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I am with the American bear children. (5) You are a Chinese, of course smart.


[Foreword] This is the diary that I started writing two years ago. It recorded the "frustration" and growth of being a teacher in the United States. I read these old articles and read them again. I was deeply touched. The bitterness and tears of the past were the soil and fertilizer that I used to grow. Now I seem to have been able to control the classroom with ease, establish good relationships with American children and parents, and learn Chinese in an orderly manner. I also have some confidence in the public number or know about "American education" and share teaching methods and experiences. There are more and more Chinese teachers in the United States, repeating these challenges and honing. I have reorganized these articles to know, and I hope that more people can understand the real situation of the teacher in the United States and accompany the new teacher to the initial discomfort. There is another purpose: don't blindly "advocate" American education, we must continue Mr. Lu Xun's "takenism": go to its dross and take its essence.

(5) You are a Chinese, of course smart.

I just started teaching in the United States, and I still have a lot of ideas for teaching in the country. For example, the 99 multiplication table is to be recited. Because almost all Chinese, including me, remember the nine-ninth multiplication table by memorizing. Naturally, when I teach myself, I print out the multiplication table and send it to the students. The students have already started to complain for a long time without starting to back. So I decided to give them a "brainwashing" and let them see the results after the back. I let any student make any multiplication within ten or so and give the answer one second. Other students look at the 99 multiplication table to see if it is correct. After the demonstration, the students certainly feel that this is too powerful, fast and accurate. But some of them said: "You are a Chinese person, of course, smart!" If it is a student who does not take learning as a matter of course, the key is that a more reliable child said, I am laughing. There is not much to pay attention to. But I wonder why this is the reason, whoever stipulates that the Chinese must be smart - 歪理! Regardless of the three seven twenty-one, I still let them read it from the beginning several times, the students remember very fast, remember one by one to four forty-six.

In the Chinese class, I found that the students' writing is based on the gourd painting. When they are not writing according to the strokes, they practice the Chinese character "I", and the fingers are lifted up and practiced five times. Then they are written in the palm of your hand and finally climbed. Whiteboard, see who can write right. There were problems with five or six, and repeated corrections. This was quite practiced ten times. Finally, someone wrote it right. I emphasized: "You have to go to the heart, you can't just move your hands." One child directly said to me: "It's too difficult. You are a Chinese who certainly feels simple." This is another excuse, far-fetched, who will write when he is born, not all of them are practiced repeatedly. This group of children, it is not this piece of material that they do not try to blame themselves. I feel that the student's way of thinking about this problem is not right. After class, I went to live with the United States for more than 20 years. The Chinese-American teacher Liu, who has more than ten years of teaching experience, has learned.

Teacher Liu was happy when she heard my intentions. She shook her head helplessly and said, "What the children know, not all of them are listening to the parents." This is the view of many Americans on the Chinese people. They know China. People are smart and diligent. The Chinese in the United States are trying their best to make a difference. They are even considered by Americans to take their jobs. But the Americans will not reflect on why their own people do not have this enterprising spirit, and they are lazy. Some young and strong people do not work. They sit idle and wait for the country to help. This kind of laziness of children is also learned from parents. Many parents have more children, single mothers have several children, and some do not know who their father is. These parents hand over the maintenance obligation to the state, the education obligation is given to the school, and they do not work on their own, complaining all day to cry out to the government to ask for increased welfare. On the contrary, the middle class of the day-to-night class has worked hard for a year, and has lived a tight life, but used one-third of the income to pay taxes. The state uses this part of the money to raise the poor. Teacher Liu said that this is also the "going" of the US government. The poorest in the United States is a hard working middle class. You say that people still have to work hard. After listening to this, although I could not find a solution, at least I understand some of the reasons behind it.

But there was another thing that made me laugh and laugh. During the break, a group of children were playing hula hoops. They couldn’t turn up. I volunteered to teach them. I obviously remembered that I could turn them up, but I couldn’t find the feeling at first. I can’t turn around. A very well-behaved child looked at me and said, “Are you Chinese? How can you not turn?” I'm speechless. This is related to whether I am a Chinese person or not! When I found the feeling turned, they cheered and the child came again: "You are really Chinese!" I am going! What is even more ridiculous is that the children in the next class also yelled "The Chinese teacher turned up..." I am a Chinese, I am omnipotent.

Author: Lili Zhao

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