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Those who are naked in the workplace, have they found a job?


The little friend came to the background and asked: "What do you need to pay attention to when planning a bare speech?"

I seriously answered: "Just pay attention, don't be naked."

The little friend hesitated. From his expression, I saw that he had resigned.

"Tell me your own story."

Don't look at me now, I don't want to wear a workplace instructor. In fact, when I entered the workplace at the beginning of the year, it was very zhi (zhang).

I joined a startup after graduation. The road to entrepreneurship is getting harder and harder. I have set myself a professional ethics standard that is "smart":

"Company is difficult, employees have to go through the difficult times; they must work wholeheartedly when they are in the job, and find them after they have resigned."

The ideal is full, and the reality is slap in the face. When I really couldn’t stand it, I suddenly found out:

How difficult is it to find a job?

When I was not looking for a job, I also had a business call from time to time. How can I concentrate on finding a job now, but no one should take care of it?

This unscientific!

1. The usual recruitment discrimination

When you are in business, you don't look for opportunities. You always have the opportunity to come to you. After you leave, you concentrate on finding opportunities, but the chances are to play with big names.

Is this science?

In fact, there is really scientific reason behind this.

The Anderson School of Management at the University of California did an experiment:

Please come to 50 companies to recruit experts and ask them to simulate recruiting a marketing manager for the company, based on the candidate's resume.

The curriculum vitae of the candidates offered to the recruiting experts is almost identical. The only difference is that half of the resumes obtained by the recruiters are currently on the job; the other half of the recruiters see that the candidates are currently unemployed, the last job is a Ended before the month.

It was found that, despite the same resume, the incumbent candidate received a significantly higher score than the unemployed candidate .

Discrimination against unemployment and naked words can be foreseen, but the results of the survey are still surprising: we usually think that only long-term unemployment will lead to discrimination in the recruitment of companies, but in fact this discrimination actually took effect immediately after the departure.

Is this fair? unfair. But this is reality.

The recruitment community has always had the saying of Passive Talent :

Compared with the active candidates who are looking for resumes (Active Candidate) , recruiters will prefer passive talents that are hidden by enterprises, competing for competition among enterprises, and their willingness to change jobs .

The main reason is:

  • The core talents are being served by the company, and the willingness to change jobs is not strong;
  • Active job hopping, the recruiting officer will worry about whether there is hidden or not stable.

Passive talent is being hailed, and it is also an important reason for business social media such as LinkedIn to counterattack traditional recruitment sites such as Monster:

Job hunting is a low frequency requirement, and social is a high frequency requirement .

If you are anxious to find a job, you will go to the recruitment website to update your resume.

The core talents who are not anxious to find a job are not interested in updating their resumes for job hunting. But they still have social needs and are willing to inform their social circles (friends, partners, customers and suppliers) of their latest resumes.

So recruiters need companies to find this crowd through social channels.

When WeChat just released the "people nearby" function, I saw the headhunter running downstairs to the target company, trying to dig out the candidate he wanted from the "people nearby."

Naked words, as a fighter in the active candidate (Active Candidate), let the recruiter worry about it:

  • Insufficient ability: passive naked words (unemployment);
  • Insufficient ability: whether to re-adapt to work after leaving the job for a period of time;
  • Insufficient willingness: Too casual about work, maybe your dream is "not working."
  • Insufficient teamwork: character defects, pressure will choose to escape; poor communication skills, interpersonal relationship is not well handled.

These speculations are terrible. I mentioned in a previous answer:

What kind of reasons for leaving the job can be accepted when interviewing a new position?

In essence, there are only three questions in the interview:

  1. Can you do the job?
  2. Will you love the job? Will
  3. Can we tolerate working with you? Team spirit

These three points have a negative view. Do you say that the naked word is functioning smoothly?

In all fairness, these speculations are not based on all. However, many companies, because of these speculations, have doubts, and ultimately choose to give up the naked people.

Many naked people in the workplace are also puzzling:

Why do I have enough power, but the company refuses to ask me?

But the workplace is not always fair and reasonable. Most of the time, the recruiter is never the best candidate, but the most stable and the least likely to make mistakes .

2. Talking about salary is more difficult

The salary increase of job-hopping is generally 20%-30%.

In order to attract you to join, the new owner pays a certain premium on the salary, which is reasonable. A strong ability may also talk about a salary increase of more than 50%.

If the treatment is not close, the candidate can refuse and continue to do the work.

The negotiations between the two sides are roughly evenly matched. In a sense, companies that seek talent, the desire for talent, may exceed the candidate’s desire for a 20% salary increase.

But if you barely resign, the balance of wage negotiations will be broken.

Without work, there is no basis for bargaining. Many companies, especially those that can save a little bit, are even cheaper than the previous one, and you are not too good.

I have learned many of the small partners' naked words, partly because the salary is low, and the result is that they have no problem to solve their own problems. It is still difficult to raise the salary to their expected level.

then what should we do? The only way is to take a few more offers. When the company gives a salary, there are other offers as a basis for comparison.

