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Thailand: A country that refused to sign Taiwan independence


Everyone knows how easy it is to get a Thai visa. As long as the passport + photo can be signed smoothly, there is almost zero threshold and zero risk. And we can go to Thailand to sign the visa, but have you heard the case of being refused by Thailand ?

Recently, there is really one:

Who is Lu Xiulian?

You Baidu knows the keyword "Lu Xiulian + Taiwan independence" .

What is true love? Thailand gave the best confession with practical actions.

It is said that Thailand often "sends the autumn wave" to China. It is almost universally known. When the "South China Sea Incident" last year, it publicly expressed its support for China, and their tourism bureaus have tried to make our Chinese compatriots often go to "sequences". After thinking, I have introduced a preferential policy for halving visa-free fees + landing fees . Before the expiration of this year's policy, the discount period was extended to August 31 :

In addition to policy support, the Tourism Authority of Thailand is also preparing for a big move from time to time : Not long ago, according to the Thai "Bangkok Post" report, the Tourism Authority of Thailand recently opened its brains and proposed to open warships and training camps to the Thai Navy . Military facilities are part of the visitor's visit to attract more Chinese tourists to Thailand , "because Chinese tourists are not seen in China."

However, they may not know much about Chinese tourists. In fact, it is enough that the "national treasure" of the shemale is enough. How can the warships be used for warships?

The confession of such efforts is of course not in vain. In a few years, Thailand has become the preferred destination for Chinese outbound travel. Even the stars are no exception. Dou Jingtong, Zhou Dongyu and so on have all traveled to Thailand for a holiday. Play, this is not the latest, Yu Wenle was exposed in the red light district of Bangkok, and it is suspected to experience the emperor bath. . .

The onlookers of the melons don’t care if this is the hype before Yu Wenle’s new movie is released. Everyone’s attention is only three words:

Emperor bath

What is the emperor bath? Let's just say, if you are a male student, you go to the general bathhouse to take a bath. It is a bathing uncle for you, and if you go to wash the emperor's bath, it is young and beautiful and unobtrusive. , the opposite sex .

Don't ask if it's specific, wash it yourself, go to Google, Xiaobailu~~~~~~~~

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