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[The story of the old Qin people] 79, specializes in hedgehogs


As mentioned above, the son of Gongziguang is going to kill Wu Wangyu, so he sent a special study to roast fish.

In 515 BC, Wu Guo saw the new death of Chu Ping Wang, so he sent troops to attack Chu.

Wu Wangxuan sent his son to cover the shackles and candlesticks and surrounded the land of Chu.

Wu Zi’s desire to cut down because of Chu’s mourning, the son’s cover, the son’s candle, and the handsome teacher.

And sent Ji Zha to the Jin Dynasty to see the situation in the Central Plains. On the one hand, it is also the detection of the trend of Wu Guolu Chu.

But this war, Wu Guo did not have a good result.

Wu Jun is surrounded by Chu, can not take off

After Chu sent troops to Wu Bing, Wu Bing could not return.

The news was sent back to Wu Guo.

The son is happy and said:

It is not lost.

This shows that Gongziguang wants to start.

So the son of the son called for special, said to him: Now is a good time, even if the season comes back, he will not oppose me.

Dedicated to say: the conditions for killing cockroaches have already gathered, and there are only his old mother and child in the country, and his younger brother sent troops to attack Chu, and he could not return for a moment. And there are no ministers who are just loyal to the country.

Asked specifically: If it happens, my parents and children, what should I do?

Gong Ziguang said: I am you, I will raise your parents and children instead of you.

There are two reasons why the specials will kill the king.

First, the special status is not high. If you die by yourself, parents and children will enjoy prosperity for a long time. This is the impulse of interest

Second, just because his status is not high, Gongziguang is very courteous to him, this is to repay.

In short, Gong Ziguang set up a banquet and asked Wu Wang to go. In the dark, soldiers have been arranged and are on standby.

However, Wu Wangxi is not stupid, he knows that there are ghosts inside.

According to "Wu Yue Chun Qiu" records,

Wu Wangxi, just ask your mother.

The mother said: Gongziguang is worried about the fact that you have won the throne.

So Wu Wang was wearing a armor and approved three layers.

Wang Zhijia sat in the road, and his door, the door-level households, all of them were Wang, and they were shackled. The shame was consecrated and changed to the door. The shy person sat in the house and the swearer took it. And the body is also taught by

The soldiers have been discharged from the place where Wu Wangxi lived to the mansion of Gongziguang, and even to the place where the feast was held. People who serve, have to take off their clothes and then put on specific clothes. Then the person who served the dish should do it on the knee. Then the soldier was next to him, holding a sword against the person who served. As long as there is any rash movement, immediately assassinate the past.

Wu Wangxi and the son of the banquet, drink half.

Gong Ziguang said: This is a bit painful, and I hope to pack my feet.

So the son light retreats.

At this point, the special holding of the grilled fish came up. We know that Wu Wangxi likes to grill fish. So I saw the grilled fish coming up and I was very happy.

Specially placed the grilled fish at the table, Wu Wangzhen is about to taste. Specially cut the belly of the fish by hand.

There was a dagger in the belly of the fish, so he took the dagger and stabbed him to the chest of Wu Wangxi.

Dedicated to all efforts, piercing the dagger from the chest to the back. The entire dagger runs through Wu’s chest.

Wu Wangxi was suddenly killed. The soldiers were scared by this sudden scene and did not know what to do.

Then immediately killed the special.

After Gongziguang knew it, he immediately called the ambushed soldiers and attacked Wu Wangxi’s relatives.

Soon control of the situation.

The son of the son is self-reliant and is the king of Wu.

This story is dedicated to the hedgehog, and the dagger used exclusively is the famous fish sword.

It can be said that the son of the matter is simple and neat.

This coup was not like a military coup, nor was it the son of the party to smuggle in the court. Instead, use assassination.

Moreover, Wu Wangzhen’s Achilles heel has been known by Gong Ziguang, so Wu Wangxuan will almost certainly die.

So can Wu Wangzhen avoid this assassination? almost impossible. why?

Wu Wangxi loves to eat fish, so the son of the son has an excuse to eat fish. Tempt him to come to his house. And because the fish must be sharp and have a taste, it must be only on the Gongzi Guangfu. And Gongziguang and the specials have long thought that Wu Wangxi will be layered in defense, and he even thought of hiding the sword in the belly of the fish.

Then Wu Wangxi, there is no word.

Yan is a specialist.

Let the special son be Qing.

After the son of the son was in the throne, Ji Zai came back. After Ji Zai came back, what would he do with him?

To some extent, this matter is caused by Ji Zha.

If that year, Jizai succeeded to the throne. Instead of letting Wu Wangzhen inherit, will this matter not happen? How do you say in the season?

Ji Zizhi, 曰: "苟先君 has no dethron, the people have no abolition of the Lord, the community has a vassal, but also my lord. I dare who blame? Sadness is a matter of life, waiting for the fate. Not my mess, the founder From then on, the ancestors are also."

Ji Zha said: As long as the first priests are not abolished, the people will not have no monarchs, and the community can be preserved. Who can I ask? I only mourn the deceased, serve the living, and treat the destiny. If the disaster is not made by me, I should listen to the new king.

Here Jizai said that he is not wrong. So is there really nothing wrong with Ji Zai?

We analyze from the beginning. In the same year, the birthday dream was decided.