However, the operation of this method is also very difficult. The labor law requires employees to leave the company, and should notify the company one month in advance; this month, it also gives the employees enough time to screen the offer.

For those who are not working, getting an offer often requires immediate work, and there is almost no buffer time.

So why can't you ride a horse to find a horse?

Are you living with money?

3. Pressure Shanda

Businesses are reluctant to recruit naked people, even if they are willing, the salary can not be satisfied.

These two points often lead to the most serious third drawback:

A heavy psychological burden, as well as self-doubt caused by stress .

The resume was posted and sent out without any information. This feeling is very bad. Under pressure, job seekers will inevitably have self-doubt.

In the end, the market is not good, or my ability is not good, no value.

Many job seekers who are naked or eager to change jobs often ask me some very detailed questions:

  • Why did I post my resume and the company did not browse?
  • Why have you visited, but did not contact me for an interview?
  • Why did I browse my resume many times without following up?
  • Why did the interview come and the offer did not?

I have to explain it over and over again, don't pay attention to these low-value details. Each company has a different situation, and the offer is given.

But I also understand that the mentality of naked job search is very similar to that of unrequited love. It is easy to get a sneak peek: Does he want me? Give no offer? Are you looking at other people?

This mentality comes from stress: I have no work, and today I have to take this offer.

People often say that stress can be turned into motivation.

This is true, but in most interviews, the pressure of backwaters often cannot be a driving force. Instead, it will make job seekers please the interviewer for the offer, but they will be afraid of their own vitality and personality and become the biggest mistake in the interview .

If there are living pressures such as rent, mortgage, and girlfriend's marriage, people can easily collapse.

I still remember myself that year.

The resume that was thrown out, 90% of the sea, the employer of the conscience, wrote a rejection letter, and there was a rare interview notice. After the interview, there was no more.

The feeling at the time was: I was abandoned by the world.

I once vowed that companies that don’t give back will not need their products in the future. Later, I found that it was not good, and the impact was too wide, which accurately hit my own life needs.

When I finally got a few offers, the pressure that had been backlogged for a long time broke out. I called my girlfriend:

I found a job, I don't want anyone, I want to prove that those who gave up my business are wrong.

Made like the Qiong Yao drama.

4. A red heart, prepared with both hands

As a naked person, I was fortunate enough to enter the HR industry. For the past 10 years, I have worked for Mercury 500 and the world's leading human resources consulting agency, Mercer.

After entering this line, I learned a lot of things I didn't know before.

For example, later, I finally realized in tears that some companies hang JD just for the purpose of receiving resumes, rather than having recruitment needs.

I also use my experience to give you some suggestions:

1. Take precautions and reflect on workplace planning on a regular basis

Some small partners will also ask: If you are not naked, it is not convenient to change jobs.

I want to find a company that is more suitable for myself in all aspects. At the same time, I have to avoid the sudden entry of the tiger's den and the wolf's nest.

This is really not easy.

In fact, for people with more than 8 years of experience, it takes 6 months or more to start from the idea of ​​posting a resume and then finding a suitable company after a round of interviews.

Many times, the problems of business and individuals are not instantaneous, but the result of long-term accumulation.

Most people wait until the problem is serious enough to be intolerable.

How can this be?

We should rethink our career plan on a regular basis (suggested every six months) : What do I want? What can I pay for? Is my goal consistent with the company?

Once you find the problem, think about it, is this problem mine? Still a business? Does it affect my career planning? Can I solve it inside the company? If not, should I look at the opportunities outside?

When you are busy with work, it is easy for people in the workplace to fall into the details of their work and forget what their overall career goals are.

(For career planning, you can read the following article)

Sean Ye: your career planning, most bosses are not interested in

It is very necessary to review the reflection regularly.

2. Look up the road and maintain market sensitivity

My previous article " I know you don't want to change jobs, but you should not refuse to interview "

Sean Ye: I know you do not want a new job, but you should not refuse to interview

There have been some controversies, and some small partners believe that this practice is dishonest and is not responsible for the current owner and the interviewing company.

What I need to clarify is that this article is more about writing to a working person who has never thought of looking outside in a company in 7-8 years. If you go out to watch 1-2 times a year, you can maintain sensitivity to the market. Help us understand:

  • The latest trends in the market;
  • Salary market;
  • External business requirements for jobs;

In this way, when we really have to go, or are forced out of the game, we will not be ignorant of the market, and will be in a state of disappointment, affecting our own professional development.

We work for the company, of course, we must work hard to pay the salary that the company pays us.

At the same time, we also need to be aware of:

Life is all about change. The same is true of the workplace.

Maybe one day, our career development goals and the company/boss’ goals are no longer the same. Don’t wait until then to complain and find a way to deal with them.

People in the workplace should be prepared for danger in times of peace, always holding a red heart and preparing for both hands; doing a good job in the existing work and understanding the market dynamics.

I hope that everyone in the workplace can put down the impulse of naked words and gain a better career.

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