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The sharing wind led by IPFS is moving towards the blockchain


Chinese Internet rapid development has been close to 10 years, Xiao Bian complete through this process. All this from a small site that we no meal talking about. . .

the Internet

March 16, 2006: Twitter is online

May 12, 2007: No meal online

No meal is China's first copying the Twitter microblogging class website, the number of users rose rapidly after the meal not on the line, to the first half of 2009, the number of users of rice has soared to nearly one million, increasing influence, then rice Whether it has been shut down , Xiaobian still remembers the short and precise statements that have been created by the meal:

I have never avenged this person. I usually report it on the spot.

Don't cry at my grave, dirty my way back.

Already used the whole youth to review youth, but also to use the whole life to doubt life.

If you are a flower, the cow will not dare to pull the dung!

Always young, always tender, never knowing how to be good, always tears

After the years, I sigh, the two teenagers: a stunning time, a gentle time


(The original text may not be from rice, but it is the food that gives them life)

August 14th, 2009: Sina Weibo started beta

In the past, I landed on the wap website on a screen with a thumb size and sent Weibo. However, usually the sending is via SMS (this is why Twitter, rice no, Sina Weibo's initial 70-word limit), the birth of Weibo will increase the speed of information dissemination of the Internet in geometric progression, based on the microblogging The data has also attracted people's attention. Xiaobian has done a lot of related projects between 2009 and 2012.

China's Internet was initially very closed. The website and the website never shared resources, and their own data was kept secret as their core competitiveness, for fear of others robbing.

The open API that has been popular abroad has not been introduced to China until Sina Weibo has opened the Oauth 1.0 access protocol (learning Twitter).

Xiaobian's team was one of the first batch of open access platforms at the time, followed by Douban, Sohu Weibo,,, Tencent all opened their own APIs in half a push. The Chinese Internet began its first data-opening journey, and the awareness of resource sharing began to sprout at the Internet level.

Internet startups have sprung up like mushrooms, innovating one area after another. What they have in common is that the speed of information circulation has increased dramatically.

The Internet broke out and a lot of resources poured in. In 2013-2014, Zhongguancun Venture Street 3w coffee and garage coffee were packed with technicians, private entrepreneurs, angel investors who were looking for entrepreneurial opportunities, and of course occasionally Xiaobian. The figure (the biggest mistake that Xiaobian made in the past was to build a car behind closed doors).

The prosperity of Beijing Wangjing Scanning Street in 2015 represents the peak of the O2O concept.

From the street to the end, as long as you are willing to scan the code, all kinds of gifts can be piled up

2016 artificial intelligence and big data debut

In this process, the combination and sharing of resources is the main theme (always in human history), and the Internet finds ways to rapidly promote such changes, from the sharing of information data (online) to the sharing of real economic resources (offline). Cooperation.

Along with this era, there is still a line that is biased but it changes us quietly.


January 3, 2009: The first application of the blockchain BTC was born

2013: Vitalik Buterin presents the Ethereum

On July 30, 2015, the Ethereum network started in the blockchain2.0 era.

2015.5.5: IPFS network startup

IPFS has opened up a new era of sharing, and the combination of the real economy has made the IPFS project more meaningful. Blockchain 3.0 has moved toward us.

This line shows the existence of the BTC as the main form to the world.

. . . . . .

Until 2017, the Internet and the blockchain finally came together conceptually, which is the popular sharing trend .

What the Internet did on the share:

  • Data: Open API,. . .
  • Car: Uber, Drip,. . .
  • Bicycle: Moby, ofo,. . .
  • House: Airbnb,. . .
  • . . .

What is shared by the blockchain:

  • CPU resources: Collecting CPU resources and doing some meaningful things. In fact, there are such projects very early and early. For example, users use computer to calculate astronomical observation data, distributed computers, etc.
  • Graphics card resources: The floating-point computing power of the graphics card is far superior to the general-purpose CPU, so many projects that use graphics card mining, of course, the computing power of the graphics card has many other uses.
  • Hard disk space: IPFS, Stroj, Sia, MaidSafe,. . .
  • Network bandwidth: The sharing of network bandwidth is generally complementary to the hard disk space. To store data, you must also use data.
  • Decentralized trust: the consensus mechanism of various blockchain projects, the financial and insurance fields will play an important role

The blockchain seems to be born with this ability: collect the remaining resources in the computer to do something meaningful. IPFS+Filecoin has undoubtedly played a leading role in this sharing wind. In the future (after IPFS success), the cost of using the Internet will be greatly reduced. IPFS has achieved a more rational allocation of resources, which is in line with the law of economic development. The IPFS is an Ethereum-level project and is integrated with the real economy.

If you have seen "IPFS competitors (2)" , you should know that IPFS followers (various CDN projects) have begun to rush in the country, and the building and future world built by IPFS have described a new era. Therefore, the IPFS era is called the new era of blockchain (3.0). In the face of this new era, the forerunners must be prepared .


Of course, the blockchain project is undoubtedly a high risk (as the shadow) . Regardless of how the market revels, participants must keep a clear head, even the soul of the Blockchain BTC, there is also the risk of zeroing, after all, this is a thing that was born less than 8 years.

The blockchain economy is a challenge to the traditional economy in a certain sense. Our traditional economy has accumulated the entire history of human civilization. The new economy needs to be integrated, retaining excellent places, and limiting and removing bad places ( Any new technology is a double-edged sword. If it is not good, it will hurt us.)

New things are still in the barbaric growth period. After the barbaric growth period, they are ultimately attributed to the real economy. They really bring benefits to the whole human life. Those bad things in the process will be eliminated and eliminated. "Better survival" is the driving force of the entire human race. Nakamoto has given the DNA of the evolution of Blockchain, and Blockchain is just learning to walk as a baby. She will still rob a few times, and when she has passed, she will fly and can't pass, just like a tulip bubble, become a beautiful soap bubble in human history --- fly to the future

At last

Must not engage in leverage

Must not engage in leverage

Must not engage in leverage

Because: money can not be earned, but will end up losing! ! !

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