But Jizai does not accept, why? Two reasons

1. The most basic reason is that this is against the patriarchal system.

2, secondly, even if the season is inherited from the throne. Then Ji Za is willing to inherit, that does not mean that his brother is willing to let.

So Ji Zha chose, I let the monarch.

But letting the monarch does not mean that there is no problem. The biggest problem is that if you are noble, don't you seem to be small?

So the descendant Wu Wang, let it be allowed. Because everyone knows that Ji Zarangjun is famous in the world. These Wu Wang, if I said that I am dead, let my son ascended. Everyone is sure to be embarrassed.

It was really possible to get the season to be in place, but Jizai ran again. Then should Jizai should not accept the monarch at this time?

Why do you want to let it?

Because it is not allowed, things are more complicated. For example, Ji Zaiden is in place, what if Ji Zai is dead? Who is it to pass to? In fact, at this stage, it is not important whether Ji Zha is allowed. Because when the season is dead, pass to the son, or pass to the son.

Then these two factions will definitely fight. Passing to the son of Jiza, Gongziguang must feel that I am a grandson. First, the birthday of Jun Shou dreamed to pass to Ji Zha, but did not say to pass to the son of Ji Zha.

If the pass to the son, the son of Jiza is certainly not happy. It’s a gentleman, it doesn’t mean everyone is a gentleman.

The best result is that Ji Zha has no son.

Well, let’s see again, now that the son of the son of Guangzhao has taken the place, should the season be re-elected? Obviously it should not be.

Although Jizai has a well-known inheritance right, it cannot be in place. why? "The Rams" gives the answer,

The season is not, 曰: "Erh my lord, I am the country, is my husband is also 篡 ;; 杀 吾 my brother, I am killing, is the father and son brothers kill, lifeless nothing!" Ling, life does not enter Wu State.

Ji Zai is not, saying: You killed the monarch and made me a monarch. This is not to tell the world, I am an accomplice with you? You killed the monarch, and I killed you again. This is the father and son.

Then Ji Za is not wrong. So who is responsible for this infighting? Of course, it is Wu Wangshou dream. If it wasn't for him to come up with this system of brothers and brothers, how could Wu Guo appear this infighting.

Then, on the other hand, what is the real reason for this infighting? It is a cultural atmosphere, that is, a system of morality and lightness.

The Chinese have always been moral and light.

For example, the seasons give way, everyone likes to see and hear, morality is noble. The key is whether your morality is noble, is it representative, and others are morally noble?

We should neither deify our morality nor despise morality. In ancient China, it was the constant deification of morality, so the most Chinese are hypocrites. In modern times, morality is despised, and he does not have a legitimate system as a support.

We have said that what is the relationship between morality and the rule of law? It is a progressive relationship. As society becomes more and more complex, morality can no longer adapt to social development, and the legal system comes into being. So social complexity is not a good thing. He not only makes people's thinking, human behavior, and social operation tend to be complicated. So complicated, it will lead to an increase in his management costs.

This is also the reason why the pre-Qin philosophers had a deep dislike of the legal system by Taoism and Confucianism. There is a profound truth in this. But the reality is that society has developed to this stage, and you don't have to use it. So the legal system came into being.

But China entered the authoritarian society very early. This has led to the Chinese legal system being a pseudo-legal system.

The rule of law is only a tool of authoritarian rule, because the emperor, including the bureaucracy with the imperial power as the core, is wandering outside the rule of law.

The rule of ancient China was divided into two layers.

The top level is based on the thinking of the legalist, that is, the law is to control the bureaucratic system, and the power is to control the bureaucracy. The ultimate goal is to achieve the status of the imperial power.

At the bottom, the Confucian patriarchal law allows the common people to speak morality. The key point is that the upper beam is not right, and the morality is excessive, which leads to the hypocrisy.

So for thousands of years, China has not had a clear sense of system. For the vast majority of the people, using morality to restrain, is getting weaker. why?

For example, when Wu Taibo gave the country, why didn’t there be a storm? Because in the Wu Taibo period, morality was not so lacking. In the era of Zhou Wenwang, all three generations were saints. Regardless of whether this is afterlife beautification. But everyone is a patriarchal system. The patriarchal system is based on filial piety. Therefore, let the country conform to both filial piety and the value trend at that time. And at that time, the moral binding force was strong.

Therefore, in extension, China has a mental state of the Holy Spirit since ancient times, which is a manifestation of the failure to attach importance to the system. why? Because the Holy King is above the system, you can ignore the law and give you peace.

The bureaucratic system does not pay attention to the system, leading to the occurrence of defamation cases. Let a holy monarch who does not value the system come back. Then everyone clap their hands and applaud.

This is by no means the civic mentality of modern civilized society. Moreover, it is not said that there are many holy monarchs in Chinese history. Even so, how do you guarantee that his descendants are also.

Moreover, there are ministers and ministers. Where did the minister come from? It’s coming out. Because the original intention of the minister and the people is the meaning of slavery.

Therefore, the Chinese sages absolutely do not see the public as an adult. Although they verbally said that those who win the hearts of the people have the world, those who have lost their hearts have lost the world.

But they understand deeply that there is a lot of room for doing what they want between being disliked and unbearable. As the saying goes, I will flood the sky after I die.