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I have a salary of more than 6,000 a month. Should I resign when I am busy?

“I liked it very much at the beginning. It’s good to play computer phones every day, but now I’m very worried. I feel very empty. I don’t know what to do.”

Regarding the very leisurely thing, I believe that everyone has a feeling: when busy, it is tired, but when it is busy, it will be particularly comfortable and comfortable; when it is idle, it is cool, but when it is too long, it will panic.

Because, you don't feel safe.

A company that makes you work hard, a leader who makes you work free, will kill you. Your status quo, like a mouse falling into a cheese bucket, can jump out and don't greedy.

Resign now, don't choose comfort at the age of struggle.

Don't have nothing but tears when your parents need you.

Don't be when your child needs you, except for you.

Don't look back at yourself, except for you, nothing.

I don’t work hard when I am young. I want to work hard when I am old. Sorry, it’s late, I can’t find a place to cry...

A bird standing on a tree never fears that the branches will break, because it believes not the branches, but their own wings.
If you don't grow up in a company, one day you will become a bird that can't fly because it is broken.

Don't waste your martial arts anymore! How can a leisurely job feel safe?

Growth is the last word. Only when you grow up can you bring more and more material returns.

When you are twenty or thirty years old, you will enjoy the leisure time of sixty or seventy years old. It is very likely that when you are sixty or seventy years old, you will have to suffer from the pain of twenty or thirty years old. When you are old, bitter, it is very difficult to eat.

The wealth that life has never waited for is only the glory that is spelled out.

Change a lifestyle as soon as possible. If you are not a rich second generation, not an official second generation, do not have a leisurely lie to win the capital, and wake up quickly, it is time to get up and work. Young people, poor, so peace of mind, is a disease, cure.

More than six thousand wages, what can I do? Speaking badly, buying a new iPhone is not enough.

Take a look at your career plan, think about your career development path, and ponder the next career goals.

If you realize that this state is not enough, you don't have to hesitate. Switch modes immediately. Know that you should run, but also know where to run, further, you know how to run.

It is very shameful to be covetous and unconcerned, and to cry out and cry, and to feel at ease.

The success of others is at the expense of ease and what kind of life is to be made.

Fast pants are worn outside and turned into a body. People can't be too busy. For a long time, if you try hard, you think you are desperate.

When you are young, you must not choose to work in a leisurely manner, especially when you are looking for a good and leisurely job.

This kind of leisure is easy to make you feel satisfied, and this kind of satisfaction will gradually swallow up your anxiety. It takes a long time, it becomes a part of your body, you begin to defend this satisfaction, it is completely Can't escape it... Commonly known as: abolished.

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