disappearance of industry players who use the "social work library" as a sign.

However, the famous "social work library" word has not been completely abandoned by the industry, just to change the name to re-play. Southern reporters found through Baidu, Taobao and other tools to find that some information vendors use the name "anti-human flesh search" and "anti-social work library" to avoid the network audit and the services of pedestrian meat search.

At the same time, due to technical and personnel qualifications, the level of operators of this black and gray industry chain is uneven, and the quality is better and worse. Relatively speaking, there are more intentional customers who have information inquiry "just need", they are in the background of strict investigation. Find reliable, high-quality service providers, and often replace the cooperative service providers actively or passively.

Due to the scarcity of quality service providers, the market has been bullish. Akai told the Southern Reporter that the status quo of the industry is that most service providers are not reliable. "Find the real, the price of the project can not be accepted by ordinary people." He introduced, now the three major operators call records, the market price is one or two thousand The investigation and opening of the house was recorded at around seven or eight hundred yuan.

In addition to the high price, the technically reliable business is still hard to find. "The current market is that there are only three or four social work warehouses on the market that have substantial services and are not easily accessible." Akai told the Southern Reporter: "All who claim to be themselves The social work library can check the opening of rooms, calls, and SMS records, which are basically liar."

In private exchanges, Akai told the Southern Reporter that in the black-ash industry chain of information sales, he is both an operator and a customer. "I am doing local private loan business in Changsha, and some borrowers have oversold." He has to find a way to human flesh." He said that under normal circumstances, it will be solved through local channels, and online inquiry is the next best policy.

It is worth noting that some of the “third-party secured transactions” promised by the service providers do not guarantee the security of funds. In the above transaction on “Tong×Bao”, Nandu reporter paid 600 yuan on the third-party payment platform and provided the mobile phone number of another reporter. After 10 minutes, the service provided three different location maps to reporters, both of which were displayed on Binjiang Street, Haizhu District, Guangzhou. However, the real position of the reporter at this time is in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, 5 kilometers away from the place.

The Southern Reporter verified the accuracy of the data. It said, “The information is queried by the base station. It cannot be repeated and checked again. I have to give it once again. The service provider said that the general location accuracy is within 50 meters. Suspicious questions, he said, "If you ask, you will not find me, see who you believe."

Later, the Southern Reporter applied for arbitration on the platform, but so far the platform has no action.

"Police: will conduct verification and investigation

The Southern Reporter reported to the relevant departments about the personal privacy being trafficked, but has not yet received specific processing results.

On the 11th, the reporter from Nandu reported the situation to the police at the place where the colleague of the information was sold, and was told to contact the police at the place where the incident occurred. Subsequently, the Southern Reporter called the Guangzhou Public Security. After the police inquired about the detailed process, they said that they would arrange relevant personnel to contact. In less than 10 minutes, the relevant police and the Southern Reporter got in touch. After understanding the situation, the police said that because the leaked information did not constitute a public Internet and other plots, it will not be processed.

"Once public, you can go to the police station where your place of residence is to report the case, and the police will handle the case." For the service provider, the police said that they can be handed over to the police station for registration after the police station.

For the problems of many involved websites, Southern Reporters called the police in their registered locations. On the issue of “Tong X Bao”, the Chengdu police responded that they would send relevant personnel to verify and contact the reporter, and suggested that they could also report to the local police in Guangzhou. For the website registered in Chongqing, such as, Nandu reporter contacted Chongqing Public Security Bureau and was told that the police could only report the case at his own location. The Chongqing police would not handle it.

Jing × website development company for Jieyang City Jiedong District Jing × Technology Co., Ltd., Southern Reporter contact Jieyang Public Security Network Police, a staff member said that it can be reported through the police network channel, at the same time will be verified and investigated, according to the situation deal with.

The staff of the service provider “×× Commerce” claimed to be in Shenzhen. The reporter of Nandu called the Internet Information and Internet Reporting Office of the Shenzhen Netcom Office at 14:00 on the 11th. The report hotline was a voice message. After the Southern Reporter reflected the above problems, as of press time, he had not received the contact and reply from the relevant personnel; and another mobile phone reporting hotline provided by the website, the Southern Reporter found that it had been shut down.

For the micro store and its staff of “××Business”, Southern Reporter reported through WeChat platform, but found that there was no “illegal transaction” in the report reason page, and had to choose “Webpage may contain rumor information” The item is reported. The relevant staff of WeChat responded that Tencent has been cooperating with the police for continuous crackdown on the black industry. At the same time, Tencent's staff also revealed to the Southern Reporter that personal information sales have formed a black industry chain of “offline linkage, online multi-platform collection, exchange and transaction”. From the QQ platform alone, in 2016, the QQ security team conducted a centralized investigation of QQ groups that may have this type of risk, and introduced manual audits one by one to confirm that QQ groups with violations of laws and regulations were all suspended. Up to now, more than 4,500 QQ groups have been investigated and closed, and more than 3,400 QQ accounts have been closed.

In addition, at noon on December 11, Nandu reporter reported the above websites through suspected reporting of the platform 12321 by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and alleged illegal access to information and related transaction guarantee services, and left the reporter's contact telephone number and email address. No response has been received yet.

"Querying personal information requires only one name

First, the query conditions

Simply provide an accurate personal information such as your name, mobile number or ID number.

Second, the service project

1. Inquire about the “ID card big track” including 11 items such as opening room records, criminal records, renting records, and bank records.

2. The location service claims to find anyone's current location.

Third, the service provider hides

1. Weibo, QQ Group, Tencent Micro Store, Taobao and other platforms, there are a large number of service providers that provide access to personal information.

2. Some service providers will also develop the official website separately, providing "human flesh search" services under the name of "business professional survey" and "anti-human flesh search".

Fourth, third party guarantee

1. For example, "Tongbao" website. After the two sides negotiated online, they will pay on the platform. In the event of a dispute, the website will conduct a verification arbitration. The order classification includes: 9 services such as “open house record inquiry”, “mobile phone location query”, “personal track query” and “household information inquiry”.

2. False packaging, allowing transactions to be conducted on mainstream websites. For example, if you need a project on the relevant website (equivalent to paid help), name the software development or clothing design (there is no such thing as "inquiry information").