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MCN deep analysis under short video burst

Through the MCN business model, many short-video entrepreneurs try to tame the public's attention to continue to stabilize and realize that the animals are fierce.

Short video entrepreneurship

Short video entrepreneurs will eventually find themselves in the bullring.
The public's attention is like an untamed bull. It is impatient and changeable and may leave you at any time. You sang and danced, funny, and tried hard to attract attention, and finally won the applause. But once you are floating, think you are riding the wind, the bull is cold and hit you to fly. I haven't landed yet, and there are four buzzing sounds in my ear.
As an independent bullfighter, you can never control the attention of the public, this awkward bull. The so-called animal is fierce, and the wild is difficult to tame. Not to mention the referee sitting on the high platform, you can stop the "out of the box" players at any time.
In the long run, you will lose the bullfight. This is the matador puzzle in the field of content creation, although no one wants to mention it.
To solve this problem, short video entrepreneurs, platforms and investors can play happily.
"Matador" Papi sauce understands this truth. After experiencing the skyrocketing advertising storm, she was quiet for a while, then returned to the public eye, and led a partner, Ms. Yang, to set up an MCN institution, Papitube.
The emerging business model of MCN is trying to solve the problem of the matador.

The original intention of the MCN organization

The core business of many MCN institutions in China is to aggregate potential short video creators and help them connect viewers, platforms, advertisers, and derivatives businesses with the support of capital to ensure the continuous output of content and provide better Business realization path.
The main value of MCN lies in the value of information and the value of efficiency, that is, bridging the information asymmetry between the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain and improving the efficiency with industrialized games. These are the shortcomings and needs of the domestic entertainment industry.
In essence, MCN attempts to tame the attention of short-video viewers and to monetize the steady flow of attention.
In theory, since the “Matador” – content creators are not very good at user operations and do not understand advertisers, it is very valuable for MCN to package the sense of smell, experience or formula into services to support them. For content creation, whether it is to maintain user and platform relationships, advertising bargaining or promotion, they can be handed over to MCN.
Change the single fight to fight for the team.
But it’s hard to dance with the cows.
When the market is arrogant, there must be a brave man. Thousands of MCN institutions have flooded into this market.
One is the resource-configured player. The founders of such organizations are either net red, holding traffic, or getting traffic on the platform or accumulating advertising resources. Their advantage is to focus on optimizing the allocation of resources, to guide small and medium-sized creators, so that they can grow up, and then to help the big and small, group wolves to attack, the test is the creator's personal charm and resource energy, representing The organization has papitube, He Xiangufu and so on.
The other is to create empowered players. The founders of such institutions are often media, creative planning, communication origins, familiar with the work of programming and communication skills, and focus on winning content quality. Their advantages focus on the use of industrial means to enhance the effectiveness of the creative process, representing institutions such as the second, the Qing culture.

Industry development

From the industry in 2016 to the present, how has the industry developed over the past two years?
For the head of the MCN mechanism, the situation is not bad.
Papitube, led by Papi Sauce, claimed to have received 155 advertisers in 2017, with an average of two orders per two days. From the published clips, the form of video-embedded advertisements is often used.
He Xiangfu also obtained a stable advertiser and set a target of 60 million in 2018. They also developed a venture capital business, established a "shell video" company, and explored and invested in "segmentation + personalization" of the reds.
Second, he also claimed to have annual income of several hundred million yuan and has achieved profitability. The number of employees has also increased to more than 600. The number of videos released by the whole network has reached more than 3,000, and the total number of broadcasts has reached 25 billion.
It seems that the head company survives quite well. Such companies, either with strong leadership network red, can be a big crowd, relying on traffic resources to launch group wolves tactics, or industrialized level of copyable creative execution capabilities, to expand popular verticals with higher quality content series field.
However, companies below the head are more attentive.
To survive, realizing is the biggest problem. If you don't have a large enough traffic mix and you can't get into the eyes of a big advertiser, you have to think about other ways.
Ms. Liu is a founder of the MCN organization transformed from fashion magazines. She has more than a dozen beauty and fashionistas, and several of them have reached the level of Weibo and Taobao. Even so, advertising revenue is still difficult to protect the company's development needs. She tried to find ways to make money in the direction of heavy assets. However, e-commerce is a new field for them. The e-commerce field of beauty and clothing is already a red sea. After several breakouts, there has not been a big gain. “Maybe making snacks is a good choice,” she said, her eyes full of expectations.
Other institutions are fully motivated to find a monetization channel that can run through. The "new studio" also carried out short film production training, short film OEM production, advertising, e-commerce business, online drama network and other ways you can think of monetization, trying to use the horse racing way to kill a smooth road.
There are more companies breaking out.

Future prospects

Born on the Internet, the MCN market also follows the power law of the Internet, either head or soup. After two years of baptism, the dual structure has been highlighted.
Now we can see that two types of people can survive.
One type is the head net red with its own personal charm attribute, occupying the popular segmentation field, "chef shop", soliciting and diverting to cultivate potential network red, forming a wolf-like combat power. In essence, this is an artist brokerage company, but the leader has a net sense and flow, and has enough cold start energy and means to roll up the "snowball".
The other category is a focused content creation agency. In-depth popular segmentation areas, not only proficient in planning and producing high-quality works, but also to promote and promote the entire industry chain.
Unfortunately, the short video hot segment is limited. When you get one less pit, the winners will not only get the favor of advertisers, but also get the support of the platform and enjoy the dividend of Matthew effect.
However, the constantly updated market situation does not allow the head players to sit on the Diaoyutai. There are two ways to play the game, which will allow the MCN organization to “turn over the curve”.
One, taking advantage of the platform is still innovating, grasping the opportunities of domestic fragmentation and decentralization platforms. For example, with a short video with a length of about 15 seconds, the vibrato is rapidly exploding. On the platform, there are 4 million fans of Wu Jialu and other vibrato reds, which also gives MCN organizations the opportunity to overtake the corner. After the vibrato, there will be other innovation platforms in the future.
The other is to use the evolution of the content form to advance the layout. It is foreseeable that the future video content form will continue to innovate, from the simplest live broadcast to the complex streaming long drama, the new and old forms are constantly integrated with each other, and a variety of variants are hybridized. For example, entertainment short videos may blend elements of traditional melodrama, develop towards medium-length sitcoms, and live broadcasts in a variety of forms, resulting in micro-variety. If you pre-empt the layout of new content, there are opportunities to take advantage of the wind.
Players who are difficult to get the tide, either do the vertical category of e-commerce, or do short-film OEM business, concentrate on operating small and beautiful sub-areas, so it is relatively easy to stabilize the realization, the price is to withdraw from MCN diversified business.
However, it is foreseeable that more MCN institutions can only drink soup because they cannot occupy the head position of any kind of gameplay.
Ms. Liu sent a new message in her circle of friends.
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MCN, ideally full, and animals ferocious.