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Sony WH-1000XM2 and Sennheiser pxc550 experience comparison

In the afternoon, I went to the SONY STYLE of Huaihai Zhonglu with my Sennheiser pxc550. I came up with the noise-reducing headphones of Dafa. It is said that the noise-reducing ability hangs my pxc550, and I also hope to have a strong force on the subway all the year round. Noise-reducing headphones, I always feel that I bought the wrong one last year.
Xm2 paired mobile phone to finish wearing (wow the world is quiet, Senhai you don't have to spend money on noise reduction right) My pxc can only reduce the ambient sound, can make the air conditioner quiet. The xm2 is not as bulky as it is supposed to be. As a big head, the two are almost comfortable for me (but the xm is smaller and more hot than the pxc earmuffs), the playback video delay xm2 is slightly lower than pxc, both have Touch, the function experience is almost the same, the ear pressure is almost the same, there is almost no discomfort in the noise reduction.
But what made me really give up buying the second noise-cancelling headphones is the sound quality. Yes, I was wearing it for two hours and I was wearing two earphones, female voice, classical, pop, rock and roll. Listen, experience the following picture----the beginning of the experience, the two feel the same, the mid-range is full, the voice is full of emotions, the high-frequency low-frequency is slightly thin, but more than a dozen songs both listen to the sound field of pxc is getting bigger and bigger. The drums are getting clearer and clearer, and the sound of various instruments is transmitted from different directions. The music of 1000xm2 is too close, the vocals and the instruments are lumped together, and there are almost only two directions of "left" and "right". The gongs of the drums have become 咚咚咚 (may also be because the exclusive app is not downloaded). The relationship of tuning, try it next time.
In short, the experience is very happy. The first is that "there are really noise-reducing headphones that can make the world quiet." The second is "I didn't buy the wrong". If I choose to buy the sound quality 1000 pieces to buy noise reduction and spend 1500 pieces to buy the sound quality 500 pieces to buy noise reduction, I will not hesitate to choose the latter.