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Something thought of by MathType

  1. This stuff is rotten, although it can also output a formula with good enough quality, but the helplessness is that most of the people who use it are also rotten.
  2. The rottenness of most people is actually a lack of typographic knowledge. They don’t have the knowledge and they don’t want to learn it.
  3. Although MathType has a GUI, it is visual, but in theory, the user operates the various details of the formula according to visual feedback. That is to say, the user and the dying typesetting worker are actually the same.
  4. Skilled typesetting workers take years to discharge a good enough page. Obviously, MathType users can't reach such training time.
  5. Although MathType has visual logic, the logic behind it is unclear. Inline and display mixed situations sometimes occur, even high test volumes cannot be avoided.
  6. Therefore, a national examination paper has not been able to professionally be typeset.
  7. Of course, in fact, China's typesetting technology has not been better, do not mention any big square, they are only from 0 to 1, not from 1 to n, so many years of eating and still feel that they have a sense of superiority?
  8. Popular science is necessary, but science means giving fish to the mermaid. It is useless to say no. Who is not retreating? It is very difficult to be pragmatic. Once pragmatic, some people use their own banner to copy and start to swindle money.
  9. But I am sorry, the typesetting technology has not been copied, and the technical documents are tens of thousands. You have to read it. It’s not always possible to do it after reading it.
  10. After the complaint is finished, continue to write the business code. With money, I went to the typesetting technology company.
  11. Still a lot of money. Then make more extra work and work more.